Friday, 31 July 2015


Hello guys…

I just got this new lenovo laptop at work and mehn *no hating* I HATE IT. It is super annoying and stressful..or am I the one with the issue.. I know I am not so tech savvy but this system is driving me crazy jor...ahhh. But I shall use it.... a computer can't be so hard like that na...okay.

I have decided to reduce my coke intake. I hope no one is calculating how many times I've said that on the blog. God help me. Just this week, I've taken 6 50cl bottles of Coke... I know... i know..i will stop. Starting from today *sad face*.

Anyways, to everyone patronizing my girl for the cap I spoke about in my Monday Download…thank you all so much.I mean this o
I got a mail from an Opeyemi asking how to maintain a wig with so much waves like mine. Well for me, so far, I have been doing so well with this one. I like it cos its light weight, soft and hasn’t tangled yet. Trust me I’ve had my own fair share of winchy winchy wigs that would tangle almost immediately after getting it.
 For this one, I did a mix of water, coconut oil and leave in conditioner into my spray bottle I also use this for my natural hair. I use African Naturalistas Leave in conditioner…the smell and the feel on my hair is amazing,
 O’ naturals coconut oil (I got it from the Naturals in the city event I attended sometime in May)
and then Iya Dayo’s water…hehe
 I am not an expert when it comes to things like this but I know water is good for moisture and African Naturalista make good natural hair products.  You can check them out.
I hope this post is helpful.
And so I open the door to an amazing, fa-bu-lous weekend. I have owanbe jollof rice that is sure tomorrow..If you want to tag along, say
odoriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga. hehehe



  1. Happy new month in advance moby.

  2. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing and nice weekend!

  3. odoriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga. Hehehe. Have a fabulous weekend and don't overeat o.

  4. lol @ that laptop... it's making me laff here cos i remember the first laptop i was given when i resumed was horrible i almost cried eh.

  5. have a wonderful weekend too dearie..mine is gonna be fun

  6. Yaaaayyy, African Naturalistas got a mention. The products are really great, with new and improved formula. People should check all the products out at

  7. You've started your plenty English again abi? Kare lai

  8. Happy new month, lol moby am kidnapping the laptop ooo

  9. Happy new month dearie. And please cut down on your coke intake. If you know the amount of sugar content you taking in,you will stop immediately. Instead of coke, take ribeena


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