Thursday, 2 July 2015


My Nigerian people ewe so oooo

Griii gba gba...
Greatest Nigerian students o....

Mehn, I miss my Uni days... When you hear "of the greatest gba gba gbi gbi" then you know something is happening.
I am not razz *covers face* but if you attended my kind of college, I'm sure you'd turn out worse. Ask Tosyne and Gbolahan
Talking about Gbolahan, where is he o? Someone should get the popo or EFCC immediately to look for him...seeing everything in Naija is done by the police *covers face*

Now the rant for today is not my own rant. Rather it is my colleague's. But I am the reporter and the writer. He decided to give me another job *evulll*

So on my way to work yesterday, I saw some people dressed like clowns.. Really they looked like clowns. They stopped everyone on the street, cars entered shops and offices without a second thought, begging for money in their funny kpangolo (metal tin cans). Apparently it was their RAG DAY.
Well it wasn't a surprising sight cos I see these guys anytime of the year. Apparently, it was a particular school's rag day where these guys dress like Zombies... torn dresses, crazy hairstyles, wearing different colors of shoes and somethings I can't mention. I just smiled and walked on to the office. Little did I know that the sight of these people won't make some people I know smile. hehe... My colleague walks in and starts ranting like 
"Bj you should put this on your blog. What are those guys doing on the road constituting nuisance. (At this point, I think he places his hands on his head...I think ni o)" 
Then he continues."What's the idea behind what they are doing? Like seriously. You need to put this on your blog...I can't take this anymore (I included this part *covers face*)". 
I was about to say "Bruh calm down na...those guys are my niggas. They are just representing noni" but instead I just said "Oh I see why this looks strange to you. You went to a private school shebi?". And I continued working...or started pressing my phone... erhmmm I can't remember the next thing I did but I started doing something *scratches head*.

I understand his reason for ranting so much. You know all these butty children that will not let let us hear word because they are O.B.Os (omo baba olowos) a.k.a My father got too much money. So I decided to put up his rant today and let other O.B.Os in the building vent. But then I decided to research a little before saying anything. I mean Rag day can't be a Nigerian thing na shey?

I decided to first check the origin of the Rag day and I was surprised to see that the rag day started wayyy back... even before my mum was born. The Oxford English Dictionary states that the origin of the word "Rag" is from "An act of ragging; especially an extensive display of noisy and disorderly conduct, carried on in defiance of authority or discipline". These Rag collectors would Rag passers-by until they made a donation.

Alternatively, it is thought to be from the Victorian Era when students took time out of their studies to collect rags to clothe the poor. More surprisingly is that RAG stand for "Raise and Give", "Raise A Grand" or "Raising and Giving".
I didn't know
The first Rag was started at the University of Pretoria in 1925 of which during the parade, they build floats, they carry cans and ask the spectating public to make donations.
Early Raggers...Ragees..Ragist. Pick whichever you want..
But in Nigeria, Rag Day is usually part of the Student Union week when students, especially the newly-admitted ones, wear rags or dress in crazy manners and storm the streets in a bid to raise funds for charity. Its purpose is to help children in need of one thing or the other, particularly in the orphanage. The fund was also sent to hospitals to help the needy and the less priviledge. 
Over time, the concept of "rags" on Rag Day has come to mean not necessarily torn or dirty pieces of clothing but an outrageous combination of everyday clothes - so outrageous that the wearer, at first impression, would be rated as 100 percent mad and then the money made are used for personal keep. 
However, some private bodies that are not in school also do rag day for no cause.
Now my colleague has an issue with this cos he feels that people or students were constituting nuisance on the road for nothing. 
I decided to give you guys a little insight into what this rag day is about so you can understand better. 

So you gerrit?
Now what do you all think about RAG day? I never did it in school though cos shakara was too plenty. Well truth be told I don't think they do Rag day in Lagos State University sha. Dunno o.

But I want to read your thoughts. Do you support my colleage that RAG day is stupid cos I know it is tradition in some schools or is he just being a butty. 

Lemme go and sit down so I can raed your comments well.



  1. Well, i also do not like the sight and the Mentality behind it (these days). I didn't involve in it one day..

  2. Ur colleague truly is a far yomi rag day is normal in all nigeria schools

  3. it is rubbish.....i mean see the picture of the girl with her butt all over the place....what rag is that?..from Moby's research an info, its obvious what we have in naij is lunatic day.

  4. Uniben didn't allow Rag day but if they did, i wouldn't have worn rags sha
    But i think most people over do the whole rag day thing

  5. All my 6 years in Unilag, I never did rag day o, lol. I hardly even saw people doing it. I think many people who do it nowadays don't understand the tradition behind it. I also know the reason it has declined is because some idle youths feign being students, and go all around begging for money, especially in that Bariga area, so real students started staying away from it.

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  6. yomi shud take several seats jor.did they ask you for money? if yes,did u give them?if no then please take several seats mpkom

  7. Great job moby. well represented!. i still think the RAG day crap as represented here should stop. Really not useful. Good insight on the real reasons behind it though.

  8. Lmao, I think the act of gba gba gbi gbi is gradually becoming extinct in our school o, everyone be forming butty these days, ko easy mehn...growing up, I saw the rag day stuff as cool, but now that I am grown *side eyes everyone* I cannot fit to come and do that kind of thing o, i'm trying to imagine the look on my folk's face if they see me doing rag day, I can't do explanation jare, and I don't think my school does it sef. I can understand where yomi is coming from actually, students and non students sef have abused the stuff, u see them on the road almost everyday and it gets annoying, it should be like an annual stuff and I think it should be done with some form of organisation. I don't have anything against those who do it, so long they're cool with it, that lady flashing her butt tho, she's d real ragga!

    1. it had better not....I saw this coming...the gba gba is becoming extinct....noooooo *wailing*

  9. Hello Moby - so sorry I haven't visited your blog in ages. Hope you're good? We definitely have a lot to catch up on x

  10. if i hear say unn try rag day!!!!

    My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT. “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you will never grow up”.

    My mother taught me GENETICS. “You’re just like your father”.

    My mother taught me about my ROOTS. “Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?”

    My mother taught me WISDOM. “When you get to be my age, you’ll understand”.

    And my favourite: my mother taught me about JUSTICE. “One day you’ll have kids and I hope they turn out just like you!”

  11. The initial reason for Rag day is very accepable but I don't think that's the reason for Rag days thisdays,people just do it for the fun of it,I wonder why your colleague took it personal am sure some people liked it


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