Thursday, 28 May 2015


*In Lagy Gaga's voice*
Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga gaga oh-la-la!
Want your....... *erhmmmm* RANTING..
*takes a bow*

I know I didn't make sense at the last line but you all get where I'm going to.


So yesterday I was going through Omowunmi's blog and it was like some part of it was talking to me...most especially the SELFIE part... Y'all can relate to her rant so enjoy.

Hey guys, this might be an unnecessary post to some people but i needed to speak up. So the weird thoughts in my head right now is about social media antics of people. For those who don't know me, i am really not a fan of social media at all. I barely use my bbm, whatsapp is just to follow my hair groups and talk to some friends that are far away and instagram/twitter is to keep up with trends and news. So for me a lot of things that are done are really extremely strange...

So here are somethings i find very weird...

1. Someone follows you, then sends a message that you should follow them. For what? Why should i follow you because you followed me uhn. It is really weird to me when i see people begging someone that is popular to follow them. Am i missing something?

2. What is up with all the amount of selfies people take? For God's sake, some people would go to a beautiful place and be so consumed with selfie taking that they miss the beauty of their environment. I am not a fan of always taking selfies. I checked out a friend's phone picture gallery and i can safely say that 80% of the pictures were her selfies..... I told her that she was truly a bonafide member of this generation. I read that Prince Harry told a fan that he was not a fan of selfies and i said 'a man after my own heart'. My selfies usually have a reason for me taking it. If you follow me on instagram, you would notice there is always a story or write up that accompanies my pictures.

3. Must people show everything on social media?.....Honestly!! I have seen ridiculousity in the name of  'i want to be a social media celeb' or something that i don't understand. I really wonder what people would have done in the era of Nokia 3310. In fact people are now stealing people's pictures and fake situations just to be popular. A whole load of nonsense if you ask me.... And what is with people fighting on internet? If you have a problem with someone go to their house or call them and argue with them, no one needs to read all you childish squabbling...

4. What is with everybody having an opinion about you uhn. There is so much internet/social media fights/dissing and trolls. People would not know you from jack and begin to offer advices that are questionable. So many people have committed suicides and unspeakable things just because of some self acclaimed knowledgeable people aka faceless internet/social media bullies.

5. Changing your display picture like every 30 minutes may be normal to people but it is very weird to me. When after almost 4 months of not putting up my picture as my dp i changed it to my birthday picture, someone had to ask what happened. Because it was (and still extremely) rare for me to put up my picture. I know right, i am super

I seem to have forgotten some other stuff i find weird because i am on call but when i do remember i would be sure to update you guys.....

Yes i know, this is a very silly post but hey i feel like being silly today.....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

*Moby covers face*
*walks away*


  1. Lol.. This post is not that weird, I also agree wit you on this post, buh thats the truth you just said..

    Sometimes, i do imagine why some people behave like this on the social medias/internet!

  2. Not weird at all. The picture on my Facebook profile has been the same picture since i open that account. Some that barely go to church on Sunday have become pastors on social media.

  3. lol.....I hope someone read the selfie part.....loooool.....#notafantoo.....

  4. Thank you dear for reposting my article...

  5. Social media is a fantasy, spend less time on there and life becomes more meaningful!

  6. Erm...I don't know which applies to me now. Let me go and view my pictures again *walks away*

    Before I go, I remember one of my friends asked me what's up with me that she never used to see my update. She said and I'll try to quote, "hope it's not the one you'll put your picture up one day and we'll see you have a baby already who is suddenly two years old". lol

  7. Lmao, moby bet why? Some people literally spend their lives on social media, it's choking *arrrgh*

  8. very well said, a lotta madness going on social media dis days with some people jusr being fake, and living their life on social media

  9. Everyone is guilty of selfies especially if you have a front camera so dont hate omowunmi

  10. as in moby you said it all,like what my pastor will say instagram has fuel the jealousy in everyone.
    the most annoying part is some people will write the name of the designers they are wearing,is it to spite their followers or what?
    others will write their life history on instagram ,like seriously who does that?nawa

  11. I so agree w!th no1, !ts so annoy!ng espec!ally begg!ng celebs to follow back, ser!ously, WTF?..

  12. If you all had a choice I'm sure yoy will beg beyonce to follow all of u.hypocrites

    1. Why would I want Beyonce to follow me,its not like I want her viewing my pictures or being my friend. People just want celebs to follow them so they can brag a celeb is following them. If you follow me I don't have to follow you unless I know you or you might add to my intellect,and if I follow you I don't expect you to follow me back (side eye moby). This generation is more concerned with the number of their followers than what their timelines add to them.

  13. Nice post. no2 applies to me *covers face*... but I have my reasons duurh. to begin with, the fone is MINE so why shouldn't I adorn it with my beurriful face *pops collar* and secondly I ,as a person, prefer taking pics of myself to others taking me... and sincerely I take better pics of me than anyone else. Also, I think the weird thing abt that changing dp thingy is the fact that u changed ur dp after four months..mehn shii because of why? It remindss me of a piic (tweet munch) I saw. "its only in nigeria that people think changing dp once a month is a sign of maturity" lol... but on a serious note, some people put up pictures every 30mins or less because they sell stuffs and thats like the fastest medium to bring to the knowing of their contacts the stuffs they have, I dont av a business o but on a good day I like changing dps and they are usually quotes or funny pics and most of my contacts find them encouraging or funny as the case may be...
    Lastly... I followed reekado banks (my crush) on IG and I just left a comment about how I was going to write him a poem so he could follow back and guess what.... it worked he followed back and I didnt even write the poem sef #corporatebeggar# but I agree that some people overdo it sha... good to be back moby...I doubt if you remember that I was even here in the first place gan.
    P.s: sorry for the long comment
    P.s.s: duru is my role model so you know why.


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