Wednesday, 18 February 2015


No more love...Hian
*loud bang*

*walks in ....#sleek mode#

*grabs d mic*........cue music.....

#1, 2, 3.....hit it....


"Baby mi show color re....ka jo ma bubble"....LMAO

...Even Me....I was expecting something ghen one tush song....but the Razz didn't take a break from me when I took one...LOL

Hello mi lovies? How's all?  Biz?...... I didn't blog yesterday because..... I had plenty office work to finish and turn in  and I was tired by the time I got home..#phew!....

So a colleague of mine who reads my blog said I have to be very consistent in this my blogging thing because he noticed I have a lot of lovers on blogsville.... *new stalker alert o*.... *turns to Mr. Yomi* na joke I dey joke o....

Introducing the newest Mobylizer on the block...Mr. Yomi...yaaay!!....let's give him a Mobylizing welcome... Oya chop first timer kiss *mwahhhhh*

So someone called me yesterday asking for my valentine's day gist.... See people trying to compete gbeborun skills with me sha *raised eyebrow*... She wanted to hear the gist cos she couldn't wait to read it here...LOL...  Bukky oya come and read it now ooo...Ok no time to waste's the gist...

Story story....

Once upon a time....

Days before vals, I wasn't so excited about it at all.... I seriously don't know why I felt that way but I did and I told Leboo that I didn't want a vals gift and he just said okay. Now let me say this.... When Leboo says 'Okay' to a request or complain without arguing or asking 'Why', it means he's either not listening to you or he already made plans that cannot be cancelled, or both.... Either one I just wasn't interested....*straight face*

So he called me on Friday 13th  and asked if I had plans for Saturday 14th... and that if I didn't, I should come over to his house by 3pm on the dot.

Now this is someone I already told I just wanted to wash my clothes and sleep all day o....Imagine!! was when he told me to come I knew he purposely didn't listen to me... So I started suspecting...and the curious me started thinking of the possibilities.... What if??? What about??? What of??? Hahahaha....My mind was all over the place..

So I left my house around 2.30pm on Vals day...already calculated I would get to his house by 3pm but I got there 5 minutes earlier....When I got there, he didn't look like he had any plans...He looked normal... he had not even taken his bath but I noticed he was writing something and I couldn't tell what it was. So I thought whatever the surprise was, it was going to be in the room and thus, I ran really fast...faster than Usain Bolt...but there was nothing in the room.  Well...there was..... A Christian Louboutin nude shoe was waiting for me..*yaaay*... You all know how much I love shoes shey....*bats lashes*....
I promise to borrow any Mobylizer my shoes...for just this weekend....just this weekend o...and that's it.
But I knew that wasn't the surprise.... The big head didn't even pursue me sef to try and stop me from seeing whatever it was...  evuulls...*rolls eyes* + looong hissss

He later came into the room and asked me to change into a dress he picked out and wear the shoes....and he was changing into a blazer and pants..... No way was I going to do that... Like how na?...I was like 'you wanna propose?'...not yet na....we didn't plan it this way na...So I said 'If you want me to change, tell me the plan and I promise to act very surprised when I see the surprise'...But he didn't and  after so much persuasion, and argument, I changed... I even  noticed he locked the door when he stepped out briefly so that I wouldn't come out to see whatever he was planning....(Another looong hiss).... In my mind I was thinking 'this boy means serious business o'. Then he came back, blind folded me and led me out of the room.... Not to sound and act like the village woman that I am, I cooperated without arguing. I even took a selfie sef ...while blind folded *covers face*..... 
Ignore the peace sign and the pout... I just had to razz-en everything up... Leboo was just sweating..omolomo
He walked me to the balcony and there it was..... A 3 course candle lit dinner prepared totally by him....Leboo cooked!!! *blushing*... 

There were candles and flowers, and decorations. ..and food. Apparently what he was writing when I got to his house was the menu. It was so amazing....He cooked and made everything by himself.....*More blushing*
Here are some pictures...
The foooooooooood
His sister did the decorations... Isn't she lovely????

The menu
Ice-cream in the pineapple pod
And to my surprise...and this is the truth..., the food tasted so nice. There was starter... warm soya milk with chocolate chips...and the main dish was Bonita spaghetti with beef curry sauce and crispy beef on the side...... and the dessert was Applocondo (apple + youghurt shake...he created it)...and pineapple ice cream...All made by him...*can't stop blushing* LOL

I was as amazed as you all are now.......Then something happened..*dramatic sound*..... the only Mc I love, asides Leboo, Emma oh my God... walked in....(Like wha!!!!) I am not so much of a screamer when I see someone I admire but Emma omg is like the only plan I have made for my wedding at the moment..And I screamed a little.... Leboo has always known my weird love for Emma and so he got in touch with him and asked him to come over.... It was so amazing... 
My love for these boys is incomprehensible...mwahhh
While I was still blushing, and wondering if I was dreaming, uncle Leboo decided there was more....He stood up and read the most amazing, most sweetest (ignore my gbagaun), most romantic poem ever to me..(Yep he writes).. At this point, I didn't know what to do... Whether to cry or laugh or faint....I didn't do any of the three sha. I cannot come and fall my hand infront of Emma na and then come embarass myself here by telling you how I embarrassed myself...LOL...

Remember I told you my graphic designing skills are getting better...hehe
I had the most wonderful vals ever. Thanks to God for the Idea...and thanks to Leboo for being so thoughtful....It was and would always be a special and memorable day in my life....

Did the title say 'ruined it'? I bet someone was expecting to read one kain maybe he got me the wrong colour of ferrari or the house he bought me isn't on the street I wanted.... or the jet he got was made in France instead of USA... Well he did ruin it ...remember I said I just wanted to wash my clothes and sleep....but I'm grateful to God and Leboo that my plan was ruined... hehehe 

*in the words of the wise man, Dr. Duru* Thank you so much for the past 7 minutes of your time... 
So how was your own vals??? Make me jealous o....that's if you can



  1. Chaieee diaris God o,well I cant make u jealous bcos nobody ruined my plans I wanted to be home n so it was.but u have succeeded in making me breaking up sef y wasn't my plan scattered too lol.uncle Tito of life d creative director taink u ooo 4 making Moby feel really cherished.and Emma no get val ni lol. Ocho

    1. Awwwwww.... Ocho I wee cry o. Thank you so much huni. God bless you for me greatly. Thank you. Emma....I don't know if one his chicks reads this blog o but I know that Emma had fun on that day. If I say he was with a babe on that day, is there any chance that I might cause a fight between some people??? Just asking

  2. Omg omg Omg! I can't believe you didn't cry, if it was me i would have been bawling my eyes out! Le boo is really amazing and a one in a million kinda guy. I dey wait to purchase my asoebi oooh. I'm happy your valentine's day was 'ruined'.

    1. Awwww blog bestie. I didn't cry o...I was forming bad nigga but I just hold am...don't worry very soon....just be praying for us. Thank you mami *mwaaahhhh*

  3. #Godwin. So you had fun without me? So you didn't even carry takeaway to send to your darling partner-in-craze? Choi *cryimg in fulani*

    1. I'm sowee Esther.... I wish you're in Lagos...maybe I would have sent some... I'm sorry na...I wee cry o

  4. Here is mr yomi leaving his first comment. Thanks for accepting me. So happy you had a lovely vals was written all over your face on Monday. Nutty girl

  5. I love leboo o.see man. can we share him? i dont mind being your girlfriend in-law.


    1. How many Temis do we have in the house? Hmnnn.... Temi Temi... Girlfriend in law...that one is a serious something o. Kai...diaris God o

  6. Came home from a night shift to a very horny soon as I landed on the bed he started touching and pressing...I was just chilling...he was like we have 15 mins before the handyman comes to fix the soon as he started pulling the pants down then I was like 'I'm on'!!....he just screamed 'how can you be ON on Valentine's day?!....I just busted kikikikiki....anyways I just let him finish wateva foreplay he was doing...gave him a badazz blowjob...bobo was just screaming like the time I was back frm the bathroom to wash the stuff off my mouth...breakfast was served...I just ate and slept...
    I don't get any val present o...we just invested in a multimillion naira project last week and at the moment we dey 'jeje' season...only essential things will be spent on...even me dint get him anything sef... until we recover by the end of the is well jare.Make sure I am anonymous

    1. I rest my case.... it is well. You are anonymous till forever...hehehe

    2. This just further reiterates to me that it's the little stuff that counts. These gestures don't have to cost much to be special and well appreciated.

      Moby you sef hurry up and marry the man biko.....

  7. Replies
    1. Omggggggg......guess who left a comment???? Now I am going to cry..can't hold it anymore... noooo

  8. Moby! How did you not cry or faint? I don't have a romantic bone in my body but mehn I would surely have had to be scraped off the floor.
    Apparently I ruined someone's own by choosing to stay indoors all day on my bed with junk. Hian. See problem.
    Always a treat to read your posts darling. You bring out my not-so-dormant razz side :p :p

    1. Please don't be razz like me o...I beg you please...hahaha. why did you have to spoil someone's val na...not cool Sandra... oya show me your bombom lemme give you strokes of cane sharp sharp...

  9. Le boo cooked alladat??? Choi, does he have a brother? Father? Uncle? Just hit me up babe :D

  10. Ahhhhhh Bolajiiiiiiiiii and u no don fuck up o

  11. Hahahahaha... he cooked? Choi! that's a skill I like in a man. Damn! Am yelous *in my calabar tone*

  12. Moby only you will make me jealous, kai. Girl you are lucky, hold him tight oh, I would even help you hold him sef. The shoes are calling my name oh.
    Hmm If Emma was at your place for val, does that mean he's single .... hmm Moby you already have your own, send him my way. Hope he can cook sha

  13. Moby had a badass valentine. Le boo rocks.


  14. Woooow, Le boo did all of those? We should watch out for the bells very soon niyen o, if I hear say I no reach that wedding, make I knw Wetin cos am...if leboo sister isn't too engaged, i'm too single o!

  15. Hian!!! nor be small thing oh!!! Really?! Emma OMG?! It is officiall I wanna be like your Oga boss when i grow up... aha kilode?! Kai see gangster celebration.. Okay this post is officially my favorite post in all February.. Haba!! Kilode! What happin?! No be small thing oh! aha! lmao!!! i doubt if anyone elses celebration came close oh.. Turn up Turn up Ladies and Gentlemen.. When Moby is back yeah.. She is back noni and she owns the floor.. **Singing Ain't no stopping her nowwww... she is one the move.. Moby I dont even know what else to say sef, you are different shades of amazing.. this line had me in stitches: "Like how na?...I was like 'you wanna propose?'...not yet na...." hehehehehehe Mehn baby mi you Rock aswear.. Chisos! :) **Sips Coffee and lime with my most ghen ghen Mr. Nigeria smile on.. I love you Moby.. Aswear :) and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeeeaaaahhh mehn!

  16. Awww! So sweet.
    Thank God for bringing him your way


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