Friday, 20 February 2015


*Straight face*

Today on My life as Moby........We would be looking into an issue that carries a lot of seriousness and controversy. We tackle a problem that directly affects nearly 20 million Nigerians ....

I dey Para as I read this mail......because I’ve been there and I know people who have suffered a great deal too....

Mobylizers....brace yourself...

It’s the first RANT of 2015.....

Straight to the matter.....

Why Are These GNLD People Punishing Unemployed Graduates?

I don't want to care about their motive but it's high time someone spoke out concerning their activities. They know they are not genuine yet they pretend to be. They go prying into people's privacy to extract their private documents (resume and all) then compose text messages for job interviews and send them to unsuspecting job seekers irrespective of their location (and whatever engagement) to come to Lagos for their silly job test/ interview.

Then they orchestrate/ fake interview wasting more of people's time and raising their hopes. It’s not fair at all. Then when they are done fooling themselves and not anybody they will now roll out their dubious agenda and try to convince people not to seek white-collar jobs but rather start something of theirs...which eventually means ‘sell GNLD products.

Question for these animal-like people...
  • Couldn’t you have at the least apologized to those angry faces? 
  • Don't you know how much transportation cost these days?
  • Are you also oblivious of how painful it is to be jobless? 

Now people ignore genuine interviews for the fear that it might be one of your pranks.

Please people don't mind me... I am just too frustrated and angry about not having a job and then these people make it worse by wasting my time. Yes I am an angry Nigerian and I think it's time we address this. I hope they see this and I hope something is done fast. 

Thanks Moby. God bless you.



I know a lot of victims that have fallen for these interviews and I know how frustrating it is. Putting people's hopes high and then dashing their hopes by telling them how they can make profits from selling your products. You don't have to force or cajole people into working for you. Send a text to people telling them it’s a GNLD or FOREVER LIVING PRODUCT interview. I'm sure some people wouldn't mind and will still show up. It’s not fair at all and I understand the frustration of this ranter. May God help us. Thank you Mr. Victor.

What do you think about this issue?

Have you ever been a victim? Let's talk



  1. Welcome back dear . finally.going to read now.brb

  2. good good job you re really creative. tanks for stopping by our blog .. muaaaaaah. gloriafines.blogspot. com

  3. Nne after those people show me shege eh lolol i almost swear for them
    They just send stupid text inviting you for a job, see me running for interview only to see it GNLD lol

  4. Anytime I see invitation for any interview where the address is unknown,or the name of the company is not known to Google, babes!I don't bother stressing myself.

  5. Dats y I tell people to always check google before goin for any yeye fone is filled with plenty of their mesgs.annoying set of people

  6. Wow, I didn't know things like that happen o, I can feel the anger of the writer, it's all gonna make sense in d end!


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