Monday, 2 March 2015


* Beyonce mode activated* 

I woke up like this!!!!

I'm serious I woke up like this!!!!

And that's cos I no dey sleep for night.... Flawless

*covers face* I just had to razzen up the song...
If Beyoncé should catch me ehn,... hehe

Whats up ma lovely people... How was your weekend? ....I'm guessing amazing. The rain just topped it up for me mehn *ah ah ah ah ah ah I feel like I'm flying over the moon..(Dr sid style)...Yea.... Like seriously who likes hot weather?... Even Iya Dayo that complains about the fan being too cold was grumbling and making so much noise about the hot weather...The rain came and washed the heat away..(halleluyah *thumbs up*) Thank God we are all alive sha and thank God for answering my prayers. The testimonies have been coming in and I am so happy. Truly there's a God that answers prayers.