Monday, 10 August 2015


The animation Dave & Golly is centered on the theme “Little people doing great things”.
As at the time the historic event occurred, no one believed the answer laid in the hands of a boy. That boy wouldn’t have achieved anything if he wasn’t doing the right thing at the right time (Taking care a flock of sheep and chasing wild animals from preying on them)
The life we live in this 21st Century is striving with diverse Golly ranging from economic meltdown to unavailability of resources to go around the masses.
Many years ago, Spartans developed a culture of slaughtering the weak while the strong train into potential war machines in order to give out a lasting vibration of their shocking combat.
The mind of a child is like a diamond that needs purification, carving and consistent polishing propelling them to act subconsciously in alignment with the principles they have been thought.It is with this tool they become great men and women who are ready to take up issues, task, oppositions and come out victorious.
If some of our leaders happened to be well trained from their homes, they won’t experience the impediment that dooms them today.
As parents there are countless things you can teach your children either knowingly or unknowingly. Set yourself to be a living example because they know when you lie, when you are weak, when you are bold, when you are strong and they watch how you counter your own fears. This will position them aright for the future.
“There is Dave sitting amongst you, it could be you”…Do yourself the favour of converting “You” to “Me”.
Never look down on anyone because they might just be the Dave to end your Golly or our Golly.
From the #Ash7 team that brought you the House of Ajebo comedy cartoons comes a story of love, hope and the power of child-like faith. It will take a giant at heart to face the greatest duel of all time. Ash Seven Animation Studio presents DAVE AND GOLLY. Premieres August 22 at Silverbird Galleria.
   Get your tickets at, or simply call 07037776693 or 08061654159. See postal and advert for further details.
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Written by: Newton Paul -


  1. Pretty one Moby...there is so much sense in whats coming ahead. Nigerians are indeed creative, lets keep supporting ourselves.

  2. So this is supposed to be David and Goliath, right?

    Atilola's World

    1. Yup...but the remake...with lots of comedy and action. First of its kind in this part of the world.

  3. I dont trust all these naija animations jor. cnt waste time on nollywood

  4. If you have laughed while watching any Nigerian Animation comedy skit then shame on you.
    By the way what have you done to better the Nigerian movie sector "critic"....
    Nigeria's first animation to be premiered no be beans...observe rather than condemn.


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