Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Hello mi lovies..

Sorry the Dear Moby series is coming in late. Truly, in my head, I already put up the post...only for me to wake up 2 hours ago to realize it was just a dream. Moby has been feeling down a lot lately... Work, life, personal stuff has been taking a toll on her... So I had to take a little break at work. I am still at work o but I took a 2-hour break to rest.
I know you all understand.

So sometime last week, I got this mail from a fellow Mobylizer asking for our advice and she asked me to put it up if I wanted to. She needs our help and I know we can help her. Thank you all for being so reliable. God bless you.
Here we go.
Greetings to u and happy new month.
I need ur help Moby... Am hurt, heartbroken, not in order, i dunno how to take care of myself anymore, i can't just see myself, am so heartbroken and sad. 

Lemme tell u what really happened.

I have been single (not dating anyone) for a while now and i met this guy some months back, he works with wema bank, seems cool and everything was going on well between us, am 27 but i cannot sleep out cos my parents wont allow me but the guy always want me to come sleep over at his place and this bring up issues between us gaann... 

Moby, I loved this guy so much, gave him my all, went all the way in pleasing him, then he just changed, stopped calling me, told me to stop coming to his house, starts abusing me and all... Saying he was just using me to pass time, he never asked me to love him and the love he was showing me was fake.. Imagine... 

I am having sleepless nights and nightmares cos in my mind i thought i had gotten someone close to my heart not knowing he was a deceiver... Just on Sunday i called him so as to tell him i forgive him and a lady picked up the phone, told me he has told her all about me and she abused me a lot, she called me names.

Right now am down....  I need to heal up, i need to be myself, i need to be the same me and a better me.You can post this on ur blog and let people advice..

Thank You... Expecting ur response.
I love u dearie.. Regards to Tito.

So, I am going to be very very frank with you and you must not get angry at all....scared you yet? *Wait for it*

From your mail I can tell you are a good person...I mean you had to call the guy to tell him you forgive must be an angel but I must say this. You need to get up and go on with your life. It is alright for you to mop, cry and feel down... I do that most times to let out steam but it is time to get up, dust yourself and move on. Don't stay on the ground for too long for anybody. Anyone made by God is capable of messing one deserves to put you down for more than a week. 

This is what I have learned in my short time on earth...if someone wants to walk out of your life, LET THEM GO. Especially if  you know that you have done everything and been the best woman you can possibly be. Whatever it is they are running after, leave them, let them go and get it... One yoruba adage says Aja to ba fe peru ko ni gbo fere olode...meaning the dog that wants to enter trouble won't hear the whistle of the hunter (something like yoruba is still under polishing)... let the dog go and get what he deserves.
Don't get mad. Let this guy go. Love yourself...Nobody can love you more than you. Be happy being alone...don't go online looking at happy me most people will only put up happy pictures and stories of their lives...they will never tell you the truth. Don't force anyone to be in your life.... If anyone wants to be with you, don't try to prove yourself to them... Just be your self and have fun.

I need you to be happy... and forget that guy...he is not worth your time, energy and tears. 
Now get busy and try to think about him less.... and be HAPPY....okay.

I know my story is plenty.. I just hate when people can't be matured about issues that affects the heart...
You'll be fine...okay dear...
I love you munchos
I don talk plenty... let me sit down and read other people's opinion...*wipes face*


  1. Its ok to feel bad.....I'll tell you a few things sister...
    Cry...cry cry and cry...let it out
    Then stop crying, chin up and move >>>>.but.....

    Dont stop being the good person you are....there is no revenge situation here..dont become something you are not, just see your time with him as a fun time too. if you had sex, he didnt win...hey! you enjoyed it too or not sef. Make sure you are happier and radian"ter" keep hi on your bbm and fb and let him see you are balling..BALL HARD!

    you dont have anything to regret and when the right guy comes, love him hard moby loves don p lol

    1. cry, cry cry but move on too, and as ruthy said don't stop being a good person and you'll find a farbulous guy who will appreciate you...check out for real women story and if you loved reading it please share. i love you for reading

  2. Babes, wake up and move on. Truth is your find a guy who'd love u far better than him. Its up to you to forget him. What if he surprised you with a wedding iv, wetin you go do? It ain't so easy but you need to be string for a better YOU.

    1. Totally agree with you. What if it was wedding IV he presented and not going silent.

  3. just count yourself lucky he didn't waste your time for too long. eleda e o ti fi e le. Thank God

  4. Hiya Gang.. Hiya Moby.. Twale Baba @ Oga Boss Tito.. I am Loyal to your administration sir...

    Okayyy.. So surprisingly much yeah.. I think i have fallen in love with this Series already.. I am shocked that this is the first external one i am participating in.. The last one was the one Moby wrote to herself a bit ago...

    So Dear Baby mi (To the writer of the E-mail).. While i was with Ijagz yeah (Whom i still love very much)... She used to say this a lot.. and to me it was one of the truest Words she ever said.. She used to say: "Self Love is the Best love" I am really sorry for what the guy put you through.. I am a guy.. And i know how much of a Jerk i have been in recent times.. Lemme divulge a little guy code... Sometimes ehnnn... we feel better by hurting ladies.. Cause there is this CONQUEROR feeling afterwards.. but then i am also a Human being.. So i know it is wrong..

    Truth is.. guys do not want ladies who give them their all! Dassall.. We want a lady that shows us the apple but never gives it to us ASAP. A lady that is extremely sexy but decent.. Now you made a slight mistake becoming too vulnerable and giving him your heart Baby mi.. and that is something you have to not do anytime soon.. Always hold a part if it back... ALWAYS!

    My sincere advice to you is simple.. Pick your self up Baby Mi.. And become a better you.. Look in the mirror and say to you " I choose to be Happy regardless"... I mean No man is worth your Tears or sleepless nights.. Dont worry Bubba.. The right one will come soon.. But please be informed that the Right one will only be attracted to you if he meets you happy and living your life with passion.. So kick off your shoes bae.. and Dance like no one is watching.. Have fun.. Clib.. PaRRy.. Pray... But all in all.. GROW..

    P.S: While Doing my Blog runs earlier today.. I went to the Awesome Tolu Falode's Blog.. and read this post below.. Surprisingly yeah.. it centers on this subject matter.. Please follow the link below to read if you can.. Cheers Gang..

    1. Ose baami o.This comment and post sef.

  5. Moby has said it all,you gotta let go and move on thou it may be difficult at 1st but time heals

  6. For the guy to have given a girl the phone to speak with u and the girl even abusing u shows they're not even worth it, like moby said, u're a good person and u should really move one, i'm sure u're going to find someone who's worth it and worth u, he did u a favour dear, u're one experience wiser, I wish u all d best in future...Missed u moby, was writing exams.

  7. The guy was never in the relationship. You were all by yourself. Please move on with your life you will definitely meet a responsible man soon.

  8. Just go with what moby said. That's all you need dear

  9. They have spoken my mind!

  10. If I talk wetin dey for my mind ehn, bloggers will block me o, lol. I'm very surprised to see that the lady saying this was is 27 years old and not 21. Ahn ahn. I'm seeing a faulty development foundation here.

    I think Moby has dropped a great advice. My own addition is that, next time, listen to your parents and understand them. When they say don't sleep over at a guy's house, it is for your own good.

    Modern Day Religious Manipulations

  11. Moby has said it all.......


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