Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hello boobooliz
Helloooo booooooooossss
Hello bae bae'ssss

Good morning Ya'll...

I had one of those Mondays where everyone and everything looked like a pillow...(*no jokes*).... I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep.. and to even type post con become wahala...*straight face*...But I know I have to serve my dear Mobylizers some weekend gist...tuwale to my Mobylizers...sleep or no sleep...I dey kampe for una...LOL

How was your  weekend?....well..since there's more than one Mobylizer can I say 'How were your weekend' LMAO....This english sef get as e be...LOL

 For the first time in a long while,I had no plans for this weekend...*surprise*... I didn't even have plans to sleep...Imagine!....I was just clueless this weekend.

I got an invite weeks back from my friend, Bimbo, to attend her mum's school's end of the session party...(Errr ok maybe just that small plan)... She already assured me that there was going to be very delicious party jollof rice, so on Saturday morning, I just packed my load and went to her house and I ate enough  rice to hold me till next week....*yeah* *wink*
And I took lots of selfies

On Saturday evening, after I returned from my 'jollof ricevanganza',  leboo got a call from a friend asking for a makeup artist for the following day, Sunday,  and I agreed to go...

Guys, money is good ooo....*Iya rainbow mode activated*.... If anyone tells you money is not important, RUUNNNN. Money is good.! You see ehn, the engagement was like the wedding proper (yes o, na engagement we go ooo for Lekki *Mama G mode*...LOL). I almost mistakenly leaned on the cake cos the thing was looking like the wall of Jericho....Shuu...Cake come be like fence...* I tire*... It was a big engagement. There was every big car you can imagine parked at the lot... It was a fabulous event..... King Sunny Ade was the chairman of the day  so you can imagine the crowd....The people were plenty fa...*thumbs down*...I don't really like crowd...*folds arms* I want to have a rich, small but classy wedding...

So I made up for these big women and they paid miraculously....  hahaha...Ladies and gentlemen I say again, Money is good ooo...hmmmn... 
Here are some of the make over pictures....Shout out to Leboos cousin, Aramide aka Mama, aka mamz (LOL)  for being a good help throughout the makeover session...She really tried for me...Love you loads baby...*kisses*

This woman didn't want us to take a before picture of her so we had to kidnap her face anyhow..funny woman


Ha! Before I forget, lemme do one gbeborun sharply...LOL...
A  friend of mine made a grammatical blunder and I made up my mind to share with everyone....*grin*  So there he was gisting me about this friend of his that just made 50 million naira. He was saying this guy just bought some amazing beautiful looking chairs into his apartment and I go 'He bought chairs into his apartment? why not just buy a land and build a house' and then I asked 'is the house rented?' and my friend says 'No o...its an apartment'...*say what?*... then I get confused.com and I ask again "Is it rented or is it  his house?"  and he still says 'Its an apartment jor (he was already stamping his feet at this point)' and then I figured it out. If you rent a house, its an apartment but when you build a house then its a HOUSE.
And I'm like

And then I get like

Everytime I think about it, I just laugh. Crazy world we live in....Naija I hail thee...

I couldn't make my hair over the weekend and so I bought this gorgeous hair from my cousin-in-law. I got to work feeling super hot and my boss was going to explode in my face again but my colleagues got my back. sharp sharp they told him my hair was office standard...And he had to swallow all his anger Haha. Here's what it looked like.

If you are interested in this cap (its a wig o),  call Aramide on 08180065211....Buy ooo...Please patronize my girl *wink*

Oya gist away... who did something I didn't do this weekend? Make me jealous....or at least try....lol

Have a fab week ahead people...

Love yaa muchos



  1. Great job, amazing make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  2. My weekend was eventful... Book launching, leadership conference and thanksgiving at church

    1. And you didn't invite me...not cool mzpheezy...not cool *sad face*

  3. this weekend was really great for me that i wish everyday is weekend...twas just simply the bomb...ye shall not understand


    1. I want to understand o...explain it to me nowwwww

  4. Hian! Looking at those make up picSHurs ehnnn.. the only thing that comes to my lips is: IiiissaLLLiiieeee.. ah! Make up Artists i hail una oh! Aha! WaRRapiN ni?! See as you people turned those ladies into Miraculous Angels! Ah!! nawa oh! Omolomo cannot know Fine geh Again oh! Boys now have to be sprinkling a bae water first before Toasting her oh.. or beRRa still Toasting gehs only inside rain to know real beauty oh :(

    Kai! All these many many many many many many Make Up that used to hide all the Hideables.. iiisooarit! kontinHu.. god is watching you MUA's on Skype and on CCTV.... hehehehe You look Good Moby... I mean you are literally glowing in the last picSHur.. **Clears Throat then **Winks...

    1. AWWWW... Thank dear
      LMAO @ toasting babe inside rain...isallowed o..I concur

  5. You are good at the makeup, my weekend was great. First time here and your blog is great.


    1. thanks boo...Thanks. Oya come and take first timer kiss *mwaaaaahhhhhhh*

  6. Before=wierd mc
    Heheheheh...is a joking things ooooo!!!Moby toh bad..u beauriful sha...for africa i swear...mami my weekend was turned up something...wedding and the after parrrry..it was cool babes...have a blissful week dear..Jah bless

    1. Haahahahaha... I wee tell for youuuuuuu. Thanks huni. And....why wasn't I invited? I'm sure your jollof rice wasn't as sweet as mine jor...

  7. You are really good o, well done. Make up really hides secrets. Your boss sha.

    How to fight dirty in the Information Age

  8. Sure you made money over the weekend. I need to get serious with my make up class fah. All this small change goes a long way. I need to perfect the gele tying.
    My weekend was fun, tho I was a bit down, my pop man had a small sallah prayer so dem Alase cooked party Jellof rice with firewood. Plus fried goat meat, o sweet gann


    1. Mehnnn..firewood jellof rice is da bombest..... Now I want to eat jellof rice *salivating*

  9. You dis woman iyaff encourage me to rekindle my blog love too. I just dumped the blog ni shaa. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. What makeup will causw in this our century,it is only God that can help.see transformation. especially that black woman. and your apartment friend, what does e mean na which kind of English is he speaking.rented house is a house. Lol @ funny world we live in.good job moby. Tola

  11. Mehn, you are really good. Thumbs up, Moby!

  12. Mehn moby the make up pictures.... Runs away

  13. Shey I won't go and learn makeup like this?? Can you believe I've not touched those ones we bought at the fair apart from the mascara??
    Yels, I attended three parties and I had fun, then harvest on Sunday.
    Hair looks good on you. Fabulous work too

  14. Dear you did a good job on those people's faces.beautiful

  15. Mobylee of life........... shey i've begged u to be carrying me like handbag to these things na lemme eat and be fat like u na


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