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Hello mi lovies.
What's popping??
I have decided.... I am buying the 'How to make a baby' book for everyone that read and left a comment on the post *haha*. If you've not read the book, read it HERE.
So yesterday, I was reading a post on Atilola's blog and she was talking about the inner court of relationships. One thing that struck me was the part where she said be wise to watch how we let people into intimate areas of our lives. Don't just hand the keys to every tom, dick and harry you see in the outer court.

Hmnnnnn… You should read the post. Check it HERE

She said something that hit me and really got me thinking. She said “We meet a guy today, start tripping and even when the guy hasn't worked hard to gain our trust, we give our whole heart to the guy. When the guy walks out of our lives, or doesn't give us what we expect, we become so heartbroken." 

Then Tito came to mind. I know lots of us do not know this but I have known Leboo since 2009 *covers face*.

Let me share an embarrassing story with you guys. I know Tito would kill me for doing this. Tito I am sorry… *singing* Please forgive me…ta ta ta ta ta *chopping mouth*.

You see, I met Tito on a set of an advert shoot I was doing for Big Bamo of the Maintain group…you know that Kowonje guy na.. yes that’s him. He wanted to start a reality show and he wanted to do lots of promo and He asked me to be a model in it (I was still skinny then…but too short to even be a model). 
I met this other girl, Oyindamola, on set and we got talking. You would think we knew each other from Adam but I gel easily with people, shebi? *bats lashes*. Then Tito walked in and it so happened that he was her school papa in Uni (cliche yea?).
 Anyways there was lots of screaming and hugging and then he said Hi to me. Now note was never love-at-first-sight. It was indifference-at-first-sight. I said Hi, He said hello and they just totally ignored blanked me out *tufiakwa*. Tito was the director of the shoot..he was acting all professional and I was acting all buff too (I can’t be falling my hands na).

Bamo dropped me off after the shoot a
nd he started teasing Tito about liking me (Tito told me this part) and Tito rebuked and rejected it. Razz boy... he didn't know good thing then na.

We later met on a reality show called 'the Next Movie Star'. I was a contestant (i didn’t win o) and my friend, Oyinda, (Yes she was already a friend) was on the show too (she won..yipee) and Tito was a director on the show. I saw him at the audition and I just ignored the ugly boy. I had pride back in the day o...kai.

We started talking well after the show but it was just a brother-sister friendship...we were pretty cool already. So sometime in 2010, Tito came to my house with his best friend, Tunde, and everyone was gisting and chilling. I used to be very very playful ehn…trust me I know I’ve calmed down now. So I jokingly said (in my tiny voice) "Tito see my bombom is growing now o" and then I turned to show him the growing bombom.... Only for me to feel Tito's hands grabbing my ass. Chineke meeee... I wanted to die...Everytime I remember what I said next and I think that sealed the deal. I think ni o. I said "Tito, if it’s not because I really respect you, I would have slapped you". And I walked out.

Story to be continued in the future but you all can just imagine there was a long fight and someone traveled out and someone moved on and Ibadan happened.

You all have to pay me for the next gist haba...

What am I trying to say? It took me 4 years to eventually let Uncle Tito into my holy of holies (get your minds out of the gutter). Holy of holies means into my heart *carries face*

All in all, what is the reason for this post? We should consciously try to know the people worth being in our lives. We need to guard out heart as humans. Don't just let everyone in. Just as Ati said, we need to let people prove themselves before we take further steps. Some people are meant to be in our lives for a season and some forever. Let's save ourselves the regrets, disappointments and bitterness... Some people have no business being in our lives for more than 2 minutes but then we divulge too much info to them and then they leave. I used to be guilty of that, I confess.
We don't need to be harsh towards anyone...Just selective . Even Jesus had to pick the people he wanted to be close to him. Let’s all be wise in our decision making.
With these few points of mine, I think I've said enough. 
 Choose wisely.


  1. Chai... Moby will not kee somebori, see me shinning teeth in d office when am supposed to be sending mails and my oga is looking at me like 'is dis geh alright'....

    Seriously ehn, most people are guilty of this, mostly ladies, our affection no dey get control once we don fall in ruff with a guy... Me personally am guilty, even when am trying to control the reins, i still fuck up... Hmm.. Love matter sha..

    Moby pls finish the story, abeg. Else, Uncle Tito pls ehn if Moby refuse to finish it, u try an comprete it for us.. Ese sir...

    Moby, see my hands up... I opened, read, digest and commented on the 'how to make a baby' post... So am xperin moi book... Na u promise o, an u mus fulfil, else... i'll just kidnap u from Tito and give u to my own leboo..

    Nice weekend ahead darling.. Love u 2 d sky, moon, star and heaven (cos we would both make heaven)

    1. Oya call me so I can give you the gist. Mwahhhhhh

  2. The last paragraph did justice to it...mami i dont want de book oooo..see as u wan corrupt my unborn sweet kid ehhh!!!
    Oga Tito u re de real mvp..u sharp for europe i swear..mami pls finish d gist jor..mbuk..biko..have a nice weekend and i can wait to know how ur weekend was

  3. Lmao, this post got me rotfl really, Don p is one bad lucky guy *sigh*, moby come and finish d gist nah. Yeah, we all should really watch the people we let into our holy of holies *side eyes moby* clearly not every tom, dick and Harry is allowed there, a little caution here and there should do the trick. Expecting my book o.

    1. Hahahahha... Don P will finish the gist.. I will beg him to...*winks*

  4. On point post
    I mean some people are literally meant to be
    in our lives for a second sometimes n then
    Am liking this love story that you and Tito o

  5. Moby you and love sha.i love that you're taking risk really because being in a relationship is a can never know your partner's thought towards you and so you and leboo just inspire love and let go.please you guys have to get married o so you can just seal the deal.and have beautiful babes with lovely eyes and cute lips.leboo come hia o.don't break our moby's heart o seeing she has given u the key to her heart.

  6. Replies
    1. My padi of life... Oya don't tell anybody o...please

  7. Chae..i want to know the story. Tell us. Tola

  8. I know the story.leboo asked you out and you agreed. lmao

  9. Aww, I am so humbled that my post inspired your post. I have been guilty of taking people who never proved themselves at face value, and it wasn't pretty. I had no one but myself to blame o jare. Thanks very much for the reference.

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