Monday, 11 May 2015


*Good morning




*Ubnachi (chai…I think I have murdered one language here oooo….*covers face*)

Gooooooooood day mi lovelies....*high spirit*

MUUUUURRRRAAAAALLLLLLL……………….HIGH!!!!........(some of our Mobylizers would be shouting this as we speak now….LOL…..Mobylizers on camp, we never forget una ooo….We love ya’ll…do your Fatherland proud guys)

Did you know porn stars have awards?.. Like seriously no jokes *straight face *...They do... now I'm wondering what the categories would look like...let me brain storm a little... 

*Best actress in a threesome? 

*Best gay actor?  

*Best director? Somebody please wake me up from my slumber.... I cannot ‘belivit.... if y'all knew about it before me then I have carried last on this one.....LOL (To think I feel like I should know about this…*covers face*…….someone would soon say I am a baje somebody because I know things like this *sad face*….mmssstteeewww….*rolls eyes in pidgin* )

So how did my weekend go? It was ama-zing.

Remember the Naija naturals event I mentioned on Friday? Oh yes that one... It was ‘amazeballs...I took out my braids on Friday, immediately washed it but my hair was tangling like crazy....I was in a hurry to finish the process and so I ended up with plenty hair loss…*sad*.. I wanted to cry but I was too tired to do anything….(yep too tired to cry…LOL) I used onions to wash my hair...A new regime I learnt from a blogger friend....*covers face* and It had a pretty good outcome.

So on Saturday, my friend, Sunbo, and I  got to the event late because of me…heehee….. I had to look fine small na… The event was really cool... and it was on the mainland...double super cool….(1st natural hair meet up I know that was done on the mainland)… From the girl that checks your name on the list, to the attendees,everyone was really nice. If it was 10 years ago, it would have been a gathering of deeper life members learning about their hair. The things fashion will do ehn...hmnn Who knows?.....

I met O’naturals...finally. She is a Natural hair stylist and I love her big…. She is funny....and her hair?....It’s to die for.  She is going to be my wedding hairstylist *thumbs up*.  So I have my wedding MC, Chef and hairstylist....remaining the wedding gown designer, makeup artist and most importantly the groom...*Note Leboo has not proposed ooo so he is not the groom yet...hin still be boyfriend...**covers face* LMAO…(person go dey vex now ooo).
The hair on her head...kai

O'naturals was going to give 1 goody bag to anyone who got her question right...I wanted just one thing in the bag, the coconut oil and one other babe I met there wanted the rollers (I've forgotten the original name so let's go with rollers* LOL) so it was either I answered the question and give her what she wanted or she answers and I get what I wanted. It was obvious we were the only two that were serious about the goody bag and it wouldn't have been fair for someone who wasn't so interested in it to get the bag. So we had to be friends and we struck a deal....I let her answer the question and she gives me the coconut oil or I answer and give her the ‘rollers’...That’s team spirit mehn...So, she answered and I got the oil... Shout out to Fola if she ever sees this... p.s: I love your hair.

This was how I looked

On our way to the event...I can like to want to pout sha...
Moby forming serious student

Yaaaaay... I was erhmm *clears throat* I seriously don't know...and I didn't ask...I need cane

That's Oluwalonikinsunboninuyara...a.k.a. Sunbo *hehe*

Tosin (the organizer), Sunbo and some girl like that
These are the things I got at the event. 
The fayrouz is finished so ignore it
I don't know what this is but ama call it water bottle..
Hair clip
Dark and lovely scalp soother
Coconut oil Fola gave me
This closeup thing that looks like toothpaste is actually a 4gb flash *supercool*

After we left, we went to the mall to meet with Leboo. He went for this amazing Ayurveda massage at the Aerobics fitness spa in Ikeja and I was dying to hear the gist so I wanted to corner him at the mall but he was seeing AVENGERS so I decided to see PAUL BLART MALL COP. Have you seen it? It is a very funny movie and I think y'all should see it. Maybe just download it on your laptop and watch it at home...It might not be worth going to the cinema for but it’s a very good movie….You get my drift?

The movie finished in less than two hours, I met up with Leboo and he just had to make me very jealous...I am going for my own massage next week…..The only problem is, I am too ticklish…...I can't stand those neck and back massages *sad face*…….If you yab me ehn....this Lagos wouldn't contain me and you…*straight face*

The weekend was totally fun but something just had to try to ruin it…….I have been purging since o... too much to eat. I couldn't go to church... and so I decided to twist my hair...Now I look like a Rastafarian...a nigga woman yo...hehe. I can't show you a picture cos I don't like it yet...let's see what happens by the end of the week... I might just show you…*wink*

Enough gist abeg... How was your weekend?...I wanna know. …I'm going to be doing a giveaway later this week... Please stick around for more info...

In other news, The next Bag and Shoe making classes by Moby Impressionz starts Saturday 16th May, 2015….So tell someone to tell someone and help someone learn skills that could help him or her become a boss!....*wink*

Oya gist me o...

Lemme sit down and read your own gist as you have read mine…

Have  a fab Monday + an Amazing week…



  1. Nothing really jawe. I think my life is boring now. Lolz
    Nowhere to go,glued to my tablet all thru the weekend

  2. Wait fellow Mobylizers..!! is it just me or you just gotta love Moby! i mean this child is ehn! She is flying ninu sky! She is drop dead sexy.. Choi! see legs toh sharp ju razor blade lo **Adjusts Shokoto.. She is beauRRiful like kilode.. See her smiling like a Ms World SomeboRRy.... And she is funny like madt! You are a blessing to Blogsville bae aswear! So only you one did all these gbo gbo Turn uPs! kai! My life feels so boring right about now ehn! All in all i am glad you had madt fun Moby toh Sure.. Blogger toh Sharp toh Sexy bi Microwave. hehehe.. Plus you look to kill for in that Danshiki (Hope thats the name though) Moby! Moby! Moby!!! You Rock Bae! Aswear you really do.. I mean i never read you and stay without smiling like a fish and blushing like a Tomato.. and the crowd goes.... Ooosssshhheeeey Turn uP! keep doing you Bubba.. keep Dancing like no one is watching..

    P.S: i saw pictures of the PornStar Awards ceremony lori Instagram.. Imagine people get Awarded for getting Orgasms and Cumming.. Kai aswear I am in the wrong Career.. **crying in Spanish.. My point sha is, it was troubling to see on Instagram that the Porn Stars dressed more Decent to their Awards ceremony than the Normal movie stars did to theirs, and i was Irony of life.. Cheers Bubba.. and the crowd goes... Ooosssshheeey Turn uP!

    1. Somebody call don p. Someone is about to steal Moby from him o.I don't trust any man that his name starts with D ..picks race...

    2. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha my hands are clean oh! :)

    3. Dem neva born am well............Na my house Moby go still spend d rest of her live..if he like make him comment long like psalms + proverbs..ko jor mhen!...i am d DON P......lmao

    4. Ah! Tito Baba! lmao! You na Boss nah! heheheheheheh Inshort After Buhari na Osinbanjo, after Osinbajo na You... NoboRRy go fit drag fine geh Moby from you nah.. You guys have a good thing going on... It is not even an option sef for me to attempt it, as I don already buy Tuxedo wey I go wear come una wedding ni...

      Sir, Regardless that I was given birth to PROPERLY, and very very Properly sef, I no fit drag your own Iyawo from you nah... We dont roll like that sir.. It was just a kind comment... Cheers Baba.

    5. *clears throat* *walks away* if i must add, i love you both...don P and Duru... Your names starts with D sha..ok o

    6. Correct guy Duru.....loool...Moby, na u wan put Duru 4 troble ooo....explain dis luv dat u luv of both NOW NOW!

  3. Hi, im a first time commenter but I've been following ur blog for vewwy loooong time. Im a naturalists too but I misses d hair meet up. U looked good n I love ur hair colour

  4. Iya it me or you are looking cheekier? Fine girl. Keep having fun.i slepr the whole weekend.didnt even go to come you always purge like this.take it easy o

  5. You had a fun f!lled weekend, lucky you...

  6. You had a fun filled weekend, lucky you...
    Welcome back hun*

  7. You had a fun f!lled weekend, lucky you...

  8. My weekend was hell of boring, I just dn't like lagos and its over rated stress, hence I use to stuck and dull myself in this place,plus beauriful moby, u are just everitin

  9. Moby is feri feri burifoo geh, lol, your weekend was awesome really, it's good u got the coconut actors getting awards, kosi ise to easy mhen, everyone deserves a pat in the back.

  10. I havent attended a natural hair event before. Looking forward to WITJ - first week of June.

    LOL @ deeper life meeting. So true. to think we used to look at them with 'one kind eye' and say to ourselves 'never'. Now na we carry natural hair pass deeper life sef... LOL!!

    U used onions to wash your hair? How? Why? *faints*

  11. See this bush geh o, you are ticklish so you don't want to go for a soothing See enjoyment o, I wish I was at the meet up. I envy you o....

  12. Lol true, d way u all hijacked dis hair thing from deeper life ppl is great. You make it look funky and so cute. I might just go natural too. You don't dull, always having fun


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