Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I am feeling like a funky designer..haha
Good morning everyone...
The chairman,
The accurate time keeper,
The impartial judges,
Fellow Mobylizers,
All other protocols observed.

I know I have been a little lazy this past week..*covers face*....I am sorry...very sorry...sincerely sorry.....*sobs*... Its happening again..  that 'dump the blog' feeling....(You must be tired of hearing this now....e mabinu..).... I hate it but it comes like malaria....*stamps feet+folds arms*....I feel it for like 1 week and then its gone and most times when I try force it while in that "nonsense" mood, I write very boring posts....... It is annoying. Mmsstteewww... Anyway sha..... E ma binu

 Before I let this illness take its toll on me, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone.... Everyone that made my birthday so memorable....(Una get mouth).... First to God almighty for keeping me alive and surrounding me with the most amazing people on planet earth....Then thank you to leboo, God bless you for me...*puppy eyes + kisses*..... To all my friends and family, my colleagues and..... The greatest, the ever repping mobylizers... ese gan o. Ojo ayo yin ko ni di ibanuje loruko Jesu ooo (your day of joy will not turn to your day of sorrow in Jesus name Amen)... Mehn if I try and give you all the major download of my birthday and the weekend, I doubt this post will end...LOL

Well.. I will just summarise for summary sake...:Hehehee

Let's do this..*clears throat* 
My ever cute bestie, Bimbo came to see me in the office...very early in the morning.... She even got to my office before me...hehehee.. And she gave me my birthday gift, sang for me and left.... dasalll.(I cross my heart)... 

Then I got these cards from Leboo and my colleague, Mr. Yomi
Then my friend, Tijani, surprised me with Breakfast at work... how cute. Thanks so much dear....*bats lashes*... Then my colleagues gave me money and plenty gifts...*happy*.. A friend of my colleague looked at how nice and sweet I was and decided to give me a gift of a pack of fruit Juice. I guess she was indirectly telling me to stop drinking coke....hmnn.. Thanks Ebun...LOL

The highlight of the day was Leboo sending me cakes  at work...one huge one and then 12 cupcakes.....*singing..cos I'm happy*...  It was a huge surprise cos I was thinking I was going to have a cakeless birthday... And the cake tasted yummy..  thanks huni...*big kiss*...(In french)..

I will still be hawt in Jesus name o..awon aye pipu
After work, I went to SPURS with my friends and I ate so much that I farted all night...*covers face*.LOOL...and yes it was killing....hahaha.. Anyway,after over feeding at spurs, we went to see the movie FANTASTIC FOUR..... 
*CUTS IN* ...
Please I urge you all,abeg download the movie on your laptop, no need to pay money to see this one....It was a waste of time and money... I dinor like it at all... tsheewww.... It was below par..a 4 for me...*shrugs* 
My birthday was totally fun and awesome....The calls, the texts, the mails, they were all overwhelming. ...I can't just describe it.. Thank you all so much...MWUAH!

That was my birthday download.....

My weekend was good..... On saturday, I went to the premiere of the movie DAVE AND GOLLY at the Silverbird cinema on the Island......And errr...errrrmm.... Let's just say I didn't get to watch the movie for certain reasons....  I got two press passes and I was chilling in the VIP like a boss...haha....But the premiere couldn't hold....I sha enjoyed the VIP status...I hope the organisers get themselves together and quickly announce a new date for the primiere..
Here's what I looked like

Red carpet thangs..yipeee

Sunday,I had a make over job and I had to be there early... This client of mine "Doesn't"...emphasis on "doesn't", wear makeup at all. So she said she wanted to look like herself after the makeover. And I think I did just that. You can be the judge...
To everyone that takes their time out everyday to make sure Moby is happy, I pray that happiness shall not leave you and your household...Amen!!!.

And guys...lemme do one gbeborun .....*whispers*..I think I am going to get 4 out of my wish list......*whispers Yay*... I think ni o.*fingers crossed...The list is looking good from where I stand...*wink*..I'll keep quiet now let me not come and go and jinx it...LOL.

Once again, thank you all plenty.

Have a wonderful week ahead...me love ya all....mwaahhh



  1. You are foine.and your contour is on fleek. Tola

  2. She's hotter than fire,give me some water. my friendship is hot o. HBD in arrears

  3. Moby u're da bomb...Glad u enjoyed ur birthday... We Mobylizers forgif u for not letting us turnup... Ehnehn,, send us the crumbs of that beautiful cake o jere...

    Greatest Moby Impressionz... U're awesome dearie, am booking down my wedding makeover now o. even though i never get boo... Loke loke lo ma ma lo lagbara Olorun... Amen.. Those birthday wishes will come to pass IJN...

    Continue Soaring Moby... The sky is ur starting point.. Kudos to Mama Dayo for giving birth and nurturing u into the queen u've become... All thanks to God for preserving your life for us...

  4. Hehehehehheheheh @ I will still be Hawt oh! No be small "Awon Aye Pipu" oh! heheheheh ya not sha Feel fine you this geh! ya not feel fine sam sam... I am sure glad you had ghen ghen fun eh! Its amazing how amazing you are.. GOD bless you real loads for us Nne.. Aha! Oshey! EFFery Day Turn uP! Biko lemme come and goan be like you when i grow up ni eh! Ya kukuma Gangster Frosh like that.. **Shines teeth,.. Cheers Bubba..

  5. Moby la hot, warapin! U had a wonderful birthday no doubt, the make over looks good. Keep being u moby, it's fun.

  6. Glad you had a wonderful day dear. Your red carpet things dress is hawt....

  7. Thanks guys..God bless us all. Moby is going outta the country briefly. Dunno if I'll be able to enable comments though but either way I shall find a way. Thanks for all the support. Good morning Nigeria. mwaaahhh

    1. Ghen ghen! Eezz not a joking sturvz eh! no be small Outta the country Movement oh! Whoop! Whoop!! Moby's passport is about to be disvirgined.. lmao! Sha haF plenRRy fun eh! And plenRRy plenRRy gist for us oh! Cause.. Omo mehn! The next Weekend Download go OVER bam... and the crowd goes.. Wwwwhhhhhhoooosssshhh :)

  8. Glad you had a nice time.


  9. Happy birthday in arrears Moby, may your life continue to be like a tree planted by the waters that produces fruits at all seasons.
    The caption on your cake and your reply made me laugh really hard this morning. This Moby! You are just awesome sha!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Moby. Glad you had loads of fun! I

  11. U looked very nice Moby - too bad the premiere did not take place. After all that gadging - diaris God oh!! Happy Birthday in arrears.


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