Tuesday, 28 April 2015


*Go up down up down up down

*Go up down up down up down

*Go Moby....Go lizers

I mixed coffee and cappuccino (don't ask me why *straight face*).....that's why I'm not even sure of what I'm singing LOL....but who ain't watching empire???......I know someone that isn't *rolls eyes at Leboo*.. You should see it.....its a smashing series...If you've not seen it then we are no longer friends *fold arms + sulking*

Good morning ma people. ...how are y'all doing?

I'm sure some of you were already second guessing my come back when you didn't see any post yesterday...*big grin* ...no be me o...na office send me go conference o..and gave me plenty ijekuje (food) and I've been purging all day *sad face*.

First of all, How was your weekend? My weekend was eventful and fun.....and quite romantic...I'll tell you why..*wink*

So over the weekend I travelled to Ibadan for a wedding....(You guessed right...Leboo dragged me to a wedding he was to MC)... I was happy I went though cos I seized the opportunity to see all my Ibadan fans & goons.... I saw my two favourite kids at the moment asides my niece and my nephews. They are Morola and Moyo... Morola has always been sassy but she's smart..as a matter of fact she is too smart...I hope she remains that way...and then there's Moyo. Moyo is cute, sweet and very smart too. I love them both alot....

Ayam aunty agbaya...they bring out the agbaya in me..hehe

Also, the place we went to  happened to be where it all started (*blushing*)...yeah Leboo and I started off in Ibadan....it brought new feelings.....it was quite exciting *covers face*..

The wedding was ok.....It was too crowded though.....and when the 1st lady of Oyo state walked in, every where just scattered....But Leboo was able to handle the crowd and managed to make it fun for all of us *thumbs up bruv*

Here's how I looked

After the wedding...tired me and Leboo
Borrowed the ring from my mum...Iya Dayo can like fashion for Nigeria sha.. 
Here's a closer look

If you follow me on Instagram,  I'm sure you must have seen this dress.  I designed it myself. I decided not to tie gele on it this time so I could flaunt my braids.. Make sure you're following me on Instagram @mz_moby.

I got back to Lagos on Sunday but I was too tired to type a post or even iron my clothes for the new week thus...I just crashed like a wrecking ball Lmao....

I was grumbling through out Monday morning cos I wasn't looking forward to the conference at all....(Yeah I was to be at a conference). Sitting in one place for 9 hours ain't my thing...Like seriously...me!..Moby!...no drama for 9 hours???....even when I'm ill I still display drama...*rolls eyes*.... But I was wrong. The hosts had lots of fun plans for us and I had fun. The meeting was held at Sheraton hotel and so you know that Buffet was sure. I forgot I was watching my weight at some point and I ate like sh*t....I ate stuff I can't even pronounce.....Many many things...

I went to the conference looking like this.

I pout to much yea? I need to stop asap
My colleague doesn't like taking pictures....I don't know why o. But I stole a shot of  his face small...even though he was telling us waka...Mssteeewww...LOL. We don't like him again jor. He is Yomi and he is the lover boy that loves his girlfriend too much. hehe.
Mr. Yomi (lover boy)
At the begining, this white man comes speaking plenty english (I didn't get most of what he said but I sha use scope to carry the remaining. ...can't come and fall my hand na...LOL) and asks what I'm passionate about....1st thing that comes to my head is...Drama...no  AMEBO...errr....GBEBORUN...I mean who ain't passionate about these???....LOL... But then I didn't want to embarass my company so I say 'Fashion'...and he says 'kurrrrrllllll'.....meaning cool and then he says 'I can tell'...*mhen....you needed to see me blushing like a monkey* Someone should come and rub my head o before it blows off...hehe*...cos its still swelling...LOL

Moby pouting with her passion tag

Mr. Yomi and Mr. 'f@*king' Femi

My lunch
My boss
My dessert
I took this strawberry moose and cake but I didn't like it so I passed it on to my colleague
These white guys are geniuses... You heard of MATCHBOXOLOGY? These are the guys behind it all

The funny one...love love his nose

The extra smart one... I could tell 
Trying to take an internet-breaking selfie but my colleagues don't understand the kind of money we can make from pictures *SMH* Epic fail
After the conference,  Leboo picked me on his way home from work and Lo and behold.....I finished his life with the after effect of all I ate at the buffet...OMG!....I was on a nuclear attack mission.!..I was dropping bombs like we were in the middle east...LMAO....It was poisonous mhen....you don't wanna be there... hehe *gbagaun intended*.... We had to wind down and turn off the AC at some point cos I over powered the AC and air freshner in the car and he was about to faint....ROTFL....sorry boo boo *bats lashes*...What are friends for?

My baby's naming ceremony was yesterday but I missed it *sad face* but I'm sure he understands.I named him Toluwalase and my niece named him Bolatito. Leboo has plenty fans in my house o...it is well.

Monday wasn't so bad after all.

So who had a better monday?

About my Friday post,  I don't think I would hear the last of it ever. Nobody should start asking me the 'bush' question o...some men like it bush some like it bald..some like it grown...LOL...  Just understand your partner and everything will be fine. I know what Leboo likes...and that's my mountain to carry. Carry your own mountain o. hehe.

Have a fab week ahead mi lovies.


  1. Lollllll. Sorry le boo.
    Girl you look so good with Lee boo.
    Lots to say but no space to type... *wink*
    Luv ya♡♡♡♡

  2. I want your kind of weekend
    That ring is beautiful
    You are too funny for words

    1. Ahhhhh Bekas...my head will blow o..hehe. Thanks huni. I don't always have this kind of weekend o...hehe

  3. You dont look lik your fart would smell nice so my pity goes out to leboo. sorry. And your nails look absolutely gourg. Tola

  4. Hiya mami... You look like you had lots of fun tho'.....and you look great too..


  6. Babe you came back and you didn't tell me/Our relationship is over. ok bye

    1. Ah Bukky please come back. Please dear *bats lashes*

  7. So u and leboo share ibadan love, that's great...howcome u didn't mention jollof rice, wasn't there jollof rice? that party is incomplete if there wasn't jollof rice...see all d ijekuje u ate @ d conference, who wouldn't throw bomb...u look beautiful, if only I can take over chevron today, I would snatch u from leboo.

    1. The rice was just there jor....Thanks crush mi of life. EHN...let leboo catch you o..i rest my case

  8. Replies
    1. KAI....my head is about to blow....Tito oooo helpppp

  9. I doubt you can stop pouting.I just checked your instgram page and you were pouying in all of it but your smile is contagious.I love either one.Tola

  10. You to make a beautiful couple. Although we still fighting sha

  11. I almost died...Thanks to all that showed some care...Moby can kill!!!.....Gbolahan?...hmmn Chevron + Shell cannot help your case.....when i'm d prez...

  12. Nah u be the real drama queen lol.funny u moby.#oluwabibs

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet. Loved your nails btw


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