Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hi.... *waves*
I’m sure you all have been expecting weekend download shey?

Omo mehn no download o…. 
I slept through out. That was my plan the minute I realized it was Friday. The only time I went out was when I went to see Tito’s cousin’s grandma (complicated) and when I went to see the movie SPY at the cinema.
Have you seen SPY? Well I think it is an okay movie. For me sha…. I love Melissa McCarthy anyday anytime and I would watch any of her movie even if na just waka pass. Hahaha.

Who had an amazing weekend? Some people were whipping shea butter all through the weekend *side eye*(hello Oma), some people went to owanbe without me *you know ya sef* and some people decided to turn up without Moby…  God forgive all of you in Jesus name.

I need help… I guess there would be a Dear Moby tomorrow but it would be Dear Mobylizers cos I can’t even advice myself at this point. I’m sad *sad face*.
See you all tomorrow *walking away*


  1. awhhhhhhhh daer sorry. I will be ere waiting to advice you. Just take it easy. Tola

  2. i havent really fancied any movies she did after bridesmaids! but hell i think she is totally cool

  3. Mami had a quiet weekend ooooo..u need it dear...the stress this days ehhh...mine was owkay

  4. Good to know you had a good weekend - mine was boring but I managed to achieve some things so I cannot really complain. Wow like you, I really love Melissa and I think she's an amazing actress - I loved her in bridesmaids

  5. Wetin do you nah?
    I was busy relocating, I'm back for you now *hugs*

  6. Hehe, tito's cousin's grandma, how's that even possible? Moby won't just stop to amaze somebody. My weekend was boring than yours.

  7. Yes I like that babe. Moby don't even talk about boredom you saw a movie what should someone like me say....oh okay I forgot I went to an owanbe with boo, was fun but other weekends are always boring.

    Moby so you make up artists make so much money in just panel beating someone's face? I dey come enroll into your school, it has to be my calling.


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