Thursday, 4 June 2015


This is epic.... thanks Don P *MWAAAH*




.go shawrie...its your blogversary...

you gonna party like its your blogversary...hehe

We gonna pop bottles like.....its your blogversary

Or we gon pop petrol like...its your blogversary (only the big boys and girls can pop fuel now ooo...Lol) *in 50cent's voice*


I'm super duper fuper cuper excited!!!!'s like I'm high on something strong.....YaaaaaaY *jumping on my sofa and tossing the throw pillows*

What it do mi pipu?

Y'all know what's happening today.....



*cocain high*

First, I want to say THANK YOU. I did not (in my entire life) believe I could have a blog... mbanu...lai lai...nehi.... like really.. me? Moby? write?... For me, it was very impossible...but then *preacher mode activated*.. I started..I picked myself....I picked a pen (well a laptop...*shines teeth*) and I started a blog..... and then people read my blog and left comments... chae... chae...God is good oooo

I get loads of mails from people telling me how inspired they are, how they need me to help them with one problem or the other (most especially makeup ish) and then I carry my shoulder up like there's shoulder pad in it and I say 'That's wasap'...hehehe 

MTN: 5481 2648 0745

Secondly, I am a sanguine (a deep one) and one characteristic of sanguines is giving up on projects quickly and easily. Yes I agree at some point I got tired. a matter of fact I abandoned the blog...buh guess what? I came back.... I came back because of the love everyone showed me..... The calls, the text, the threats...(some even said they were going to send CIA and FBI to look for me and kill me)..hian!!! really?...LOL

I just want to say THANK YOUUUUUUU... For the love, the sweetness, the friendship, everything... thank you. I know I am an abnormal girl but you all loved me abnormally. You  never for once judged me and you've been there through it all with me. Thanks....*Hugs + loads of kisses*

And then, *in GB's voice* "Its a coincidental sturvs"... I achieved all the things I set out to do at the beginning of this blog.... Three of my greatest blog mentors left comments on my blog.... That's a biggie for me mehn. And my pageviews stat???...nna mehn... yor!!!!.

You all made this happen. Yes you. If it wasn't for you, this blog will just be a blog. I suppose celebrate one year last month but cos of my sabbatical leave na, I had to make up for it. Abi???.....LOL

AIRTEL: 0630 3585 8561 3118

 So Duru sent this to me some days ago and I was like 'Na only me waka come mehn....shiii'. Thanks ma nigga ma nigga..

So here is my wish for you. "Moby Moby... I remember the first time I read your blog... It was the post about NYSC... You wrote with so much confidence I thought you had been blogging for years, just to be told you were but 4 Months old then... I am proud of you Baby mi... I remember the first day I heard your voice, it was priceless... And like that of an Angel... Thank you for being in our lives Bae... Thanks for making us smile.., thanks for being you... Thanks for being true... We love you Moby... I JdB love you... A special shout out to Don P... The correct guy without faults... I love how he is solidly behind you... And my wish for you both is that y'all will always find happiness in each other... Oya this one e haf turn to wedding  toast oh.. GOD bless you Moby... GOD bless your readers... Thank you for being in our lives... You Rock Bubba... Aswear you do...

Thanks you want to make me cry o...kai.

GLO: 36484 90164 83323

Then to put the toppings on the cake,  Victor finished me with this instagram photo... okay at this point I need to get tissue...

*Iya Dayo come o...these people are bou to steal me finally...* Thanks Victor. The picture thing was your idea and I love that you mentioned it. God bless you.

So, for the give away, Don p said and I quote "I can also enter for the giveaway na since I'm a Mobylizer"....Well let the best man and woman win...

I'm giving out these perfumes. GIBBERLLINI 'X- BOLT' and SUDDENLY. Now I have had the privilege of using Suddenly and I've smelt the X-BOLT. They are amazing. I use the Suddenly at the moment and trust me when I say if you are the lucky winner, you will ask me to get you another. LET'S BET NA...

 One for a guy and the other a girl.

All you need to do is answer these questions.....
*drum roll please*...

*How many sisters does Moby have?

*What is Moby's bestest meal? Clue: it is in most of our weekend download. Hehe.

*What is Don p's original name?

Dasall....We can do this right? *wink*

Mobylizers, thank you..thank you thank you......... 

And so I present to you the 1 year anniversary video...yaaaaaay


ETISALAT: 1059 1801 789 8380



  1. Moby moby...God bless u mami!!cant believe i am short of just feels like i started from d very beginning cos of d immediate effect u had in my life..and de video mehn!!is somefyn else..don p should be dere along wit h d nollywood bests*drum rolls*..happy to ve seen oda mobylizers like me..we too fyn jawe..(standing ovation for mobylizers)we re one happy family..be4 i disappear mami,i got d mtn recharge...thanks a bunch..we love u

  2. Congratulations dear Moby. I saw my name and I was just blushing. Thank you. You people do not sleep at all ni. They got the recharge card I wanted jor. Let me try out for the give away

    Best food: You look like someone that likes cereal. So I'm guessing cornflakes. Lol
    Don p name: I'm new here so moby give me clue
    You have one sister. We saw her picture last week.

    Can I have my perfume nnow. Tola

    1. Sorry. Two sisters, you love jollof rice and don p"s name is bolatito. #inyafaces

  3. I ran here as fast as my legs could carry me to this place.moby you have been an inspiration and s blessing to everyone here . you've shared your greatest fears and greatest joys with us and we appreciate it and to top it you make us feel like friends even wen we dont even know eacb other in real life.your realness and your drama js wat keeps us coming back because we never know what to expect from the drama queen. Keep on being you and keep doing good.congratulations dear.
    With these few points of mine, can I get my perfume now?

  4. **Smiles... For the first time in a while yeah.. I am so happy that I dunno what to comment... As in i am so freaking happy for you that my happiness is close to tears.. This post was dope like that biko... my cheeks hurt outta laughter :D.. my eyes are teary and shii... I am just happy i know you Amusu Mobolaji aswear.. You know ehn Moby.. there are some people that we meet ba and we just dunno why exactly we love them sshhhaaaa.. but what we do just know is that we love them by default.. and you Bubba, you are one of such ghen ghen people... Congratulations Moby on hitting 365 days... Hearty congratulations... heheheh **Whispers you need to see me smiling.. I cant control it.. the happiness is flowing like a freaking spring.. You Rock Moby.

    GOD bless you.. and may alllllll your gbo gbo big dreams come Alive.. hehehe Moby! You are someboRRy i dont want to ever lose aswear.. kai! craze geh toh sure... Don P is just the real MVP i tell you.. heheheheh I like the Beach video.. he was jumping up and down with so much excitement that I could literally feel it from down here.. The guy is just a sure guy to the core.. aYam loyal baba.. I loyal pass Loya milk... You are a Boss like that sir...

    To all the ghen ghen Mobylizers in the Building... You guys are the real MVP... cause you guys are just awesome.. aYam proud to be a member of the Moby's gang.,. I am proud to be a Mobylizer to Tantalizing ju Tantalizers loo....

    Mehnnnn lemme go do expo and come back to answer the kWeshions oh! Omolomo's perfume e haf almost finish **Covers face.. I wihh like one of the above.. **wears Evil smile.. thanks Bubba.. i stole the airtime.. I Stole 2 sef... **Covers face... **Rubs Palms togeRRa.. **Singing go Moby go Moby ggooo... #DonPMobYforPresident2016 (code) .. Una 2 much jo... and the crowd goes.. Ooooooooooosssshhheeeey Turn uP!

    1. we wee not give duru our pafum even if you write love letter and propose b4 don p. go and join the kweee. Tola

    2. Hehehhehehehehehehhe Tola ya not just well.. hehehhehe

    3. LOL!! OMG!! Tola - why r u entering our Duru like that?!!?!?!?!? LOL!!

  5. Yaaga, congrats moby, thank God we're here!
    1. You have one sister.
    2. Ur favorite food is jollof rice
    3. Leboo's real name is Tito.
    Brb, going to watch d video!

    1. You are wrong# shines teeth to go and drop my comment.. Hillcity#

    2. Anon, bad Belle is allowed o, lol...shines teeth to go and collect my perfume.

    3. O shi o. is a did not gerring it...go and join the kwee

    4. Hehehehheheheheh This Anonymous commenter be cracking me up... no be small join the kwee...

  6. Congrats Moby. Many more years to ur writing. I just love you and ur blog. My shoki master!
    Lemme try the questions
    1. You have 2 sisters
    2. Fav food is jollof rice
    3. Don P's name is Shokunbi Charles Tito.

  7. yaay! congrats moby,
    aswear i wish i can burn phcib office, to think i have been stalking ur blog for this post and phcib made me miss all the richard card *kai...dere is God o
    well to see if i can win perfume
    1 .you have one sis meal is jollof one na ur best
    3. Don p's name na Bolatito
    oya oya moby my perfume nw nw
    congrats dear, your baddass funny and happy post are interesting to read

  8. Yayyyyy its 365 days already!!!
    Happy blogversary mobylizerzzzzz!
    N to Moby *clears throat*.. hmmmm.... I know I luv u...
    I wish u all d best in ur endeavours....

    Cnt rem d first day I saw u thou buh I guess u were dere d whole time.... u taught me how to face my fears more, n I love u everyday for dat, I got to know d craziest side of friendship with u.... I may not b around all d time buh uve gained a special place in my heart dt can't b replaced...... I remeDecember d letter u wrote to me on our last day in d hostel (still safely kept told u I was goina show u wen we grow old... lol... BGG) tears just came from nowhere n from den on, I just cldnt stay angry at u for too long (but no try me o). I just love u like dat...
    As ur blog hits its first year today I wish u all d bes.... May d blog take u places (plus our Dubai trip) lol... which u neva imagined n I know u cn do it...
    Ure one of d strongest women I know n I know ure a goal getter.
    May God crown all ur efforts with success

    I cld go on and on and on but don't lemme bore our ever tantalizing mobylizersss

    N d answer to d question for d giveaway.... hmmm u know I know dem buh make anoda person chop am...

    N to all d everrrr reaaaddyyy mobylizers.... thank u all of for moving our ministry may we all our dreams and aspirations come true... Amen

    Don pilichilly AKA Don spigherriiii I Cc uuuu
    P.S.... I lurvvvvv d video

    Make I sharply run go back to work before my oga catch me *runs away*

    Please ignore any typos o na work I dey wey I type all dis epistle.... thanks for your time... Mwahhhhh

    1. Join the kweee we wee not give u pafum. Let me go and do expo sturvs too o.

  9. Replies
    1. He haff do expo sturvs and come back. is a lie. join the kweee

  10. I'm vexed.I tried to comment on yesterday's post so as to ask for past questions on things to know about moby but network was being a biaatch,since I have a reasonable excuse for nt having the answers to the questions can I answer my own after u announce the winner so I can copy and paste and then in the niceness of ur heart u provide me with my own special prize?

    Yaaaaay! Our blog is one year old, I'm so happy for u sis. As stressful as blogging can be(m speaking for myself) u still made it to one year....pls get a scarf, get on ur kneels close ur eyes and let me pray for u.
    Baba ni oruko Jesu
    Lord we worship you for this special day the 4th of June receive our thanks and praises (moby close your eyes we are praying)
    We ask that u continue to take this very special blog to greater heights in jesus name
    We pray you grant moby the strength to continue to post and we the mobylizers strength to continue to read and comment in jesus name
    Lord, writer's block shall be far from moby in jesus name
    Lord, u will give moby plenty money in good health to take care of Iya dayo in Jesus name
    I ask that don p and moby will get married on time in jesus name and I ask that you touch her heart so she'll make me a part of her bridal train in jesus name
    Lord when next year comes we shall have cause to glorify your holy name.
    In jesus name we have prayed. AMEN

    We pray

    1. Oooooossssshhheeeeyy Pastor Baby mi be scabashing now A days oh... Issorait... A loud Amen to all the gbo gbo Turn up... Mehnnn Moby ehnnn... This prayer reach to win the perfume biko **winks... but wait oh... shey be there is an after parry ni... we gats to Turn UP in real Life oh... Please Moby... Let's have a Mobylizers ParrY... please.... you guys are too ghen ghen like that... Please Moby.. Please Don P... let's haf a Mobylizers paRRy... bikonu...

  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I must win o. You have two sisters (you did makeup for one), Tito and jollof rice from owanbe party. I gerrit yea yea i gerrit yea yea.
    Happy anniversary dear Moby. Modupe has said all the prayers on our behalf. Thanks for gracing our fones and computer with your humour. We love you

  12. Congrats ve two sister's dia name is dayo n lola your favourite food is jollof rice n don p's name is Bolatito

  13. Congrats moby. ..ur favourite food is party jollof rice n u ve 2 sister's dia name is lola n dayo don p's name is bolatito

  14. Congrats moby. ...your favourite food is party jollof rice n u ve 2 sister's dia name is lola n d

    ayo don p's name is Bolatito. Hapi Anniversary dear.

  15. Congrats Moby,wow,its a year already,just like yesterday!d nysc post was d first post I read then,you see d first day day I stumbled on ur blog,I tot it was one of my sisters whi started bloggin annonymously,you knw why,we are also 3girls,also trained by my nononsense mum who is also Iya Dayo. My prayer for you today is that evry of ur hearts' desires shall come to pass in every aspect of your life,you r goin places babes,infact you've nt started. Let me see if can answer those questions

    1. You have 2 sisters
    2. Your fav food is party jollof rice
    3. Don P's name is Shokunbi Bolatito Charles

  16. Moby toh gbasky, Moby to Splufik, Moby toh wah chocolatey, Moby toh make sense, Moby toh n gbasi fun mi. Moby aya Tito... Don P olowo ori Moby ale *nobody..

    Happy Blogversary to us... OluwaMoby, May God strengthen u, May purging nefa catch Moby again (nee down na), May Don P propose before the end of this year, May i eat Moby's wedding rice soon IJN, May she never have any cause to stop blogging, May winches and aje's never cause separation between Moby and we Mobylizer's loruko Jesu.. Oya samin adura... *come an pay owo adura o'

    I LOVE U MOBY.... Tito, U rock.... Mwwwwwuuuaaah to both of U...

    As per d quensan,,,
    U have two sisters
    U luff jollof rice
    Leboo's name is Shokunbi Oluwatito Charles.

    1. Hehehhehehehehehehhe This Comment just made my Day... a loud Amen oh.. we must to Turn up at the wedding... we must to chop the wedding rice eh... inshort biko let's start a hashtag... #MobyDonP20....

    2. Duru lets make it #MobyDonP2016.... Na early 2016 e must be sef.... Duru, chop knuckles o jere.... OluwaMoby.... Kisses to u... Don P... HighFive..

  17. Love the new look
    Congrats,long live DOALDQ

  18. Love live Moby, long live the queen, long live the drama queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Happy blogversary!! Wishing you success in all you do. May the Lord continue to give you the strength and encouragement to keep churning out more posts. Love you and your blog!

  20. Hello and congrats to you, keep doing what you do, and best wishes!

  21. Happy Blogversary Moby!! wishing you many more fulfilling blogging years ahead. That video got me all mushy mushy...... Looks like you all had so much fun making it. I equally enjoyed watching it.....

  22. Wow happy happy blogversary.. Receive grace for more inspiration.

  23. Guess am late to the party.... Congrat Moby

  24. Oh my, just saw the video after what seemed like ages, no thanx to my network, do I like the video?? Hell No, I loves it, *screaming* I love Diekola so much that I don't think I would be able to sleep if I don't see her this night, I say a very big thank you to her for being our very own Moby's sister, see the voice lasan, i'm just melting like Ice cream ni...I almost cried @ a point o *wipes tears*, the video is so effortlessly beautiful, everyone looking so good, I sight Don p on 4D, just can't wait to be one of his groom's men on the d day, Elawstic baba, nah U gangan be singer jare...Dear moby, You rock is all that comes to mind, as in big time, can't wait to hang out with u again o...Happy one year Blogoversary Mobylizers, Let's do this again in *Don p's* voice...D.O.A.L.D.Q is da bomb!

  25. TeamMobylizer all the way, Congrats to all beautiful souls in dis vid, u'guys rocks.

  26. Moby my royal blog "mentor"----make ya head swell.

    Happy Blogversary...More ink to your lovely fingers (hehehehe)...proud of you dear (mmwah).

    Answers...I don't know who don is..m new hia..u have 2 big sisters and u like party jollof rice best.

    I want all 3 cologne. Thank you

  27. I carry last on this give away. Happy blogversary moby. the sky is the beginning for you. keep it up dear

  28. see my life outside! why should i miss this important post.i love perfumes sha.chai lets rewind and do it again

    happy Blogversary,more pageviews,more adverts to come in this new year

  29. you have funny characters here,i had to come back to read all the comments

  30. Eyahhhh, Happy Blogversary Aunty Moby, Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Loved the video, you too Much!!

  31. A big congratulations...not easy to give up one's precious time and all effort for blogging....cheers

  32. This one don pass high school musical. hahaha. The happiness in this video is so infectious. Congrats on your bloganiversary. Btw, you've got an amazing voice. Regards to the boo


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