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Hello guys…

My name is Mobolaji and I am a Coke addict..


Hol up…hol up…hol up

I don’t mean cocaine addict o… I meant Coke… like Coca Cola. I crave coke all the time and it has gotten to the point where it affects my mood when I don’t take it. I get really sad and quiet without any energy to play. I need to stop drinking Coke. I know I have to but can I just be taking a bottle cover daily *sad face*.
Enough about me…
I want to apologize to everyone for my ‘late moderating of comment’ attitude . It is not easy being a blogger in Nigeria. If NEPA is not working against you, your service provider would. I am sorry for posting comments late. You will not believe who sent me a message at 6 a.m for not posting his comment *covers face*. Thank you all so much for being understanding.

We have a sister in need and she trusts us enough to help her.  *Note to sister* I hope we would be able to give you the best advice…but also note some people can be very very blunt so just be patient and understanding. Thanks for trusting us once again.

To everyone reading this and is going through issues worth sharing, be it relationship, physical, sexual (I can handle that too… trust me *winks*), your secret is safe with me and you remain anonymous on the blog when you drop your issues… We are here to serve you. Also Ignore my dramatic part…when its Dear Moby, I become really really serious *straight face*.

So here we go..

I have recently started going out with a man who I am very happy with. We are so good together which is something I’ve not had in a long time. My best friend introduced him to me and from the day I agreed to date him, it has been heaven on it. I have even gotten to the meet-my-family stage and his mum adores me (which is weird cos I do not get along with parent). Yesterday I realized I had not spoken to my friend since last week (we talk all the time so a week is a very long time not to have spoken to her). Let me also add that I noticed her countenance changed from the minute I told her I met the parent. So I called her and she confessed to me that she is very sad and she went ahead telling me that my boyfriend is her ex boyfriend.  They dated when she was 20 and they were only together for a few months and have remained friends but, despite her now having a boyfriend of four years with whom she is extremely happy, she is angry that we are getting serious. She has told me she finds the situation so difficult she doesn't know if we can remain friends. I don't see the problem because it was so long ago and they have remained friends. She said she is going to completely cut contact with both of us. I lived with her for four years before we left university and we have been through a lot together. Now I am caught in the middle. I am not sure if this new relationship is worth the destruction of an old one. I am also angry with my boyfriend for not ever mentioning the relationship to me. It’s not fair that I have to be put in the middle of all this. I deserve better and I love him but I love my friend too. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be angry or sad. Help me Moby. I read all your dear Moby series and I know you can be of help. Thank you

As much as I want to just sit and read people’s comment, I would just say one thing. Maybe two things. Why is your friend sad? She did the hooking up, right? She is in a relationship, right? There is more to this story. I think you should corner your friend and ask her every possible questions. I don’t think you need to start choosing at this point. You need loads of maturity to handle this.
I would sit and let the elders handle this…But just take it easy.

Oya Mobylizers come o.. Ke de o…ke de o… 

We need your help.


  1. Errr....Sister in need, A wise man once said 20 friends wont play for 20 years. Usually for new relationships to build, old ones have to die out. But as Moby said, there might be more to the story, though I understand your friend feeling a lil bit jealous that things are working with you and him and couldnt work with her and him. If this guy is what you want, and you guys ae taking yourselves serious, the truly, the best thing to do is what your friend has initiated, cut contact totally. Otherwise, she would ruin both yours and her relationships. But again, find out if there is no other story apart from what you already know. As for your boyfriend, you cant be angry with him. He didnt tell you doesnt mean he lied..if it doesnt matter then he has no need to tell you but again, find out if he didnt tell you for other reasons...your friend would get to realize she and him werent meant to be, maybe after a while..the break. The summary of what im saying is..use your HEAD! now, not the heart yet!

  2. girls eh!!!! somefin similar happened to a friend sometime ago.... can we jus take some chill pills sometimes? i agree wif moby u shud ask further quesions. better safe than sorry and if the coast is clear please continue wif ur relatnship.. she shud deal wif her feeeling( even tho i know how she feels, its notlike she is not seeing someone newaiz)


  3. girls have issues jo. Why will u be angry ur ex is happy. evil ppeople everywhere

  4. Dear Sister in Need, I would advise u take a chill pill with ur friend... Let her be for a while and keep your relationship out of her sight... She would surely come to her senses, and if she doesn't, let her be... Even if she does come back to u, NEVER! I mean NEVER discuss anything about u and your guy with her anymore....

    If my friend isn't happy cos am in a relationship, then she's not worth being my friend, whether ex to my guy or not... Thank God she spoke her mind... As God don show u ur enemy so, my friend waka pass o...

    Moby to tush, Moby to set, Moby the coke-addictee (dis english correct so?), sufry with coke oo... Jo, oremi atata, am pleading o... Pls reduce the intake.... Much Love Dearie... Regards to Tito to jaye ju....

  5. Your dear friend is either jealous or still very much in love with the guy. She is taking it too far.. You also put your ears to the ground..

  6. You r a coke addict also...i knew it moby.I am an addict too and thats why I'm overweight.noooo

  7. Your friend still love him cos I see no reason why she will b sad....just take it easy and like Moby said I think there is more to this

  8. i agree with all lizzy said..and from a guy's perspective...not telling you anything about he and your friend does not mean he is hiding anything..he believes she must have giving you a low down of their relationship since she did the hook up....
    Moby swity please lemme meet you when you have taken a bottle of coke pls..thanks

  9. No matter what decision she makes, her relationship with her best friend will never remain the same again. If she decides to break it off with the guy, she will feel a bit of resentment towards her friend for making her sacrifice her relationship for her friendship.

    How to fight dirty in the Information Age

  10. Your friend still loves the guy. Not a fan of coke.

  11. Moby I am a Coke addict just like you, A day without coke is like I don't know.....

    Hmmmm, Her friend I believe is behaving like my baby in the house... She did the hookup so why on earth is she pissed cos her friend is in a serious relationship, abi is it her that made her lose the guy, she should work hard so the relationship with the current Bobo should work, cos all i see is jealousy with the story so far. Nne word of advice keep what's happening in your relationship to your self.

    Moby why the evils.... Why did u hide that perfume I Came to steal it, but I couldn't find it.

  12. I had to scroll up to read the story to be sure your friend did the introduction.
    My fellow bvs have said it all but I'll share my story.
    I was naive when I gained admission into predegree. I'm quite reserved if I chose to be so I didn't have friends for a while, after sometimes, B and I became friends and she introduced other friends of hers to me.
    Among them, S used to visit regularly and all, he started spending more time with me than B and I didn't see it as anything until B started acting strange. I asked her what the problem was and she wasn't forthcoming so I asked S and he said he knew her in Lagos years back and asked her out but she said no. He moved on and she did and now they met in school again but there was no feelings for her again.
    That's how my travails started. From best friends we became worse enemies. I was the boyfi snatcher, what was I not called in school?
    Well, we reconciled later. I went to apologise but my dear, even though we are still close, that dark cloud is still hanging over our heads.
    Whether you break up or not, things cannot be the same again so would you sacrifice your happiness for friendship that you're not sure of?

  13. Hmmmn! Amaka said it all . think deep before you make any decision. Women we are our own enemy, I wonder why she is jealous. After all she has her man already. I will advice you to sit your man to get a full grasp of the story.

  14. It's obvious that the friend is still in love with the ex. That's the only reason why she would still care about the two of you dating. I have been in a similar issue before. A guy who had been a friend for sometime asked me out and I didn't accept to date him but we were still friends. After months of getting me off his mind he coincidentally asked my friend out. She agreed and we all met one day in my area. She would always tell me things about him and her and I didn't feel sad in any way. They broke up months later and the next girl he dated was also my friend and she sees that the guy and me are friends and also knows he asked me out but the three or four of us never really had any problem. She still confided in me about her relationship. There was no drama or issues.


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