Tuesday, 21 July 2015


*clears throat*
Infact I have to do more than clear throat for this one....hmmn hmmmmn *clears throat again*....

Don P has decided to complete the 'how we met story'....so who am I to talk plenty now?....
Oya oya oya!...let's read *washes face with pure water*.....


 Don P speaks:

Ok fellow Mobylizers....once again Moby has conered me into writing...like I practically didn't have a choice.Anyway, its a story I can never get tired of telling as it always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart..

Before I start, I have decided to use this post as my anniversary gift/note to my special lady and love of my world, Mobolaji (Moby) on our 2nd year as Boo and Bae..lol.

Moby, loving you has been one arduos task but at the same time refreshing, fulfilling, enligthening, lifting, soothing, comforting,et al. There were times when I was going through rough patches and the only thing that kept me going (after God) was the thought of you....Your hair...your smile...your eyes, your kiss, your warmth, your love (and other parts of your body *sensored*...)...You opened a new chapter in my life 2 years ago and 2 years after, it still feels like we just started on that page...I look forward to the forever .... You are awesome....you are my star...Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is and ask myself...is it her eyes? Her legs? Her butt? Her mien? Her gait? Her hardworking nature? Her spirituality?....I couldn't place it...then I realised it was a combination of all these in different portions carefully conjured by our Almighty Maker which resulted to one special God-sent angel....packaged specially and carefully with my name as its destination...I would never be able to show you how much I love you...even after I marry you, my actions, words, thoughts and even inactions would never be able to express the love I feel and have for you. Thank you for making me the most favored and the luckiest man. I love you.

Now back to the gist....errr she stopped at where I grabbed her butt yeah?....well yes...Guilty as charged! Anyway, after that day, we didn't see for a while...I travelled out of the country for my masters. When I returned, a friend called me and asked that I host his reality show 'Snap to Stardom', which I obliged. On getting to the venue...I walked in to welcome to contestants and lo and behold...Moby was one of them. I casually said hi and just went about my business. Now Moby didn't tell you the part when I made an advance towards her in 2009 during the next movie star show, but she decided to go with another colleague of mine. I still had that in mind so I didn't want to jump.

One time during the snap to stardom show, while we were shooting a video for magneto (a Nigerian rapper), Moby was lying on her back on a couch and I went to her and asked her to 'guess what I felt like doing to her' and she goes 'Don't even dare kiss me' (YES she is a jumper... be jumping into conclusions like)....and I was like ' who wants to kiss this one..I was just going to sit on your stomach'... and I just walked away.

Fast forward 2013, I had returned to do my Nysc, and after 3 weeks in Jos, I redeployed to Oyo, Ibadan. On one afternoon, (after cds ) I was on my way to lagos, still cladded in my khaki and crested vest. As I got to the bus park on Iwo road, I saw 2 hot babes on one bike and I was saying to myself 'See these fine babes on one bike, they couldn't even take separate ones...broke ass' and as I was still self-gisting, one of the girls smiles at me and calls out my name. Yep you guessed right It was Moby.
 Now, I didn't have enough money on me...so you could imagine how I almost entered the ground when she said she was also going to Lagos. I had enough money for just one person which was myself..But as a sure guy, I just locked up...I paid my fair and just bonned then she paid hers...(She still says she saw me as very stingy)...See me see wahala..must a guy always pay for everything? Kai. 
We exchanged numbers as she was going to alight before me but as she dropped, I felt like something left me...like I was already missing her...I just shook it off. Baddest guy move.

I started calling her, and inviting her to my place as we were both serving in Ibadan, but she kept posting me. Then one day, after about 3 months, she calls and says she wanted to come to my place for the weekend because one of her Ibadan boyfriends wasn't around. It felt like Obama called me to say he was coming...I immediately pimped my room up (with help from my friend, Tosin), bought provisions and food stuff and made it look like I had them long ago and not because she was coming. I remember the moment she got to my gate, I told myself 'I cannot date this girl...I'll just chop and clean mouth'. NOTE to everyone: Most guys have just one mission statement once they have a girl over... GET THE JOB DONE NOW OR NEVER. (You get my drift *winks*). 

Now..contrary to my expectation, Moby wasn't like that...She flat out declined every advance...and stuck to her guns that nothing was gonna happen. Being a gentleman, I respected her opinion and wejust gisted and slept....The next day (this was when Moby won me), she told me why she refused to let anything happen and it was from a spiritual perspective and I was shocked any girl could be so pious to that point.

I fell...deeply and madly in love with her....

It's been 2 wonderful years of having Moby as my partner, best friend and lover...

From 2009 when I first met her, I always invited her for my Christmas party and for 4 years she never came..but I kept on inviting even though we would fight after each decline....I kept on... and alas! In 2013, Moby attended my xmas party... Testimony time.

Its been a long read.. I know but  trust me...it is SUMMARIZED!...

Thank you Mobylizers for being a part of our lives and our story...and thank you Mobolaji Olayinka Amusu for being the harmony to my heart beat.

I am swooned...yeeeeeeeee



  1. Im actually crying as i read this for the 5th time. I cant hold back the tears.Im happy and sad. I actually dont want to believe this kind of love is true in this country. I want this but i doubt i would believe it even if i had it. How? Moby how?.my God.

  2. Hmmmm hmmmm..... IFE, bi eji owuro, lati agbala Don P ati Moby loti se wa... IFEeeee to toro minimini tabawon aye (awon haters ati secret lovers) kan ko le baje oo... Don P feran Moby laisetan...

    Congrats dearie's... May God continue to strengthen, empower, invigorate, revitalize, renew, revivify, stimulate and rejuvenate your love for each oda (Lizzy iyaff turn english tisha).... Esu oni yayin loruko Jesu...

    Don P... High Five..... U're da bomb....

    Moby toh tush, Moby to n finger brain Don P.... U're awesome baby....

    U both shall spend decades upon decades together IJN....

  3. Wonderful an heartwarming to read, thanks for sharing. Best wishes!

  4. Awwwwwwwww.... someone pass me the tissues. ..
    Moby your outro! Lmao!
    I wish you guys a wonderful life together, can't wait to cheer you guys on at the next phase

  5. Wow wow i think you guys should write a book on this.. Wish you guys happiness forever.


  6. kae kae kae see loving on another level.my feelings right now don pass jealousy.eeeeeeee Moby congratulations in advance for your wedding. please invite us o. Tola

  7. Awwwwwww!tito is romantic. Please just take her to the altar straight.
    Hope una never defile the bed*sideeye to Moby *

  8. bolatito will not kill me ooo *Hope una never defile the bed*Don P you are the real MVP..your love for her is genuine..keep loving each other.
    *See these fine babes on one bike, they couldn't even take separate ones...broke ass*it really got me laughing.Don P you no well

  9. where the ring at don p.wherrrrrrrrreeeeeee

  10. lol...Interesting..Bukky chill....dont worry...Don p got a plan.....if you wanna be involved in that 'ring' plan lemme know.

  11. Awwwwwww! Call us for your wedding cake o!

  12. Great post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  13. Wonderful piece. keep it up.

  14. Awww..moby am so happy for you...i pray your relationship last till old age..make sure i recieve wedding iv


  15. This is too romantic jare.Why do I get the feeling that don p is the romantic one ofthe relatinship and moby is the not so romantic.it is hard to find a romantic guy in the 21st century o. I go love o

  16. Woah this love is on another level . Don P put a ring on it ASAP.

  17. I was carried away reading this...thought it was a movie and needed to read the last line and the last word. Am deeply moved. The moment you meet the right man or woman for u, you need no prophecy to hint u. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

    My Lovers' Trick

  18. Hehehehe........*singing* this love is taking my breath away.....this love is unbreakable, its unmistakable 😍

  19. Congrats dear..... Well done Don P, that was an amazing write up...

  20. Awwwwww.....love is a beautiful thing


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