Monday, 20 July 2015


Asalam alaykum....

Alaykum asalam...

*words of the wise*.......*clears throat*

'If by now you've not eaten eran odun (sallah meat), you need to go for character evaluation'.. GBAM
..So who hasn't eaten sallah meat here?...*raise your hand up*. I know someone who hasn't and thus needs character evaluation...*turns to Tito*......LOL....just joking o.... Anyway..thanks to Tijani for gracing me...with sallah food.. *mwaaah*

Hello guys...

How's your holiday going? Sure most of us can't wait to resume work...Me!... I want 1 more day added... *lazy mode activated +covers face* ( I hope my boss doesn't see this)...

 The most important gist for today...Yes it is important because this person is worth it.... My male blog bestie (you know who... yes you do), Duru Adolphus Jnr., celebrated his 2nd year blogversary on Saturday and mehn was there a lot of turning up....shiii...*pops collar*....
I am just too proud of that boy.... He has too much energy and he is super smart... I love you papi.... I am so happy I started this blog as I have met soooo  many amazing people and Duru is one of them. Keep doing you Duru... Don't let anyone tell you to be someone or something else. From the entire Mobylizers,we say CONGRATULATIONS.

Also, today is myself and leboo's 2nd year anniversary*blushing*....*yaaaay*. We started dating July 20th 2013 and truthfully, I never thought we would last 6 months. I told Tito and he said he was going to make sure we lasted years together. 
This was the cake Tito gave me last year and I was thinking that was going to be the last anniversary gift from him..... Mehn it feels like we've just started dating...feels like the 1st day... Thanks Don P for making it worth the while.... Love you to the moon and back...Mwaaahhhh
So what was I up to over the weekend? 
One sweet darling of mine said 'Moby you're trying o... you are always going out every do you do it'. Jessica darling, hear me now...
'Omo mehn ko easy o'...(It's not easy) Sometimes I want to stay indoors but then I get bored and just want to have me some noise and fun.... Its hard trying to be me I know....*shines teeth*

On Saturday, I had loads of turning up to do...
First was the SDK paint Lagos fitness and dance training.... I was going through Stella' s blog and I saw that she put together a fitness exercise for everyone. Trust me na... I had to turn up and yep...I dragged Tito along....*grin*

Afterwards, my gym put together a breakfast get-together and Tito is their official Mc so we had to turn up. It was a good networking opportunity and I met The crazy Nigerian *yaaaay....
 I know a celebrity..hehe*. He is not so crazy in person... trust me I know and he is super cute *don't you dare tell Leboo I said that*... hehe...
I did a little bit of exercise after eating this....
Waste of time shey?*covers face*.
By the time I got home, I was tired AF and just hit the bed...(my body still hurts) then guess who got brunch in bed? Meeeeee...Leboo just had to pamper me...and there was his  cousin, Aramide... 
She was the dessert of my brunch..hehe. She's like my padi padi in the house as in.... Trust me its not easy finding a padi in your partner's family but hey...I DID!...LOL....
 Anyways, I spent the remaining day watching TV and getting super love.... Tito and his cousin have been acting super clingy and touchy of late... I think I need to change my cream.... I felt like I had two big cats around me..LOL..

Sunday was church.. it was an amazing service and then later on, I had to attend the Singles And Youth fellowship... I think I should start inviting Mobylizers for my fellowship cos it always makes sense...*wink*. Who will come for the next one? Raise your hand up...

Anyways, Tito has decided to write the 'how we met post'..yaya!....*dancing shakiti-shoki*...
 I can't wait... Why I'm so excited about it? I really do not pay attention to so many things like he does... He is an information keeper all the time and so I want to read his post.. I can want to blush small....LOL...abi na...

And that was how my weekend went... who else had so much fun? 

Oya gist me ASAP...

Have a wonderful and Mobylized week... Mwahhhhh.



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  2. I want your weekends*pouting*
    I need to relocate to lag, you guys have waay too much fun

    1. Please relo o...There's no place like Lagos..But the hustle is real here o. Ko easy mehn

  3. Moby wait o, do u have two days for the weekend like everyone else? Or does ur weekend start from Monday? All these mobylization in just two days, nah U biko! Congrats to Duru on his two years anniversary on the blogosphere, he deserves it... congrats to moby and leboo, the one power couple I knw asides Beyonce and Jay Z, if I no chop una wedding rice, make I knw Wetin cause am...I ate plenty sallah meat too, that is to say, my character is good *big grin* ...Moby always repping, I feel u.

    1. Hahahahha...Awwwww....bey and Jay things...hehe. Thanks huni. God bless you too *mwaahhhh*

    2. Thanks GB Baba... You na Boss... Cheers sir...

  4. Is that leboo's thing showing.... YEPA

  5. Lots of good news here.. Congrats and keep living your life.

  6. Tis moby will be turning up without us.a daje ko da.m.chop and die alone.I am beefing you now.

    1. Ahn ahn..Bukky na..its not my fault. Ma binu dear

  7. Moby Koko!!! hehehehe I cannot but adore the persona that is called Omobolaji Amusui.. Ya just a bae like that biko.. I mean I just knew that ye would set me up yeah.. hehehehe So I ran straight to your Blog this Tuesday morning (**whispers I jumped all the Diary for you **Winks).. hehehe Thank you Sooooo much for teh shout out bae.. I dedicate it tow as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fire...

    Ehen Moby?! Ya just hyping me up and down ba.. hian! Diarisgodooo.. hehehehe Me that aYam kuku nothing but a young and utterly Confused 23 years 8 months 9 days child.. it is me that ya nah making feel like an Obama someboRRy ba?! Hian! fear god oh Moby.. hehehehe... Thank you baby mi.. I am grateful beyond words Bestie.. **Whoa! 2 years on Blogger **Cleans sweat.. a neFer hexSpeRRed it.. Truly Truly #ItcanonlybeGOD

    Yyyyyaaaaayy.. July is really a cool month oh! You and Tito baba hit 2 years?! Amazing.. Amazing i tell you.. Congrats Bubba.. Wishing you all the great moments that a relationship brings.. I mean i am feeling really thrilled for you.. You go Gurl... May GOD bless You both.. May he shower the years ahead for you both with plenRRy love, happiness, more Mushy MushyNess and pleenRRy Turn uP's.. May GOD almighty never forsake you both but keep you both under his wings forever... You deserve to be happy Moby and my am i glad that you are..

    Another Ehen?! Moby!! Every Weekend Turn uP!?! Biko where does a someboRRy buy form to become like you eh Bestie! cause na you sure sure pass eh.. and the crowd goes.. Oooooossheeey Turn uP!..

    Thank you for your kind words Baby mi.. Ya just a bae like that.. See this our Friendship ehn baby mi.. Insha Allah yeah. emi at ti E.. A ma kpe (last) hehehe in English.. the you and I bae.. by GOD'S grace.. We will stand the test of Time.. Cheers Bubba..

    1. Awwwwww....Duru koko... Thanks papi. Anyị ga- abụ ọnụ ruo mgbe ebighị ebi. I checked google for translation time. God bless you plenty *mwaah*

  8. 2years is not beans something dear.Just get married fast so we can start counting wedding anniversary.

  9. Congrats on your anniversary. Namesake abeg no waste time put the ring on it.biko

    Congrats to duru also on his 2nd blogsphere anniversary, more traffic to your blog.

    1. Amen Bolatito.. Ayam very humbled for your support.. Ya just a ghen ghen Bae like that.. LoF and appreciate you PlenRRy Bubba... Thanks... xx


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