Friday, 24 July 2015


#Good morning to you...Its great to be alive...good morning to you from me M.O.B.Y

Yay!!! Its Friday.....The weekend is here!!!!..(Not the musician

So about my last post *clears throat* you will not believe who called to say congratulations.... My aunt!!.. My aunt called me o.Why is it a big deal?  Its a big deal cos I do not have any sort of relationship with her, like we don't communicate but yet she read my blog (meaning she's gonna see this) and she called to congratulate me...That's mega cool mehn shiii *hala*!!! *big smile*.. She thinks leboo is adorable..(I do too) and all your comments got her cracked up. Thanks guys. God bless you all.

 Today, I want to talk about my hair... I have still not given her a name cos she is still in the lag phase but very soon, you all shall come and do ikomo (naming ceremony)*wink*

I can categorically tell y'all my office people do not like my natural hair..*rolls eyes*....Only Dr. Dami likes it  and that's cos she is super cool..*hugs*.... She gave me sweet ogbono with plenty meat yesterday *covers face* that's super cool x2..... I don't even feel comfortable taking my natural hair to work and  that's not fair *sad face*. I remember at the interview for this job, I asked the interviewers if they had anything against natural hair and they said a big NO. Now the story has changed. Such evullllssss on an innocent me! *crying out loud*+ *singing* I WILL SURVIVE.

You remember the post of how the boss threatened to fire me  if I didn't come with a better style the next day (well he didn't say it like that o...) That wasn't cool though..*straight face*. You can read the post HERE.

I would write a few challenges I face in my day to day life over this my natural hair. I just don't get why people won't just let me be myself....*folds arms* + *duck face*

One time, I decided to do plenty plenty sen ren ren with my hair.... I spent over 20 minutes trying to make my spongy hair stay flat and fine which. I even wasted half a cup of my jack 5ive activator gel on the hair.... so in my mind I was feeling super cool and super fine. Immediately I stepped outside my house, the first comment I got from the 1st person I saw was "Ah Bolaji igba wo lo ma se irun e yi? Ko fine jor (ah Bolaji when are you going to make this your hair? It is not fine jor) "?
And then she did this... or I thought I saw her do this
 I wanted to faint.!..
I'm like 'I spent about a good 25 minutes styling this hair...noooo' ? The woman just had to cramp my style mehn.. 

Ok,so here are the challenges...

1. Can I touch your hair?
This is one question that i can never get tired of hearing. Usually comes in this order... Is your hair strong?  and then gbam... HAND IN HAIR.
 You see, I grew up in a strong spiritual house. Leboo even calls my mum a babalawo cos she has an  alternative therapy for everything..Like If you have a headache, she can just say "put your hand inside your anus and lick it and the headache would disappear".. LMAO (don't try this ooo...this one is just a joke ooo...LOL)... Things like that sha... 
As a child, my mum always warned us never to let anyone touch our head cos it is where our glory is stored. I grew up with that mentality and so I have a limited few that can touch my mane. But this my natural hair kinda attracts different hands to my head. I went for an event one day and someone just stopped me and said 'hey...can I touch your hair". And I was thinking to do I say "My mummy say that......." and then before I could even say ok, she was all up in my hair and going all ohhhhhh ahhhhh...

2. How Do You Comb Your Hair?

They often ask this question with a look of pity in their eyes like "eyaaaa, how do you cope with this suffering"? And all I want to do is
 so I try to explain that I only comb when it's wet or when I apply a conditioner and never ever when dry, unless I want to meet my maker and I don't comb everyday.  I'm human afterall...

Even though some of the reactions to my hair can be very very annoying, like one naive once asked "Is your boyfriend broke that he asked you to cut your hair?".. Really Bruh...really. I had to ask the holy spirit to gum my mouth and paralyze my hand before I did anything stupid... but then most of the time, the comments are actually positive and they make me go like 
And *in my 007 voice* I have succeeded in encouraging some people to go back to natural. For that alone, I tap myself on my back and give myself a kiss...... *takes a bow*Thank you very pictures please....hehe.
 Have you ever made a decision you felt so good about but everyone else thinks isn't  so smart? Well cutting my hair was one of the smartest things I did in 2014 regardless of the few initial objections (that have now become fans hee hee)

To all the 1st time commenters in the house, may God bless you abundantly and give you a jollof rice blessing not concoction rice...LOL ( yes I'm thinking party jollof rice right in made with fire wood ooo, not gas cooker...LOooooL).. I have a jollof party over the weekend... Yaaaaaay... 

Weekend already downloading... 1%

Thank you people

And I kick off the begining of a fabulous weekend...have a nice one guys



  1. What a delightful post, hope you have a lovely weekend of fun. Greetings!

  2. moby you're not serious. that miley cyrus picis epic. sorry that your hair is so nice and peeps want to touch it. and my mum is also a herbalist when it comes to alternative medicine. Tola

  3. Your hair is not even fine sef. I will just come and cut it now sef...tsshewww

    1. Haterrrrrrrrrrrsssss o... beef.
      @anon, Thanks jor *mwaah*

  4. heheheheheheheheheheh..... this post is so funny eh!!!!where u even da see all dese pics abi me self non know wetin be the name o.. buh they are hlarious.... i don't like carrying my natural hair oh... buh i admire people who di


  5. Lol. Very soon, everyone will fall in line, and leave you alone. They always do. Pele

    One more Blog Post

  6. dis geh ehen...... Funny post. How have you been?

    1. Hello boooo...ayam fine o...chilling in the corner you left me o

  7. Replies
    1. Nice... I no get team wherever I want to be ni o..haha

  8. am also on my natural hair, but i don't have much problem cos it has been naturally soft which we took from my mom..

    1. Come and give me your hair hair is hard like sponge but once I apply water and moisturise, it is super soft and nice to touch. What do you normally use?

    2. mami it depends on the hairstyle i make..if i want my hair to be a bit soft funny as it may sound, i wash my hair and make rubber thread and then carry it for a week then i loose it and make wateve i wanna hairdo neva exceeds a week or two..i hardly use much product on my hair

  9. Mehnnnn. I envy your dedication oooo. Me I'm sticking to my relaxed hair. The time and effort cringes me, and you went for the Salon day out??! I'm so jealous ooo. School life is blocking me ehn.

    1. hahaha....pele dear. For me sha I am not against any hait. As long as it works for you and you love it, sefini. Dont be jealous b only me waka go.... hehe. I'm sure when you're done with school, other things will take your time ..*winks*


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