Thursday, 30 April 2015


This is what I will say through out today...shattappppp. Even if you say hi, shattttttaaappp
*clears throat*

I'm in a vexed mood right now.....

So there won't be any fancy intro...

*angry mode* WHAT THE HECK IS CAUSING FUEL SCARCITY IN LAGOS? I was contemplating trekking to work today but my God had better plans for me....he sent my neighbor my way to pick me. *looks up to God* But God why na...I'm trying to lose weight na...the trekking would have helped me lose 20kg..hehe...can you always send someone to pick me everyday *bats lashes*. Thank you.

*angry mode reactivated* Leboo has been at the fuel station since 5.30 am... Y'all need to see the queue in some places..crazy. May God help us in Nigeria. Amen..

I woke up with a red eye this morning... Is that a symptom of pregnancy? *covers face*

Its thursday......hmmmmmmn *thinking*.....ain't it supposed to be....


So people.....ama be ranting today.... and I'm sure y'all gonna feel me *not sure which accent I used there... LOL*

Let's do this

Kemi meets Ugo on social media....there was chemistry immediately... Kemi has a good sense of humour...Ugo is funny..they exchange numbers....Kemi likes Ugo and she tells him straight up that she likes him a lot. Ugo thinks Kemi is cheap and too easy and he stops calling her....and they end.......Just like that *angry face*

Can any girl relate to this?  

I totally can.....and this is the case of most Nigerian guys...*thumbs down*

I was seeing a movie yesterday and the female lead actor, fell in love with a zombie and she told him on the 1st night and it just made the whole thing easy for her, the zombie and every one.....(*If I hear you say na movie e dey happen ehn, I will throw you out of the closest window.....*straight face** )

I know a lot of guys belong to the school of thought that says the man should be the 'pursuer' (some girls too) but what's the big deal if the girl just comes out straight before the guy?..Like who says its a rule that the guy has to make the 1st move??

Moby sees a guy...Moby thinks he's cute...Moby says hi....Moby exchanges number...everyone goes home happy. ...abi?

Must there be drama?

Must there be 1st to initiate?

Must it be the guy?

I am kinda irritated at the moment so I need to read your thoughts.

My neighbour has been arguing with me since yesterday (he's a guy, so you can guess his stand).. and I thought to bring the argument here as my own little rant.....

Well....that's it.....I want to know what you all think.....Maybe I'm actually wrong....*adunno*.....

So please.....make una chook mouth for the matter....

Have a wonderful day mi lovies... I have plenty work today...wish me luck..



  1. The stuff here can boil up a rage...we aren't experiencing such in the east, hopefully it will be back to normal...have a nice day.

  2. Moby no vex na. Its only the lame man's mentality. Thts why there's too much heartbreak in this part of the world. Everyone is scared to show emotion cos everybody eye dey chook. The fuel tin is killing me.As i type this there;s no fuel in my car.wetin man pikin go do na. Tola

  3. Hello dear moby, whoop! whoop! am so happy you are back and thanks for stopping by my blog, God bless you, yes this fuel scarcity thing is annoying, coupled with fact that nepa as been doing us strong tin, one can't even get fuel to put in gen and the heat is increasing day by day, choi, and about the lady spilling her affection first, for me, its not cool, even the bible says he who finds, so i believe in allowing the men to do the hunting and fnding and saying.

  4. If i like a guy i will tell him straight.whats the use of wasting time thinking abouta guy when he doesnt even know.abeg no time to waste time

  5. Lol, moby iyaf vex o, no vex jare, for me it depends on how she says it and the situation around that time, I believe a guy can always tell if it's love or lust, everyone trying to land a good girl nah, the hustle is real!

    1. So if I tell you how I feel, I am not a good girl?

  6. Well I can tell a guy dat I like him. No big deal. Is just dat it is not our tin here in Niger. Most guy do conclude dat the lady is cheap. Which is not so.. it's jus d expression of d mind #oluwabibs

  7. Not to our Nigerian guys, they will see you as weak.

  8. Not to our Nigerian guys, they will see you as weak.

    1. That was my neighbour's argument. Why should anyone term you weak because of something you can't control?

  9. Here in d states no one carez about your sex. If you like a guy as a woman, you dont care what people will say cos no1 carez afterall. You tell him straight


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