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Wait first....

Did you know this blog was created on the 4th of may 2014??? *raised eyebrow*.....We should be celebrating our 1 year anniversary ooo *yaaay*.... but because of my long vacation in the past, I have shifted it to the 4th of June so I can celebrate it welll...*half smile*.....So my conscience won't say I did ojoro...LOL

But what can I do ooo... to celebrate 1 year in blogosphere?.... I need opinions.... Maybe I'll just buy a jet for Erniesha.... or give mi crush of life 'Gb' what he asked for (what did you ask for again sef...*confused*) ...Omo mehn I don dey old o...kai...or get Duru the gal of his dreams *in my ibo accent* I need suggestions mhen. ...let it roll in.

So before I went on my long sabbatical, we used to have dear Moby on Wednesdays.... I know I am one of the few bloggers that do not have a blog calendar....*sighs.....Its not our fault....... Who can I put the blame on o...oya nominate yourself now and take the blame...hehe. Habeebat its your and *covers face*...LOL

So today on dear Moby is a very crucial issue concerning a dear friend of mine. I asked if I could share and he said yes cos he wanted to read everyone's opinion about his predicament before all of you will say that Moby cannot keep a secret...*rolls eyes*

So this friend of mine, let's call him IB, who is 26 years old  has a girlfriend, lets call her Demi who is 24 years old...(Some people will still ask me which Demi...LOL).... This babe has loads of girlfriends that are getting married and so she wants to get married too. This has put her under heavy pressure and she has gotten to the point of succumbing to the weight of the thoughts of getting married wa!

Factors to consider (before giving your opinion:)

She is the first child of her her mum wants her out of the house..Almost regardless of who she marries... 

My friend is a hustler....he obviously isn't ready for marriage cos he is not where he wants to be before getting  married. At the moment he is not earning enough money to sustain his self, talkless of raising a family.

They love each other.

She is under a lot of pressure to get married...

So, Considering these factors.....What do you think is a way out?

What do they do?

Is it just me that thinks marriage is an institution that shouldn't be rushed into?.... 

Who else is of the school of thought that you don't have to be a millionaire to get married?

I do not want to say anything cos I was really angry when I heard the story. ..don't ask my why *folds arms* + *straight face*.... But I will still say something sha....*ntoi*...... We all shouldn't get entangled in the idea of a good wedding...its the marriage that matters cos all your guests do not care about your issues after the wedding...Shikena!...That's my own one cent. I rest my case.

Oya my better better pipu....let's hear your take... What do you think IB and Demi should do at this point...

Don't forget to drop your opinions about our 1 year anniversary on the blog...



  1. I think Demi should take a chill pill on this one. Marriage is not something you rush into due to pressure or what people are saying. The guy isn't ready and since they both love each other they should wait. Does she want to go in and suffer? Or when the kids come , they would not be able to give them the basic things? I appreciate her mum but its not her mum that will be in that marriage o. And there is nothing like being with your best friend in marriage,someone who knows you and understands your person and can deal with it. Kenny( Hillcity)

    1. GBAM!!!!!! You have said it all. Ose fine/handsome kenny

  2. Hiya Moby!!! I think Demi should let her Mum understand issues on ground. Marriage is a life long contract which shouldn't be rushed into. Moby you can buy private jets for all of us, me first o! 😁

  3. Been there. Break up lo ma gbeyin e because the guy is not ready and the babe is ready. When will the guy b ready. Can she wait btill he's ready? Those aer questions they need to ask each other

  4. Yaaga, D.O.A.L.D.Q is 1 as in ONE, how better can it get??? You do a great job Moby, don't ever think of going on sabbatical again o, as for d celebration, u can take us all to the moon, we'll be happy to ride with you...even though I don't think a guy should be some kind of dangote b4 getting married, I still strongly believe he has to be fully prepared for it, like financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etcetera Demi is just 24, she really should calm down and start making money, i'm sure she doesn't want to live in a face me I slap u after marriage and IB too should start planning, he's not getting younger too.

  5. Hian d gal should take it easy joor marriage no be to rush enter o. She can as well have somebody by the side who is more stable than her present bf.

  6. Okay I want to start by saying WHAT THE HECK.what happened to being ready for marriage for both spouses.i understand that the girl is ripe for marriage but as moby said that they love each other then I tink dey need to seat and talk if the girl will wait until the guy is ready or mak she waka go abi set na only her waka come need to rush into marriage or else you will rush out ni

    1. I was going to say you should do a video that we all have been asking for.or do give away lik every other person

  7. Riiily,this blog is 1 already thatsso coolies.yes do a video with leboo let's see2 of you 2gedsa.and dat greem shoe,I still dream of it.

    Pweety lala

  8. If the girl is nt ready to wait 4 d guy den she should look else where cos marriage is not what u can rush into...... So Moby D.O.A.L.D.Q is one happy anniversary to us

  9. Hmmm..marriage is not to be rushed into irrespective of societal and peer presure, one has to take her time and look well so that one does not regret later.

  10. I guess they have to be sure they really love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. If they don't, that settles it. If they do, they have to calm down and make a plan. You don't necessarily have to be a millionaire to get married but you should be able to afford the basics. Food, shelter, etc. What if they kids start rolling in? When they make a plan which will work with God's help, neither is worried or agitated because he/she knows what is happening

  11. He needs to have the "baby we need to talk" time. Let her know your intentions for her and your plans for the future. She has a choice to make not you, to suffer or wait or waka? If it is true love,she would shut her mother down like I did and wait. But I have a feeling she would leave bcos people who listen to what people say or do don't go the extra mile. They take the easy way out. *just saying my own sha. 1yrs anniversary,just do a hall of fame poster for all your ardent readers with their names in it

  12. He needs to have the "baby we need to talk" time with her. This is where understanding and patience come to play. Let her know your intentions for her and your plans for the future. It's her choice to make not yours. if she wants to suffer,waka or wait for what would be worth her while. But I doubt if she would because people who listen to what people say about them or do always take the easy way out and that's when you know who loves you or love themselves the most.*my opinion sha* for the 1yr anniversary,i wi see you in camera *wink* you always need to surprise your mobylisers

  13. Understanding is all that matters. Congrats on your first anniversary.

  14. Well if the young lady is comfortable with the present status of things he can go ahead and marry her...

  15. Everyone has said what I would have said.I hope they listen

  16. If she rushes into marriage, she'll rush out of the marriage. I know it's hard yeah but she shouldn't let herself be pressured into what she or her boyfriend isn't ready for.





  18. Congrats on your first anniversary.....

  19. Marriage is no beans, when the guy is ready he will marry, don't rush in do you won't rush out. Besides considering the age, they are still young so why the rush

  20. Everyone has offered great advice, I don't believe in super grand weddings, spend so much on the wedding then start starving later.
    Congrats on turning one.


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