Friday, 1 May 2015


Wahdup...wahdup ma people..

What's popping?

This is supposed to be a Thank-God-its-Friday post...and also to congratulate all workers that are sitting their ass*s at home today. Can we just have May 1, May 27 and May 29 the same week? *sad face*. To non-Nigerians reading this post, the dates mentioned above are public holiday dates.

So I was blog stalking as usual some days ago and I saw this amazing advert

This is what is written for those that can't see it due to small lettering. Apparently its a Ghanian poster advert:

Do you want to BOOST your FUNERAL?
We hire out professional MOURNERS to come and cry at the funeral.
Below are the charges:
Normal crying: GH 200
Crying and rolling on the ground: GH 300
Crying and insulting a bit: GH 400
Crying and threatening to jump into the grave: GH 500
For more info call blahhhhh
Thank you.

One Ghana cedis is equal 51.69 Naira. Please do the calculation.


It is not a bad business *hold up....hold up* *raises arm*. 

Really it is not. Lemme explain...

Is it not to cry?
I should start a mourning business...but mine won't involve mourning o. I will only come and do some small drama tinz, leave and get paid.

I know a particular woman... She stays in my area. This woman would do this for free aswear. Twice I've seen this woman cry for two dead neighbours she had no relationship whatsoever with. Once the MC or whoever is controlling the event asks anyone to come out and talk about the dead person, she jumps out, says one or two things and then starts crying and you start wondering if you missed something at some point.

So if someone else is doing it as a business to make money, abeg go ahead. We have too much fakers in the world not to see an opportunity when it presents itself. Just my own 1 cent. I rest my case.

Mi lovies, have a wonderful weekend....

Moby loves you like ......

I really do not want to go out this weekend but if i don't, I would wish I did. Which should I do?*sighs*




  1. Very funny job! Some people are just like that woman you described above. Mourners in nature.
    Sleep,eat,watch movies for the weekend
    Thank me later

  2. Well, if bridal train can be hired, grooms nd brides can be hires, surrogates can be hired, ......Mourners shld be hireable too.....I mean at high class award shows and concerts, there's. Special plce infront for pple dey call "screamers"...nd dts wat dey dere 2 do...Scream!!! wat r we saying..tho I don't kno y nyone wld want 2 boost funeral sha...LOL

  3. in a world where standard of living is so low and people want tins done for them why won't u seize the seriously why hire someone to cry for a loved one?

    “ Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing you still want to be together and talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss”. Emilly-age 8. READ an 8 yr old describe love in the most amzing way

  4. Why wud anyone want to rent mourners for burial. Its a burial for Christ sake. The hustle is real nna men. Tola

  5. Funny. MOBY you are too funny please

  6. The hustle is real, there are so many people like that woman I described, they can cry for anything and u'll begin to wonder if it's d same person u know they're crying for, it's a good business o.

  7. Girl I heard bout this before and I was just too shocked to even say anything. Anything is possible


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