Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Ekaaro o... se daadaa ni

ina kwana... yaya dai

Ibolachi... kedu ka di

Buenos días...

Eweso o
*Hand behind my back*
*face down*
*clears throat*
Let me explain why I don't usually put weekend downloads on Monday..

*clears throat again* I usually type the post on Mondays, edit it, attach pictures then post on Tuesdays..Why?...Because most times I'm usually tired by Sunday night as such, I won't even have the strength to look at my phone talkless of typing a post...*sighs*.. To the uncle or aunty that threatened to sue me for always keeping everyone in suspense, e ma binu oo *on my knees*... I Didn't know my weekend downloads were that fun. Yaaaaaaay.....Just hold on for 1 day...ehn..Please...*big grin*

On Saturday *ghen ghen ghen ghen*, Leboo asked that I follow him to computer village so I decided to go street with my dressing... When in Rome you act like a Roman na shey

This is what I looked like...
Not original picture but try imagining my face on the body....street yeah? *pops collar*.. I went to computer village feeling all gangsta mehn but Boo said I was looking too tush...*rolls eyes*... But in my own mind, spirit and body I was looking street, rugged and hard boiled!..*smug*.

For those who don't know what or where computer village is, it is located in the heart of Ikeja. If you are a tech lover (even if you're not), you should definately visit computer village once in your lifetime.. It is like the Mr price for anything computer and phones..

Anyways I wasn't able to get anything. Thanks to Tito's abnormal shopping habit. Everyone knows I am impulsive buyer. Take me to a beauty fair and just forget your atm with me....na sorry go finish am....*shines teeth*...Well Tito is a tech impulsive shopper. I thought he was going to buy computer village. tssshhheww... And that was my Saturday.....It wasn't so eventful like that. Thanks to uncle Tito...*long hiss + stern rolling of the eyes*.

My Sunday was good.. It was the first Sunday in July...*church things + thanksgiving sunday* Tito decided to go to church in his agbada... He turned heads in church...not cos he was looking hot...buh because he was looking HAWT!..haha

Here's what we looked like. I still beat him hands down sha...fine girl no pimplez...*smug*

After church, I went to Dominoes to hook up with an old college friend of mine. That place is beginning to look fine o.... Then I branched Mozaya but I am watching my weight *covers face* and so couldn't eat most of what they had...*sad face*... Yes I am taking my weight seriously o..*straight face*... I can't come and get fat for Africa...*raised eyebrow* No insult to fat people in the house...just that most of my best clothes are size 8 and I don't think I want to give them out now...hehe... So I took vegetable salad and rice and coke. *Hold up....* Let me explain how and why the coke was there in the first place. The coke was just on the table. I was only scoping it..... Nowadays, I get coke satisfaction when I pay for coke and just stare at it and not drink it.... That's one step in the right direction, in my weight loss journey....*takes a bow*

After leaving Dominoes, I started craving yam and catfish peppersoup. My cravings these days are scaring me ooo. And I know I am not pregnant so that is crossed out..*straight face*... I made Leboo go all the way with me to Gbagada (at about 9pm) to buy it. Please does anyone know where I can buy catfish peppersoup and yam in ikeja? I have to  travel all the time just to get it..*sighs*....We had to wait at the restaurant for the pepper soup and  by the time the food was served, it was 11 pm already. I had to keep it cos it was too late to eat heavy...and so I packed it to work on Monday.. No pictures please *bats lashes* 

I got to work yesterday feeling fly with myself...my hair was on fleek....Monday outfit on point (didn't take pictures cos no one in my office likes taking pictures of me) and then!!!..GBAM... My boss called me into his office and asked 
(erhmmmm this was what I heard in my own head o

"Aunty what is this on your head... ehn ehn so what if it's your natural hair?... do not come to work like this tomorrow or else......"
And then I felt like he was going to do this

But he looked  like this


And so I was banned from stepping outside the office till the close of work cos I didn't look like a true ambassador of the company *sigh*... 
My people, I decided to take a picture of the hair so you can judge me... is my hair office worthy or not?

I wont let anyone put sand sand in my fine girl journey oooo....hahaha

My weekend wasn't so fab... but I had lots of eye openers...*smiles* 

*gbeborun mode activated*
How was your weekend? 

Oya come and go and gist me jor....

Have a fab week ahead...

Moby luvs ya....Mobylizers rock!



  1. Uhhhh u guys look so good together.you should have showed us how gangsta u looked jor.pele dear

  2. Nice pictures. I love the hair as well. Oga Tito I hail oooo, Agbada so on point

  3. Bukky is right..would ve loved to see ur gangsta look..hey mami,u look grt with leboo by ur side..i totally get ur boss but it doesnt take away that u look beauriful...i think i ve said much mami..takia dear

    1. Okay...so you agree with boss man..okay o *sad face*. I thought we were friends *wailing*

  4. Well, it depends on the company. This one that your boss is calling you to personally complain about your hair, then it must be a one-man business. Na dem dey get wahala pass. I worked for a multinational firm, and from the stunts I pulled, this wouldn't have been an issue.

    Inner Court of Relationships

    1. True.one man business gives the most unneccessary wahala abeg.please dont cut your hair o.your hair is beautiful.

    2. Hmnnnn... Yes it is a one man business. My boss man is actually pretty cool but he is also a pastor so I get his drift. Thanks maams

  5. Looking good as always. you n leboo r lik power couple of blogville. tee and bee (jay n bey) awesome. Tola

  6. You both look good. There's nothing wrong with that hair tho

  7. depends... maybe u should style the hair more professionally...lolz...

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