Monday, 29 June 2015


How are the Mobylizers?..

Wait ooo...please who did this maths:...Monday - Friday is 5 days!!!.....why would Friday - Monday be 3 days??? Ehn!...*fuming + rolling eyes*

Can't Monday just be a a "Sunmonday" we can rest well...especially people like me that always have  go out all through the weekend so that you all can have an interesting weekend download. Kai...My enemies have suffered ooo.... All I can think of now is Sleep. I want to sleep oooo *wailing*

 Anyways how was your weekend? 
Aswear my weekend was sweeter than yours…*shines teeth*.... I rocked the whole of Lagos ehn. ...just so you can have an interesting read today.

So on Thursday Boo called and asked if I was interested in paint balling on Saturday with his friends. ... It didn't sound like a bad idea at the time so I agreed....(little did I know)..

Saturday came and I didn't have what to wear...(or so I thought...*rolls eyes *) so I picked up this old pair of jeans of mine and decided to borrow you guys some part of it… LOL... I took out the entire thigh area... and I rocked it....Yep... I rocked it well...haha. Here's what it lookes like...*covers face*
covers face.....hehe

I have to include a selfie picture na...hehe

Now let me just say this... Paint balling is scary... even the rules and regulations of the game are enough to scare if the ball should hit your eyes, teeth or balls,  that's bye bye to it o...And the way the instructor was talking sef...*long hiss*...He was just scaring everybody...Like we were going into a real war.. I just had to gather courage to play so people don't think I have no balls to go with my drama....*sighs*.... 
Tito was on the opposing team and  there was no love on the battle ground oooo.

This was what the field and the soldiers looked like...

Soldier Moby

My team
Tito's team
No love lost

When the alarm sounded to start the game, I almost peed in my pants. The way everyone ran for safety and started shooting, I was just shaking... I was almost praying to God to forgive all my sins... then someone shot me (which I'm sure was Tito) and I was out of the game. Their team won that round though.. *whatever*....The main rule was to guard your flag and try to get your opponents own. If someone from the opposing team gets to your flag and picks it, your team looses.

The second round was much better, I already had some experience and I went out gun blazing mhen...I shot a few people but again Tito got me...*rolls eyes*....but my team won though...The third round was even better, I didn't get shot *warrior mode*...and I shot a lot...then I saw one big banana looking opponent and I knew it was Tito... 
Immediately, I took my aim and started firing...but mhen that guy was sleek, I don't know how I didn't hit him, he shot at me too but I survived, anyway, he got to our flag and his team won..*mssttteeewww*

During the game, someone decided to shoot me in the thigh and that spot has been swollen and red since....*crying*.. I doubt I would ever be paint balling again.... 
Leboo thinks its fun...I think its not so much fun...its scary. Not to discourage anyone might like it..but I DON'T...*folds arms + straight face*

 After paint balling, we went to visit a friend of ours that just gave birth to a bouncing beautiful baby girl....It was the naming ceremony of their new born. I was going to claim her to be my god daughter but I know Leah won't want that...LOL.... I have too many god children already.....*grins*.... Mehn its not easy giving birth o... See my sexy friend, Dupe, looking big with big stomach...kai. May God help us all.

On Sunday, the youth in my church had a Praise concert and mehnnnnn was it a praise concert.... It was plenty fun...I had fun. I danced... I sang and God's name was glorified....There were performances by different artist, crews, comedians, and leboo was the Mc....So you can imagine the fun..... The only thing was, I couldn't drink Coke cos I am seriously watching my weight at the moment..*sad face*... Hahaha but really how can one person have so much fun in 2 days?... hehe
Everyone was rocking Moby's ankara accessories... I like
After the whole stress,  Leboo and I just decided to Nkwobi and Orijin the rest of the night....And that was the icing on the beautiful cake that was the weekend... If I keep taking nkwobi at this rate, I doubt you all will recognize me after a while....LOL

Oya tell me, was your weekend as fab as mine? If you had more fun, then next week I will purposely go to Sambisa to bring back our girls... then your weekend won't be as fun...*straight face*

Y'all should have an amazing week ahead...

Mobylizers rock...and Moby loves the mobylizers...

Be blessed



  1. You really had fun. I wish I had such fun during the weekend. (sadface). As for the jeans, I will tell mummy for you.. Have a resultful week you all..

  2. Lt. Colonel Amusu Mobolaji and Major Gen. Bolatito(i salute)...mehn dat jeans crazy pass foreign made jor..and u totally rocked it...u had a fab weekend..mine was owkay..hung out with some friends and went to d stadium to watch my team destroy sunshine fc...yaaaa..Jah Bless u Moby

  3. moby, u had such an eventful weekend, d last time i took Nwkobi was last year, am craving it like seriously now

  4. Wow! **Cleans sweat.. Meeehnnnn... Eezzz not a joking sturvzz oh! Bia do you rest at all you this fine someboRRy... Ya own is just to be waka wakaINg the entire Lagos.. heheheheh Nice one Bubba.. ayam glad you had madt fun.. Didnt know this ish had a center in Lagos eh... See y'all looking all Military minded and shi..iLikey.. but Holll onnn!! holl on!!!! What are the Bulets made of?! Actual paint.. or a ball?! And does the shi hurt?! Oh well.. i am so trying this ASAP (Once someboRRy agrees to go with me shaa).. Biko jam-i-si.. Give us address and Deetz.. In other news.. Did you drink Candle water mixed with Cannabis?! heheh orrrr Is was it just rag day?! All though the Thighs look extra beauRRifull sha.. You still like Quarrel pass fight... **Winks.. that Jean is just cray Cray nah.. hehehe kai Moby you ehn.. I only wonder how that ya head works eh.. lmao! You went and be causing confusion with ya fine sef all over Lagos ba.. **Deep sigh... weTrip..

    That being said... The selfie is mega on point.. You look like an iFellFromTheSky candidate.. Oshey! Angel SomeboRRy.. heheh Cheers Bubba to a fulfilling week ahead.. and the crowd goes.. Oooosshhheey Turn uP... Ghen Ghen Regards to all Mobylizers.. :)

  5. You really had fun...*nothappy* mine was basically just dere nothing really exicting happened

  6. You really had much fun*amangry* lol.. Mine was just there...nothing really exicying or out of of the ordinary happened

  7. wow!see groove sha. nicely done

  8. I am jelox o how can only u waka n go and have fun.not cool

  9. Hey, i saw you guys oo, i think, but this your leboo can like to be hot sha! He has stole my heart away.Im soo in love with him #jealous much. Moby dont leave me and him alone o, i wee get belle instantly. But you got a nice one here mhen. Ps:incase you want to change ya mind please holla at me 1st. Welldone guys

  10. Hey! Thats Tito. Wait Tito is your leboo OMG! That was my crush of life, till forever. Tell hm-im Dorris from cu OMG!

  11. Moby where is the remaining part of that jeans biko? Iya Dayo said i should tell you not to coem home without it o
    Come the way you this geh yaa having fun are you sure i won't move in with you?

  12. Paint balling seems like something I would love o. When it comes to games, I can be very competitive.

    My Baffling Instagram Relationship

  13. Oya, oya, oya post the paint balling place o. You are not a military gal that is why you didn't like it. Please let us military babes and guys know the venue o. I dey beg o...

  14. Wow, paint balling is something I would wanna try o, looks like much fun, why don't u like it nah? Ur home made distressed jeans tho' I leave u to Iya Dayo, lol, U and Leboo sha like to be having fun together all the time, Issokay nah. I want the ankara bow tie too!


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