Thursday, 11 June 2015


*ehn ehn its rant time... 

yes o its rant time....
watchu say its rant time....

*Covers face*
Is there a way I can put up a song in my Rant posts so as to stop embarrassing myself each time I try to compose an intro? 

Just imagine an hip pop beat *du du pa papa du pa* and then input the above lyrics *jumping*. I am good mehn...shiii.

I hope everyone is having a fulfilling week cos I am. This week is fast kai. Mehn like play like play we all are getting older. Can't I just be young forever? Is anyone scared of getting old? I am *covers face*. It is well sha...

 So last week, I got this mail from a Mobylizer and mehn this uncle is venting big time and I would be lying if I said I don't understand where he is coming from. Here is Mr. Victor's rant.

This is one of the reasons why Nigeria will remain stagnant,I beg your pardon.I know we are still wallowing in ethnic and religious bigotry,but one of the fundamental human rights is freedom of worship okwaya? 

Its no longer much of a news that one Chukwuma Austin Dike, a corps member serving in Benue state, has converted to muslim. Doesn't he have his right to worship? 

Most online news website has cited the fact that he is an "Igbo", does it matter where he comes from? People (I bet Christians) have been pouring insults and abusive words on him and his decision...*O di kwa egwu ooooo*..Aren't there Muslims who have converted to Christianity? Aren't there Northerners who are Christians? What if Chukwuma Austin was not really a Christian, what if he has always been a Muslim at heart? He could be one of many Nigerians who doesn't have a religion. I am not talking about the religion he converted to but what am saying here is that Nigerians, Igbos, Christians should respect his decision and not insult him.

I guess a lot of people will be confused by the story, seeing not everyone listens, reads, or watches the news (even me sef *covers face*. Thanks to Miss Petite Nigeria, Bolateethole and Linda Ikeji) but let me narrate the story of Mr. Chukwuma Austin Dike.

Mr. Dike is a corp member currently serving in Benue state. He made a vow during the past elections that he would switch from Christianity to Islam if General Muhammadu Buhari wins the March 28 presidential election. Buhari won and was sworn in on Friday, May 29, 2015 as President.
In fulfillment of his vow, Mr. Dike went to the Mosque in and his conversion to Islam was finalized.

Now this made the news because one, he was IGBO as cited by the ranter and secondly because of his reason for converting. This ranter is angry because he feels everyone is making it a big deal due to Mr. Dike's tribe.

What's your thought on this?

I feel, personally, every man has the right to choose whatever religion he wants... Christianity or Muslim, irrespective of tribe. No one should criticize or mock anyone for decision made by them as long as it wasn't made under duress or coercion. I feel Mr. Dike's reason for converting is stupid but then we all should note that he is a grown man and he decides what he wants and he would bear the consequences (if ever there is one). So please no one should curse or insult anyone for decisions made by them.

My own one piece.

I would love to read your view on this. You can leave a comment in the comment section or just send it to my mail if you have more to say.

Thank you Victor *winks*.

I see y'all...



  1. am a christain and conversion is not bad but the reason he converted does not make sense, is he going to worship GMB or God????nawa o

  2. ROMANS 8 verse 35 .
    WHO SHALL SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF CHRIST ? shall tribulation , or distress , or persecution , or farmine , or nakedness , or peril , or Sword ? . If u ar real child of God & u knw d truth , & dat truth , is living in u ? i believe u will surely understand dis . WHO . AND WHAT . SHALL SEPARATE US ?

  3. May Allah bestow his mercies on the last of the prophets, for he once mentioned that no one is capable of knowing his stand till after his death.

  4. I’m poud to b a christian. Oburu na m echezo gi Dinwenum ka ire m tapado na agba m

  5. If he was been majorly criticised cos of d PMB thing,wouldnt ve taken him serious but de way peeps were taking it serious cos of his tribe hit me seriously...moby hope u fully fit mami?happy weekend in advance

  6. He said he changed because Buhari won. My question is if a Christian wins the next election will he change again?
    Some act are stupid and this is. You don't put your believe base on a bet or what you trying to prove.
    I just pray he know what he is doing

  7. We shall all answer to God..the truth is we might not really type down what we really feel towards this situation but can only say may God help us all

  8. Don't we have enough issues in this country already

  9. Some people aare just naturally idiots. So when the world comes to an end, what will you tell ur maker? Idiots in sheep's clothing. Abeg ranter go and rant about sometin else. Ibo or no ibo, he is just a thief and he is looking for political appointment. Typical of an ibo man. I dont want to get angry so I will just ignore.rubbish. Tola

  10. I don't even know how best to laugh. He is free to practice any religion he wants jare. His reason doesn't make sense sha. His reason is evidence that he was never a Christian in the first place. So what if Buhari converts to Christianity tomorrow, he will become a Christian again? Please, teach me how best to laugh, abeg.

    The Devil's Agenda for the Church

  11. It's not the conversion, it's d reason for his conversion that's lame and stupid, he obviously has selfish motives but it's his business afterall!

  12. I am a muslim and i can categorically tell you that all this is but a publicity stunt. Your religion is your business and so shouldn't be on all social media. I pray Allah helps him in his journey.

  13. Unto each one his own. It is not my business....


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