Tuesday, 2 June 2015





Please whats the "tushest" sound to make when purging??

Sorry for the late weekend download... Moby ain't feeling too good..*sad face*... You all know purging is my malaria and It has struck again....*I don taya*... I had so much fun over the weekend and I got the result..*rolls eyes*...The doctor said I got food poisoning but I'm good now...(I should have stuck to my Nigerian food jeje).. To all my colleagues that couldn't eat or sleep because Moby didn't come to work *covers face*, I love you too...*hugs+kisses*.... To everyone that called, sent messages, prayed,...God bless you plenty... just yesterday alone I had plenty missed calls from people...But on a normal day, no one calls me o...(kai evullll pipu mmssteeww)....But Thank you all sha...LOL...I sincerely appreciate the luv....Ya'll rock!!!

Anyway, I am presently very uncomfortable as I type this post.....my stomach hurts and my entire butt is on fire...feels like someone put pepper in it *sorry to disgust y'all....there's no better way to explain how I am feeling*..... but the show must go on abi...YES!

So on Friday, the youth in my church organised a beach outing and mehn was it fun!!!..... I promise when its time for the next outing, ama invite everyone one of you. I am not going to say so much....the pictures would speak for themselves..

Shout out to Pelumi for taking these amazing pictures and having the patience to edit and  send to everyone. God bless you papi.

On Saturday, I went for my 'Battle of the hairlistas' rehearsal and they put me in the MVP group... the most amazing team. I have 4 beautiful ladies in my group and one thing I kept saying was 'lets all just have fun..  win or lose I am happy I'm here'. These are the pictures I was able to take...*smiles*

So I got back home on Saturday and I started feeling sick and that's when I knew I needed to chill.....Next thing was "hhhmmpphh" "aaarrrggghhh"...and I became the general overseer of my toilet..

Thank God I'm fine now...

To everyone that made my weekend awesome,  thank you so much.

Ehn ehn, some people have been sending in pictures....pictures of their fine faces without any writing. Well its okay but I wanted a picture of everyone congratulating Mobylizers. Here is an example.
If you sent in pictures of yourself,  its alright. ..but if you want to do otherwise (as in write something on it)...then please let me know. Don't forget the hashtag is #mobylizer on any social media....or just send to me directly moby.amusu@gmail.com.

Thank you all so much....

*clears throat*....People oooo....I have not been able to do comedy o. That thing ain't easy.... Someone should help me with any akpos jokes o abeg....abegiiiiii....LOL...or should I just ask "why did the chicken cross the road" then I give the answer and we all laugh???...LOL....

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Mi love y'all to pieces *mwaahhh*



  1. Chai Moby, from the bottom of my heart, I say sorry, I know how u feel and it's not a joking stuvvs @all, Pele, sogbo??? All this events that we don't get to attend with u ehn, there is anger o, to think that I dreamt of the beach sef...don't think too much about any comedy, u gan sef, u're comedy on ur own.

  2. You had a fun filled weekend. Unlike me not even a single invite hmmm embarking on a dry fast asap. Lol. I saw something on Instagram yesterday "falling in love is good but finding a toilet when you have diarrhea is better" rotfl. So I can imagine how you felt.


  3. Moby. Take good care of urself o. Get well soon dear. Nice pictures, y'all looked good

  4. Eeya, sowie dear, just take of you , well you had an awesome weekend and that dress looks good on you.

  5. Eeya, sowie dear, just take of you , well you had an awesome weekend and that dress looks good on you.

  6. Lovely Photos...Get well mamacita...e-hugs

  7. is that tito in the yellow shorts? wow! he really does look good now ooo and huge too hmmmn moby hang on tight oo #pryingeyes #readyto snatch

  8. You had fun without me and u ve seen d consequences..mami dont mind me..just my jealous part..catarrh and cough "spoilt" my weekend..drama queen is still advertising my handsome face *in obama's voice*i feel honoured..*shinning my teeth as if i am doing a close up advert..2 more days mami..like Omogbolahan sodiq said you re comedy on ur own..

  9. That dress and d makeup is what I love about you dear.looking good.you and this purgin all d time.be easy on the things you eat dear.sorry

  10. Looks like you had so much fun. Lucky you

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  12. Looking lik ama b at thr evet today.see u there

  13. You had so much fun without us. There is god o bolaji.


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