Monday, 25 May 2015


It's a hard-knock life for us!
It's a hard-knock life for us!
'Stead of treated,
We get tricked!
'Stead of kisses,
We get kicked!
It's a hard-knock life!!!!
If you do mistake and put Nigeria's issue on your head, you will not know when you'll leave a bullet there... Its so crazy.

WE ARE GOING ON STRIKE ON BLOGSVILLE... #Ain't nobody got fuel for that....
If you want to hear from me, just send me 25 litres of fuel... then I can resell as black market *no jokes*
It's just so crazy.. People are buying fuel for as high as 500 naira per litre.... For what? I even heard one man got shot in the leg for selling fuel for 1000 naira per litre. He deserves it shey??? Something we buy for 87 naira per litre... What is the way forward my Nigerian people... This fuel thing is not funny at in!!! *straight face*...its "teribu".....What is going on in this country? ...I really do not like where we are heading...with all these fuel & power issues...Imagine, I had to go to a friend's office to charge my phone... You won't believe I went all the way to Ikeja from Ogba yesterday to charge the phones*phew*.....Getting to work this morning was even a miracle.  

God help us all.

Shey we should just scrap weekend download today ehn?
If I hear that I do not gist you all... taaaa...
 So on Friday, I went for a provincial headquarters vigil. Most people do not know this but I am NYCLOPHOBIC. I hate walking late cos of my fear of the dark...weird shey?  But being out with peeps from church made me calm. We had strong men amongst us *yinmu*

My sister had told me days before that she was going for an owanbe (she didn't invite me *rolls eyes*) and she wanted me to fix her face for her...So on Saturday, after I had woken up, I did some panel beating on her face.  Here's what she looked like...What do you guys think?

This weekend was okay... no owanbe at all tho...*sad face*..... Thanks to all of you that didn't invite me.. I will not invite you for mine too... SLY *evullls*

Still on the matter my peoples, I was able to shoot part of video yesterday (for our blogversary)....I have the most amazing people around me...shout out to Elawtics, Leboo, Della, paparazzi.... love you munchos....*MUAH*. I have been thinking of a joke since but all I came up with is 'So one day Akpos went...* Dasall...I doubt I can make a dog laugh... Maybe I should just dance...cos comedy ain't my thing. Please guys can I just swap to dancing? Abeg

So one of us (a Mobylizer) asked that I involve everyone in the blogversary post.. I thought about something like that before o but I didn't want to stress you here's what he suggested:,,.

He said I should Invite mobilizers  to create a Happy Blogversary post on Instagram or any other social media with a photo/word app...then I would choose my favorites and do a post that features all your love notes. The 1st time he mentioned it, I swear I did not understand at all.. Big big grammar in my ears...
But if you understand and you are interested,you can post your picture with a #mobylizer or inform me if you have posted it on other social media so I can know.
Here is an example he did and I munched... Fine boy no pimplez *bats lashes*. I didn't know we had fine people here o..kai
That's the face behind the name VICTOR
I think we can do this right? So starting from today, you can put up your picture, inform me that you have and then I can compile the pictures.  If you are not following me yet on instagram, you can follow me on @mz_moby or twitter @mobyImp_1.
Don't forget let me know. There might just be a give away on the 4th of June also....*Thumbs up + wink* Make sure you stick around so you wont carry last. Thank you all so much for your time and patience. Mi love y'all.

There is something about the people in my office... they do not like taking pictures with me... they think or they know that I will put it up here... While I was taking my picture jejely today, Dr. Dami (the ajebutter colleague of mine) decided to show face and in my mind I was like 'YES.... YOU HAVE ENTERED MY TRAP' *evil grin*. Introducing Dr. Dami... She is also a blogger. You should check out her blog at

I was happy she photo bombed my pictures.. I love you too Dr. D *KISSES*

I pray that this week would be a blessed one for us all....may God almighty visit the problems of this country and make it well in Jesus name. Amen

.......And the strike begins...until Wednesday when I shall call off the strike myself *hehe*

*Drops mic*
*removes shoe*
*puts it on my head*
*the trekking begins*
Where is that pure water woman sef... #Ain'tnobodygotfuelforthat


  1. This fuel issue ehn, it's just mad and frustrating...see the way u panel beated your sister's face, I doubt if her boyfriend is still going to recognise her o...the picture stuff is cool, i'm in, i'm not instagram tho', twitter straight...don't u dare go on strike o.

  2. Mobyyyyyyyyy.........u set me up...mmwah...I shall catch you...It is well with Naija...and by d way I love ur sis look especially d cheekbone ish + lips, one word...Gorg!!! N tank u for advertising my blog


    The makeup is fantastic.I love it but the camera quality didn't do so much justice

    You are adding weight o aunty.What happened to your dieting?

    Your colleague is beautiful

    Can I send my pictures through another medium?

    That is everything

    1. Ahhhhhhh...noooooo

      Ayam adding weight? Noooooooo. You can send your pictures. Just send me a message telling me what medium you are sending it through. Thanks

  4. Your sister is fine both before and after but her after looks better. I am proud of you dear.keep it up

  5. Everywhere is just the same story. Just be strong and don't leave a bullet in there. Good makeup

  6. Good makeover, intelligent anniversary package. Which you heaven's best.

  7. You really did a good job on her...she looks beautiful....Thank you mami for the wishes...

  8. Mami not an easy something a point i wanted to leave de light,no fuel,powerbank dead,lapo
    top battery dead,phone battery in critical condition..i tire i swear down..but thank God is ova..panel beating for motor?nice work dear

    1. Victor I hope you see this....but the thing didn't work. That thing we spoke about... in the mean time, lemme call you

  9. Lovly makeup.. am in forthis lovly anniversary packag.. God serve Nigeria...#oluwabibs

  10. It iz official you are doing my wedding makeup.Your sister looks so beautiful.nkii

  11. Oooh your sister looks good! I'm just happy I've been away for the past week - Nigeria can be so tiresome.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Same Berry Dakara???? cakes?? #faints. MOby now i know you are a super star. Berry? #faints again

  12. Moby you such a drama queen...its this fuel scarcity you remembering the pure water

  13. i love the make up,i think i should learn this make up thing.
    i will try to do the hashtag thing.

    greetings to my namesake

  14. Ha! U panel beat your sister face no be small thing. O fine gan.....


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