Friday, 12 June 2015


Fear thou not cos my mama loves me...hehe

Mi lovies, how di do? 
Its another Friday already o and then another weekend. I doubt there would be a full weekend download on Monday cos I still feel sick and I think I need to use anti-malaria drugs judiciously this time. 

I stumbled on a story on yahoo yesterday and my mouth is still opened... like seriously opened and I thought I should share with you.

Growing up, my mother and I would fight over little things, from not flushing the toilet after peeing (now I blame her for my mysophobic nature) to not taking a shower cos I feel sleepy but most times it was for staying out too late or hanging out with people who I was too blind to see weren’t really my friends. But even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I always knew that she had my best interest at heart and was just trying to protect me.
Watching her taught me that being a parent means loving your children unconditionally, in spite of their flaws.

But clearly, this mom missed that memo.

A mother posted a message on Reddit, asking for help because she has a daughter who is “physically unattractive” and “honestly looks like she has some sort of disability.”

Yes a mother said this about her own child.... a child that spent 9 months in her womb. I am still very shocked.
If your mouth is open from being in awe (ironically) of this woman, you may want to sit down, because there’s more. Instead of just stopping there, she stresses how hard it is for her and her husband to love their daughter in spite of her “ugly” looks. Here is just a tiny fraction of her speech:
“I feel beyond awful that I feel this way. But, because she is such a wonderful person inside, it hurts me the more that her peers won’t see past her physical appearance. And, may God strike me dead for saying this, I’d almost rather she DID have a disability or chromosomal disorder. Then there would be an explanation for the way she looks other than just ‘bad genetic luck.’”
If this is a contest for the worst mother ever, I think we can all agree that she wins by a landslide. I wonder what kind of person you have to be for you to actively wish that your child had a disability. Nothing matters to a girl than what her mother thinks of her. Our mothers are our whole world and wouldn't you be heartbroken if you get to know that your mother think you are ugly? Iya Dayo still tells me (as old as I am) how beautiful I look. Just yesterday, as I was leaving the house for work, I asked her how I looked and she said 'very beautiful' with a smile. That mattered to me... I felt pretty all through the day.. If someone had called me ugly yesterday, I won't have cared cos my mum thinks I am very beautiful. So how can this woman honestly sleep at night when her daughter is ugly to her.
A mother called  her own flesh and blood "physically unattractive", which is pretty much the last thing you’d ever expect any mom ever to say about her kids.

Yes, we have this notion in our society where good looking people will have an added advantage over few things but I have known people who have done immensely and loved by masses despite of how they look.

Let us all be aware that such feelings (of hate, love, e.t.c) are magnified times a thousand and one demoralizing comment or thought can make anyone see him/herself in a terrible light which might lead to low self esteem.
What do you think? Is it fair for a mother to ever admit this? Is she wrong or is she a good mother because she sees a real problem developing and wants help? 

And with my last post for the week, I open the door to an amazing weekend.


  1. Are you srious? A mother said her child is ugly.not cool

  2. I am no more surprised as anything is possible these days...Pls visit my blog guys Thanks

  3. That's awful for someone's mother. Tola

  4. Really, i want to believe she isn't the biological mum!

  5. Seriously??? Hw can a mother say such? Dats awful

  6. But criosly that mother needs to be dealt with...haba wat would she have felt if her own mother called her ugly

  7. See ehn. In this life there are mothers and there are mothers. Not every one that carried a child in her womb is fit to be called a mother. Let's just be thankful that we have good mothers.

    1. Totally agree wit u tomi.there are different kinds of mothers and this one is definately not a mum.

  8. Unbelievable things happen these days, i'm not very much surprised, it's a very bad thing tho, a mother should love her children unconditionally, thank God for my mum!...sorry Moby, the Lord is ur muscle, get well soon!

  9. Having great mums this days is a luxury I tell you

  10. The summary of the whole matter is that not everyone is fit to be a mother.

    I never thought I'd be one of them

  11. I'll play the devil's advocate here and say that this mum is only being honest in expressing how she feels.
    I doubt that this feeling is one she'll ever communicate to her daughter, I want to believe she's on hand at every time, ready to assuage her daughter's doubts about her looks whenever they come up whilst she silently says a prayer to God for something to happen that'll make others see past the supposed unattractive exterior and into the beautiful soul within.

    Expressing what might be her biggest fear, to probably see if anyone can relate to her (and on the Internet no less- probably anonymously) is the reason she's being branded an unfit mother.
    Everyone's struggling with something, some seemingly innocuous and others immensely complicated, we should leave some room in our hearts to entertain the benefits of doubt about the goodness of others.


  12. Anyway, I just asked my hubby and he's flatly disagreed with me.
    Plus, I didn't read the part where she stated that it was "difficult " for her and her husband to love the child- that's abnormal.
    Considering the above, I'd say a retraction is in order.


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