Tuesday, 23 June 2015


*clears throat*
*grabs mic*

( Mind you...You don't want to hear me sing now...I have a cold + a husky voice  so let me just show my skills on the blog where you can only 'see' me sing...LOL)
                                 *guitar tuned*
*g-sharp.... *


Yea yea its weekend download ...yea what did I say?.....its weekend download..baybay..... 

*instrumental*..du du pa papa du pa...yea...du du pa papa du pa.

Yea.......Shii... *gbaaa*

*takes a bow*

Hello mi lovies. Whatagwan...???

How was your weekend? Well I was to have a rather boring + a 'sleep-full'.... weekend but I was rescued by Leboo... He decided to pity me so he offered to take me to a wedding he was to Mc..and Yes!...I said Yes!...*big grin*.... I'm kinda proud of him. He gets better each time. Thumbs up bro....*hugs*

Rewind a bit to Friday.....It was just there. Got back from work, chilled a bit with some friends and then off to church for a vigil....It was power packed, mind blowing, prayer answering, prophesy proclaming.....It was awesome...and Yes I prayed for you...*wink*

After the vigil, in the early hours of Saturday, I didn't want to stand up from my bed but then it was either I remained on the bed and dull all day and not have an interesting weekend download or I follow leboo for his wedding.... Not his wedding o!!!.....his wedding...*raises eyebrow*.... I just said the same thing shey? Well you get the point...

Anyway, I was still getting ready (doing my make up) and leboo was still dragging his feet around the house (supposedly waiting for me) when the bride called to say she was almost at the reception. We literally flew to the venue and  It was raining cats and dogs and monkeys... and everywhere was flooded. I was just praying for the car cos she had to swim...We sha made it there in one piece and even before most of the guests and the couple too..*rolls eyes*

It was an ibo wedding and it was amazing..(Contrary to what many believe).... The decor, the crowd and the food, everything was on point. Here's what I looked like.

Motunrayo Raheem... She is a celeb o...me sef celebs ( times 2 ). ...hehe
I even forgot to wear any jewelry....

My tummy game is messing ma game up at the moment mehn... shiii *British accent activated *. 
I don taya o. I think I ate too much at this wedding. Trust you won't be seeing them in my next pictures. Hehe.

I noticed one thing about this couple...well the bride...she seemed like a mini-bridezilla...She hardly even smiled at the begining of the event....(Well, I later found out she was angry over many things...the cake arrived late, her wedding gown tore, the flood delayed most of her guests etc). One time, Tito asked her to  kiss her husband and she did as if she didn't hear...she actually said she wasn't going to...(Almost like there was no connection between them).. so I tapped a friend of mine I met at the event (she was on the train) to go tell her to kiss him, only for my friend to come back and say she said she wasn't going to kiss him cos he took alcohol.... Really? ....Well...that might be a good enough reason for her but I just felt she was already under the pressure of the whole wedding.....Anyways...shortly after...she was smiling, laughing and dancing (she even pop'd her butt for her man)...Trust Tito to make any dull gathering come to life....LOL

Anyways, one of the highlights of the wedding was that I saw an old friend of mine and we were just catching up on old times....pretty cool.

Sunday was the grand finale of the prayer conference...and it was colorful...the praise worship was out of this world and I felt Gods spirit fill the entire auditorium. I feel really blessed and I know that my prayers have been answered. May God answer all our prayers...Amen!...After church, all I wanted to do was sleep.... I got home and sleep did I sleep. Hehehe.....I'm good in bed like that...*wink*

I woke up craving nkwobi and Orijin like a crazy pregnant woman... This is what nkwobi looks like...for the ajebutters in the house
Yummy... I want more..*sad face *Source
So I called my partner in crime, Tito, and we nkwobi-ed and Orijined away... I love my life mehn. If you have never tried nkwobi in your life, you belong to another planet...really.

 Guess who asked for cutlery to eat nkwobi? Yes he did *smh*... The waiter just laughed at him and said 'Oga you no go enjoy this thing with fork o...use your hand hin better'. Haha. Forming tush in a hut house...taaa.

Anyways how was your own weekend? Who went for the Makeup in the City event? I wanted to go o but this woman needed to rest....*sad face*

Oya gist me now....

I'm waiting...oya



    you look awesome

    1. awwwww...... Buiti thinks my hair is fine... na God do am for me *covers face*

  2. The nkwobi is looking tasty. and you say you wont have big stomach. gerarahere men. *smile

    1. it is very very tasty... I might have another this weekend. To think I am seriously watching my weight....kai there is God o. Gerara here you too...shiiiiii

  3. Mobyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please i want nkwobi too.... take me with you next time o

    1. Estherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is back.....omgggggggg Oya come and take jor...hehe

  4. Great photos and looks like a fun event. Best wishes!

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  6. Moby can like to fine for Africa sha...i'm guessing the bride was having wedding fever but the groom sef no try o, he couldn't stay one morning without alcohol?? That's bad...hope u specially mentioned my name @ d prayer conference o???

  7. Replies
    1. My bf needs to see and learn how we can spend 200 naira on a date....every guy should see it... Thanks Favour

  8. You look amazing moby..... That groom sef, alcohol on your wedding day when you know your bride doesn't like it...hmmm

  9. Kai, I envy your weekends.
    I always have boring weekends.
    That nkwobi sha.....


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