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  1. 1.
    speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.
    "she was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all"
    synonyms:hold forth, go on and on, deliver a tirade, rant and rave, fulminate, sound off, spoutpontificatetrumpetblusterdeclaim;
HMMMMMNNNN…….Wahala dey oooo.
Infact this post itself is
You would know why in a bit….

Please don't ask why I defined Rant... It was looking kinda sexy *covers face*

So this ranter anonymously sent in her rant last week. Now, after reading through, I really did not know what the post falls under cos she sounds like she is asking for advice (as in Dear Moby) and she also  sounds really angry (as in RANT)….Now you see the “” part…LOL... So, the dramatic me has decided to put up this post by 12 a.m on dot so it falls between Dear Moby series and Rant…hehe. How smart is that?... Problem solved!...*takes a bow*.
I have spoken to her to give my little piece of wisdom *wink* but I have not gotten any feedback from her. I hope she’s fine and I ‘double hope’ she sees this today. She wants to read everyone’s opinion concerning her issues…. Imagine, people are beginning to trust our opinions and take our pieces of advice... That’s super cool...
I have a dream…..hehehe (not time for that Moby….LOL…).
Ok straight to the matter…..

Here we go…
Moby, last night I was in my boyfriend’s house (which was Monday) and we were just chilling on the sofa. We were watching ‘What’s your number” which was a movie I picked myself. Now I regret going to his house and I regret more that I picked that movie. After the movie, he decided to ask what my body count was. I didn’t know it was a trick question. I could have just said 2 immediately like my friend once told me she told her man but I decided to count all the quickies and foreplays and threesomes and I said 25. Actually it was 26 but I forgot one. Immediately, his mien changed and I have not heard the last of it. We slept in different rooms yesterday and he went to work yesterday morning without a good morning kiss or hug. I have since been calling him and he has not been picking. I have been dating this guy for 2 years and never has he asked me that question. I told him at the beginning of the relationship that I was a naughty girl when I was in college but he didn’t ask further questions. Never for once did he bring it up. He even likes the naughty part of me. Why do men have to be so judgmental? He told me his body count at some point and I didn’t mind. Never brought it up after he mentioned it and now mine is a big deal? What rubbish. I am so angry and I just want all men to know everyone has a past. We all mess up at some point. Not enough reason to cut me out. Not fair at all.

End of mail.

So I decided to do my own little survey by asking the opinion of a selected few… (Gbeborun things) and I got very good responses.  I am going to merge the answers of some people that are quite similar and I am also going to use pseudo names for a few (I can’t come and go and answer question in the future)…hehe.

I asked “Is it advisable for you to let your partner know your body count (how many people you’ve slept with in the past before you met him/her)?

Here are the answers I got.
Rasheed: Well if she wants to know, I will answer her so she doesn’t think I'm hiding my past from her. And my answer will always be 2 which would make her the 3rd always… Even though,if she's the 39th, she would always be the third.
 Chi: It depends on the amount of people I've slept with. I've slept with only 2 people, so yes I will tell him but if it was uncountable, I might have to keep it to myself cos guys are very judgmental. The lady might not mind knowing but the man would always think about it.

Lekan: No problem in telling your spouse how many people you have been with. She asked for it so she has to deal with it. She has to be cool with the feedback.

Salam: I think he should know...cos I like talking about the past and I feel I deserve to know your past as your spouse.
Say what
Rheny: Well, if I am going to get serious with him, it's advisable he knows at the early stage of when he was asking me out. Some ladies won't tell because the number is *inserts smiley* you know what I mean. Funny enough it's all those aristo girls that end up marrying good men so no matter the number of guys you have slept with, if he loves you, he would over look it. As for me Moby, Rheny is going to tell the guy… if I’m going to be serious with him.

Jamie: I don't think it is advisable. However it depends on your partner as some partners could be cruel and use it against you whenever u have a little fight or even blame you for something that is not even connected to the numbers of people you have slept with.

Pastor Yomi: It is not useful information in a relationship because it’s the person's past. The Bible says in the book of 2 Corinthians 5: 17 that wherefore if a man is in Christ, he is a new creature. When you give your life to Christ, everything in the past are passed away so your past is gone. You don’t have to mention your past at all. It can start creating unnecessary mental images in your spouse's mind if by chance you tell them you've been with too many people. The issue of how many people you have slept with is unimportant so let it stay there!

 Errrrr... It actually depends… If there’s a possibility of trouble if/when the person finds out as a result of the figure, then it’s safer you discuss it with your partner before the relationship starts to have any meaning. Its better both parties deal with whatever vex there could be early in the relationship and close that page. Don't wait till you're both in too deep before revelations. On d other hand, you could meet someone and let the person know you’ve had a sordid past and want a fresh start with the person and not want to talk about that past at all. Sometimes people can deal with the fact that the past is in the past..but 4 closure, most people (like me) want to know details, which I think is good so that nothing new catches any one by surprise. So it’s safer to let your spouse know very early in your relationship. Let it almost be the first thing you guys talk about (It has its risks though) but if your body count is overwhelming (especially for the women), you might just wanna use adjectives…LMAO.....If a babe was a ho in Antarctica and she moves 2 Africa, she probably won't need 2 give details....a paraphrase would do.

WAIT!!! No oo.... there’s comment…*rolls eyes*….how would I not have a comment?......
I think, like Leboo said, mention it at the beginning of the relationship when things are not so hot. If he’s okay with it, good for you. If he is not, everyone moves on. No need to hurt over something that’s not yours yet.
For our ranter,sh*t has already gone bad. Give him time…call him once in a while until he picks and try to talk the situation through.  Remind him you are a different person now. It’s your role to be patient with him now and let him calm down. Hopefully, he’ll remember and understand it’s your past. Then you can sit and talk and find out where you both stand. If he says he can’t deal with your body count, huni don’t force it…just let him go. If he stays, good luck mami. Enjoy the relationship. A man that loves you truly won't judge you based on your past mistakes.
Who has any thought or advice for our ranter? The comment section is all yours.
To all the people that responded to my survey in time, God bless you all.
Kisses and hugs for y'all...


  1. Chill let me understand the issue here. Her body count is 25 and her man wants to break up with her. Chill again but did thr girl tell him she was a virgin when they started? If no then what the fuck is the guys problem. He has been looking for an excuse since to break up with her and now he had one. Awon olori buruku. Men can like to be idiots. So she slept with 1 guy and she slept with 100 guys what is the difference? Abeg

  2. I dont think telling ur spouse ur body count is a bad tin.if he wants to know then just tell him.nobody will say becos u have slept with too many people then I cant b wit u.wat does it change? Nothing so its not a big deal.

  3. No need for super story jor, if anybody has to knw anything then it shouldn't be more than 2, I must say that 25 sounds alarming but since d relationship has gone so far then I don't think there should be a problem. Goodluck!

  4. I'm with you on this, Moby. I also feel that it's important to let your partner know early on before the relationship gets serious. If he/she can live with it and stays; fine. If not, fine! You nailed it with this statement - "A man that loves you truly won't judge you based on your past mistakes."

  5. I dont think its a bad thing. Like someone said most aristos end up marrying good men and its not like they not aware of their past. The guy is overreacting sha 25 is not too much some people have slept with 100 lol.

  6. HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EGBAMI !!!!25(TWENTY FIVEFUUU) and someone is saying its not too much, for a woman? HA! and she waited two years to tell him?, meaning he must have drank bear with people that have praked his babe, maybe even borrowed money from them? and somebody is looking for difference between 1 and 100 EGBAMI! 100 is not a big deal? na wa ooo errr ranter, 2 years is too long for a man to know that 25 different penises have gone through you layi se injection, wen youre not a dickiness she even forgot 1 so na 26 AHAAAAA!!! kilode!!!!

  7. hmmm...There's a huge difference between 1 and 100...kai!.....100 ke? when youre not a generator

  8. Lol how many has he laid? You can't eat your cake and have it. That's why the lies in relationships. I don't see the need for that question though.

  9. She sef she vould just lie amount the no or change it for the guy by asking how many his own is..girls should understand that the way you lay out yourself for a guy will be the eye the guy will use in seeing should not turn one to mumu ooo

  10. Hhmnnn. What is the big deal if you boyfriend asks how many people you've slept with. If you have not slept with so mNy people then i dont think telling him should be a big deal.

  11. I think the reason y a lady would not want to tell her guy her body count, or even put up a defence is just becos the figure would sound an heaven!.....lets be truthful, if a girl has a count of not more than 5, im sure she would even be proud to tell...especially if its the end, it takes maturity ( or not) to 1st ask the question, give an answer, and handle the resulting situation however it may be.;;and yes d number is important to guys...and the closer d number is to ZERO, d more our ego is stroked...WORD!..but note? a girl should NEVER compare herself to any man when it comes to body count that he has had 100 girls, does not "ok" you being had by 50 men....what makes him a Ho slayer just makes you a ho!...simple

  12. If he loves you body count won't stop him from loving you
    Dear poster keep calling till you get tired and when he eventually picks, ask y he's mad and y its matters soo much ,if he wants to continue the relationship fine,if he doesn't pls don't force it
    Why is he soo judgemental sef

  13. That girl is cray. Open ya mouth and say such huge number. Couldn't you reduce it. Oya deal with it.


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