Saturday, 16 May 2015


*sniff* *sniff*
*clears throat*
Hello ladies and gentlemen...

Moby ain't feeling too good. Leboo said its the weather, my mum said it's stress, my colleague thinks I'm preggo...either way I have a flu and its getting the better part of me. Now I'm sad *sad face*.
Please can someone tell me what my style of blogging is cos I don't seem to understand anymore...*covers face*... I spent hours blog stalking yesterday and I noticed everyone has a style...but I don't..... Its looks like I just come here to ramble and talk to you all..and then that's it. I need to know what this is...*straight face*.

Ehn ehn, I said there was going to be a give away this week abi?.....Hmmmmn... The item I was going to give away was stolen by my dear friend.... It was a perfume I got and I wanted to give it to someone on the blog but she came around, stole it...then called me when she got home and said "woman in case you are looking for your perfume, I stole cos I've told you, it means I didn't steal it...I just borrowed it...never to return".....And that's how she just scattered my give away plan *rolls eyes*...... As much as I hate cooking up excuses,  I would have to look for something else to give away. I'm sorry mi lovies.....*kisses*

June 4 is our day....some people said I should do a video...I dunno o. I don't know how clear video recording is with my phone but I'm thinking of doing something I am not so good at,..Comedy....LOL...I'm a terrible comedian.....  I cant make anything laugh...even a cockroach *covers face*......anyway, I would also make  Leboo do something he is not so good at which is Singing...LOL.... You guys are going to laugh your asses out when you hear his voice. And then I would make my own personal Beyonce,  my sister, do a song for you guys. Or maybe my friend,  Titi... I think that's something that can work. If you disagree say Nay...

I told you guys on Monday I twisted my hair. Some people said I looked good *yaaaaay* and some haters, bad belle, evil pipu (insert your own) said I look a village woman. E.g My colleague, Mr Yomi, and then my friend Tijani. So I want you all to judge..... How do I look?...*big grin*
On Monday....with my pout..hehe 

On Tuesday...still pouting..hehe

On  already rough due to jarunpa-ing
Still pouting...

I made some new friends over the week (see who's making friends o *points to  self*)... Hallos Tuke and Omiye... Let's see if I can make our friendship work seeing everyone thinks I'm terrible at keeping friends.

To everyone that has been my friend from day one and kept up with my bullsh*t, thank you.... Sunbo, Bimbo, Chika, Bode. you munchos.

To all my family here on blogsville, if I start mentioning names, I doubt we would leave here today. Thank you so much for keeping up with my nonsense, my 'no post days' and my 'nonsense post days', God bless you.

To all the friends that I would still make, just be warming up and get ready for a lot of crazy and fun. I love you already.

To the man that wants to marry me and make me, this drama queen, the mother of his kids, I love you like kilo n pop mehn. I love you.

Wait a minute, did you all notice Tito leaves comments on my blog now? What happened? Who amongst you threatened him? Is it cos one person mentioned Duru was planning to take his place and now he's marking his territory? Just saying o....*runs*

It is well. You all have a wonderfulous weekend. I need to rest well. I need it already.

I have one gist for everyone on Monday. So just stick around...okay.

Take care mi lovies.




  1. You are beautiful and your style of blogging is unique

    Hope u are going to welcome me here already?

    1. Jummy baby, thank you so much for stopping by. You are welcome here anyday anytime. mwaahh

  2. Your blogging style should be called stage drama, a little bit of everything there is...your friend should return our perfume o, I already have its scent in my head, your friend should really stop rough play...I noticed Leboo too o, I guess he's just being smart, who would want to loss u?

    1. Mi crush of life, stage drama bawo..hahaha. Thanks huni. As for my friend, we are going to kidnap her.

  3. D fear of duru is the beginning of nobody is stealing moby from tito o.i love your twist.really nice.fine girl.
    You are welcome Junmi.

    1. Haahhahaha...... I will tell o..hahaha. Thanks huni

  4. We love your blogging style dnt change it ,its cool to be different
    The hair is nice

  5. Wish you well...having the flu could be fustrating...nice blog dearie

  6. Yup as Sodiq said stage drama, hmm you know I love you , I'm not saying it's not nice but I've seen you way prettier ones

  7. Replies
    1. Calabar gal, are you a blogger? You have the attitude of one though. If you are, please drop your blog addy lemme friend you sharp sharp. THANKS

  8. I love wat u are doing here dear. Bae. Boo. Keep making us laugh anyhow. Tola

  9. Moby the fine girl. I love ur style of blogging. Always making me laugh

  10. The twist is okay. I have seen you in better hair do.

  11. I love the twist, I'm still waiting for my hair to lose all its perm then I can rock a style like this :-)


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