Saturday, 30 May 2015




Arise oh Nigerians. ....we've got a new leader.......

....Oya sai baba....sai Buhari

I hope for change and I hope Buhari brings change sharpaly...Immediately. My colleague was gisting me about a particular Ghanian president who came into power and decided to kill all the corrupt people in his country. .**that's some serious gangsta change**. If you ask me, I think Buhari should take a cue from this guy....*runs*

So what's going on mi lovies?

Good morning... Good day...

I can't wait for Monday to give you all my weekend download gist...but ama wait o so I won't spoil the fun.

The video for the blogversary post is almost complete. Don P got his video vixens and mehn did they twerk.. Just calm down until the 4th... *e remain my own comedy* Chai!!...I really can't think of a joke...mhen Nna.. There is God o...(in my igbo accent)

I have gotten a few pictures from mobylizers.... Thanks guys for taking the time to look for a picture and then edit it....who am I to take that much of your precious time. ...thank you so much... *hugs*

The very sexy Dabs of "Naija Hair Can Grow" and "Savvy and Chic" Beauty Hair Hub, put together another salon day out and it is happening at the Oriental Hotel on the 7th of June. Me I am going o *ties wrapper* and I'm part of the people competing for the grand prize... that's wasap...*pops collar*. I cannot come and carry last na....LOL

Jejely.... I was stalking my blogger big aunty, Berry Dakara, and I saw a post about a natural event and then just like that, I saw this poster....Gbam!
All the story didn't enter my brain until I saw the competition part. I didn't even think twice before I sent in my application. Its called BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS. 

So I entered for the competition and Dabs sent me a message that I qualified. How cool is that???..

We would be given different tasks to complete using "Design Essentials" products.... WHATTTTT?????? Okay my head is on fire now.

10,000 naira worth of products and a cash prize as well.....*licks lips*

We are having rehearsals today and a photoshoot...reason I posted this early... its a ghen ghen event ooo....

Guys, if you can, please come and support your home girl. Don P is going to be there....Sunbo would be there and I'm hopeful that Bimbo and Bukky would be there too. I am already cajoling Duru to attend the event... Gate fee is only 500naira. I will pay for the 1st 3 commenters that are interested, in Lagos and doesn't have owanbe...that's good enough shey? *bats lashes*

I'm planning on trying crotchet braids this week....but if it doesn't fit me, don't expect to find a picture...hehe.

Please don't forget our blogversary pictures. Keep them coming in

Have a wonderful weekend mi lovies. 




  1. Waiting for that video like Nigerians are waiting for Buhari to implement change, and there are vixens who are twerking??? Oya nah...if moby isn't in the competition, who will??? Goan bring home the prize jare.

    1. Hahaha...just chill ehn. I pray the video is ready by then.... Awwwww....yaaaay. Thabjs GB. da bestest

  2. I wish you success at the competition.. Not in Lagos would have loved to attend.. Happy anniversary to us in a few days time.. *dancing shoki

  3. Yes oo,change is here at last!!,we hope and pray 4 a berra 9ja...
    First time commenting BUT av been an ardent ghost mode reader!!!,hope am wlcum 2 da fam?

    1. You are most welcome here Thelma... singing *we love this family of .... of Moby*. Welcome dear

  4. Happy democracy day dear.eurmmm who told you I will follow you.i will just funk you up and not show up.but because don p is coming then im coming so im

    1. Bukky has killed me o. .oya Don P is not coming. If I don't see you there ehn, I wee kee you ni *straight face*

  5. See groove o, i wish i could be there but you know my situation. I hope you win because i am sharing the goodies with you.

    I like your new header but you made a mistake o (or whoever designed it)...You wrote dairy instead of diary. Immediately i saw it, i thought of cadbury dairy has been quite a while since i ate it....I am definitely looking for it tomorrow.

    journal of a petite diva

  6. Hello Bolaji! Lovely blog. Good luck in the competition :)

  7. hope you win doll

  8. No weekend download today?

  9. Why cant we have events like this is Anambra? Enjoy dear


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