Friday, 8 May 2015


My lips are smaller in real life o *hehe*
#I have a dream...
That one day, Presidents, Prime ministers, Popes, Ministers, Ambassadors, Heads of States.....Billionaires, Moguls and what have you....

....Would wake up in the morning
.... Pick their devices.

And read posts on D.O.A.L.D.Q.......and leave a comment

Oh what a dream...
*big grin* think its impossible shey?....oya let's bet!!!!.....How much?

Helllooooo mi lovies...

Thanks to everyone for the one cent of advice for my friend. May we never lack help and guidance when we need one in Jesus' name. Amen.

To every new commenter in the house,  ekaabo oooo..*hugs*.... Oya take 1st timer kiss *mwahhhhh* and  1st timer jollof rice Hehee... Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome to our long as you read this blog you are automatically family!..... A Mobylizer!!!.*wink*. Oya chop better first timer jollof rice and chicken.
oh nooo...ayam hungry for party jollof rice..hmnnn
 God bless you for associating with us.... Our last born is still Duru...its not by age...its by love *hehe. ..that didn't make sense...I know*.... Welcome to D.O.A L.D.Q....Your first task is to tell me the meaning of D.O.A.L.D.Q!!!!....initiation begins....LOL

The post for today is just a random post.

Whats our plans for this weekend?

First I want to tender an apology to my dear friend, Chika. You know how I always say I have very little friends,  this babe is in my top 5.... I remember after Uni, I was always at home doing nothing....As in, I was bored as sh*t and then this babe I met while I was doing my internship (whom I hated the 1st day I saw her cos she was finer than me.....but that was then power has changed hands...heehee  *pops collar*) came to my house and apparently she was getting as depressed as I was and we started thinking about big business ideas. So I settled for  makeup and she, Culinary art. Like play like play we decided to go to an academy that was offering both courses..We did and that was the best decision we made that time.

My friend decided to travel to Abu Dhabi to really master the art and she is doing absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of her. You should check her out on instagram @chef_chika. She is one of the few friends that challenges me to be very hardworking. The koko of the story is I forgot her birthday yesterday *sad face* and so I'm saying a big Happy birthday to my wedding chef and maybe Chief bride's maid (that's if Bimbo, SunboFatima and all the female mobylizers won't mind). Check out her fantastic birthday cake she made *salivating*.
If you didn't swallow spit after seeing this picture, you need to see me in person...*hmnnnn*
I feel like using my finger to scoop that dripping caramel...oh nooo
She was never this fine o....good food and good weather is good o...kai

Guess who left a comment on my blog sister. She is Tiepo Lola. I know she reads my blog all the time but she never leaves a comment. She left a comment yesterday. *Yay!*...That's super big deal for me. Thanks swirrie pie. Wanna know who else will drop a comment soon...Iya Dayo!!!......LMAO.. *No wayyyyy*

Tomorrow is the popular Naija naturals event  "My hair and I".... I am so happy about it and thanks to my dear friend Olaoluwakunsunbomilola (*hahaha* no way I'm ever going to be normal) for getting me a pass. Ose gan ni *in Professor Akinyemi's voice*..... I'm sorry but its strictly by registration and gate fee....would have loved to take everyone along...sowee *bats lashes*....+ *kisses*

Who has owanbe oo?...Please invite me so I can come and crash it.

Your opinions for our 1 year blogversary is still needed everyone sending in theirs, thank you so much...God bless you all.

Okay enough story....Cheers to the freaking weekend...




  1. Great dream and happy birthday to your friend.

  2. I just love me some moby funny woman.enjoy your weekend dear. Tola

  3. No way that cake is real. Wowwwwww I want. Happy birthday Moby's friend

  4. kai moby got me salivating, happy belated birthday to your friend and happy weekend to you moby

    1. Ayam salivating too... Thanks Jibiks...mwahhh

  5. bjdffawjfjbckasdbj clkwbaDCABCLWQCBLACBKABKA........osdfdhhfo; wjkefo;wbno;vcwn nfwobsfihosnc owfnosfnwofnv nkeowsngfs......and I also love your blog......and You too....*you must post this*>>>ELSE!!!!no back rub 4 life...

    1. My name sake doing lovey lovey
      I like this cake, can I Ave a cut please?

  6. Interesting dream & its shall come to existence, nice cake & Happy Birthday moby's frd.

  7. I also av a dream o but I won't mention it now, happy belated birthday to ur friend, is the cake still remaining??? Av a nice weekend moby!

    1. Hahaha...mi crush of life... thanks huni.. mwahhh

  8. That cake will no doubt be yummy
    Am salivating

  9. Smile, Moby, for your dream has come true. This is Barack Obama commenting on your blog!
    Nice jollof rice BTW.
    Visit DNB Stories

    1. WHAT???????
      Barack the Obama...hehe
      Hello Dnb... thanks for stopping the bestest

    2. Heeey....who are u?, I am the real Obama here...Impostor

  10. Keep the dream alive, anything is possible. Happy Belated Birthday to your friend. You have a fine blog here.

  11. Keep on believing baby mo. Funny girl. This cake sha is fine fa.

  12. Chai! I swaEr if I can have the cake, I won't eat it because you can't eat your cake and have it...hehe


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