Friday, 5 June 2015


*Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come, my baby

They said, "I bet they'll never make it."
But just look at us holding on
We're still together, still going strong....

This song has been in my head since Titi sang it. Even heard my colleague hum it at some point... That what happens when you listen to something for long. The brain works like that...

How many times do I get to say thank you... THANK YOU... THANK YOU.. THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU....
Anyone would have thought yesterday was my birthday. I got text messages and calls from people wishing me happy blogversary. Like seriously.. This is kinda like a big deal shey? Thanks to everyone mehn... You guys turned up like it was the end of the world (... erhmmm how come I don't always make sense when I try to compare...DAMN *sad face* but you all get it shey?)

So yesterday, I sent one very funny broadcast on my whatsapp asking people to view my blog cos I uploaded a naked picture of myself and I got this very funny reply from Iya Dayo. 
My mother is just a special person and I love her. I wonder why she would think her daughter would put up a naked picture of herself. I was raised better than that. 
I love me some Iya Dayo.
I forgot to include some pictures in the video. I just came across the pictures after the video was uploaded and I couldn't edit it once it was up. I am so sorry guys. I would think of something to make it up to everyone, okay? Thank you very much.

So the winners for the Blogversary giveaway are

Give mama a hug...hehe
Thanks to everyone that participated in the give away. God bless you. Your comments made me laugh and cry at the same time.
To the winners, I am going to be at Magodo on Saturday and Victoria Island on Sunday. If you can't make it to either places, send a mail to and let's see which location would favour us both. 

Tola, you are just a very funny person... are you a boy or a girl? Either one, I love you plenty but still join the kwee. Haha..

Duru, don't mind the haters. I love all your comments and love notes. They keep me going all the time. Thanks papi for always turning up for me... Y'all wanna know my darkest secrets? Holla at Duru... but I trust him enough not to mess up.. shebi Duru?.

The prayers were out of this world...kai. Thank you all so much.

Bimbo's comment brought tears to my eyes sha. That geh can like to make me emotional. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Our Dubai trips is still in planning process... Very very soon it shall happen. Amen

Modupe, get ready to be kidnapped cos I kidnap people I love. I am coming for you very soon.. *evil grin*.

Someone called me early this morning and wanted my opinion on their company's blog. Like seriously??? I was like... 

I thank God for where I am and I thank him for where he is taking me to and I know everyone of us would meet at the top in Jesus name.

The Battle of the Hairlistas logo is amazeballs... Everyone that has seen it was just saying 'Moby your expression is epic'. I am dancing shoki to the bank mehn. Hahaha.

I think I'm coming down with a fever. Been feverish since last weekend and so I have decided to take anti malaria before it is too late.

If you are going to be at Oriental Hotel on Sunday for the Hairlistas event, please holla at your girl. Let's hook up and have fun together.

I love you all...
Thanks so much for the support. God bless you.

And so I open the door to the weekend


  1. I just love your mum.she is too funny but African parents would act like this.we all dont have parents like kris

  2. I didnt win? Ahhhhh moby. Okay o. Congratulations to the winners

  3. Congrats ones more and I wish you success tomorrow..

  4. Yaaga, I won, can't wait to start wearing my perfume, thanks Moby, u're awesome!

  5. Jealous much. I want perfume😤

  6. Gbolahan lets exchange perfume na. I use brut at the moment. Please. Tola

  7. Congrats dear. And i loved your battle of the hairlista's picture. You were looking fierce....

  8. you are indeed a drama queen,congratulations once again
    *waving at my name sake*


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