Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Eyin Mobylizers....lizers
Eyin Mobylizers...lizers

Mogbo information....mation
Ninu radio
Lori blogii...

Wait oo.....we are supposed to have formed our 'lizer' dance na....or have you guys forgotten ni?...Oya let's start forming it ooo...ehen!! 

Boboolees and mamalees and papalees(for our elders...LooL).. of this amazing blog....how y'all doing?
I have a feeling most of you had more fun than Moby but we shall know at the end of this post....*cracks knuckles*
Before we plunge into the weekend gist, I want to show you all a picture of my mum's makeover (by Moby impressionz..*wink*) on her birthday. I really need to get a better camera so I can put up quality pictures of my work. The lord shall provide (Amen).....
She be fining too much for Africa... She is 51 years old.. beat it...yeeee

This is my hair...original hair....it haff long finish
Yes I know my Mother is hot *rolls eyes*...and please the four men that toasted her on her birthday are enough....no one should add themselves to the toasters ooo...ahan!...na only she dey ni?...LOL.. But I am finer...Haters hate o but I am beurifuuuu.

Before I forget...*taps head*...Happy belated birthday to my boo of life, Aramide. God bless you loads for you and for all of us... o ke lo ma ma lo..(You would increase in all areas)... In Jesus' name...Amen!

Now my gist....*big grin*....On Friday, I found out Jumia was doing clearance sales and so I decided to buy myself an early birthday gift...*smiles*.... Glowy shoes is already turning me to an addict...kai..*folds arms*...LOL.... Here's what I got.

Downloaded last two pictures cos as at the time of uploading thispost, the shoes were in my house.. 
Earlier last week, I got a call from my friend, Segun Dangote, asking if I wanted to be in a short drama. Most of us do not know this but Moby used to act .. like nollywood *shines teeth*...yep I did...*wink* So on Saturday morning, I set out to Magodo with my small script and I think I did an amazing job. And Segun is funny fa.... I was laughing all through the shoot and had to do a lot of retakes...It was good though...I was good (hating is allowed LOL)....I think I am the Angelina Jolie of my generation... yinmu....LOL....(I already smell beef ooo...LOL)

After that, I had to hook up with an old bestie friend of mine at Grandeur... CUT!!!!. I do not want to have a big wedding at all at all.... The wahala is too much abeg...Mhen there were about a thousand people at the party....kilode!.... Anyways, I ate Tuwo with gbegiri at first... then I ordered Amala and Ewedu... then I topped it with jellof and fried rice....*covers face*... na only me waka go the party o...hahaha.....I really didn't know my dress was very short until I looked at the pictures..... Weird shey... To all the people that I almost blinded their husband's eyes, I am sorry..it wasn't done on purpose *winks*

Sunday was super fast.... I was hoping I would fall sick so I would call my boss to take Monday off ...*covers face*...But the sickness no gree come sha....*looong hiss*... After church.. (I can categorically tell you that I've missed church just once this year..)  Leboo had his old students association meeting, so he hosted a few of his secondary school colleagues..... Now I believe the saying "show me your friends and I'll download the story of your life for you". ...I had fun just watching and listening to their escapades while in college... Guys if you want to know about your spouse,  just hook up with his/ her childhood friends... they never fuck up in that area....LOL

I had this amazing cake from Diva cakes yesterday....oh lawd haff mercy....*fans self*....it touched my soul. Crazily amazing..... Let me make you all jealous a lil....
Yummy something..hmnnn
I found out Mission Impossible is showing at the cinemas and there was no way on earth I was going to miss it... Good movie I must say.Should you watch it? YES....just download it on your laptop abeg...but not the pirated one o...ehn ehn

I had fun this weekend sha...... Shallat (shout out) to Esther Nwaomi....my boo is back... Welcome back dear

Apologies to our very own Buiti... She got married over the weekend but too much waka didn't let me make up my mind fast. I am soooo sorry. May God bless your union...with love, joy, money and plenty babies...*wink* Amen!!!

My birthday is next Thursday o...wetin we go do like this... Money is very plentiful.. May God keep us all till then..I'm taking suggestions for the birthday sha....Someone already suggested we turn up...I'm still weighing the pros and cons of that sha...LOL.

Whose weekend was better than mine??.... Oya o Favour and Omowunmi, try and beat my own weekend...But if you succeed,  you shall be banned from this blog and the entire internet... hehe

How were your weekends? abi na how was your weekend?...(*I taya*).

Let me sit and read your gist .....

I am waiting oo



  1. Love your hair. What's the nme please?

    1. Its a wig and I don't know the name o but you can call Aramide on 08180065211 to make inquiries. Thanks

  2. This is going on my blog biko...ehnnn only you 4shoes.....i did not send you ooo...mail me one nau... Lemme start preparing my post


  3. Momma be slaying!
    You and fun go hand in hand

  4. lovely....happy belated bday to mum....wish her all the good things of life

  5. Momsy is cute mhen! You had fun gaaan o. Na u dey ball

  6. I love your hair and your mum is very beautiful more than you jare.

  7. Hiya Bubba! Wait! Holl uP! Holl uP! Holl uP!!! Eez that your Mother?! Asin in real life oh?! Lawd HaVmerrrcy! Aha! WaRRapin ni?! Are all the gbo gbo fine gehsis in this Obodo Nigeria all living inside your house?! Shuo! Eez not fair oh! Ehen?! Issorait!

    Bet wait oh Moby Koko... Biko How do you survive all these waka waka Bubba?! Monday To Friday Grind.. and steady weekend Turn uP's. Most Weekends yeah... I always have a Grande ghen ghen plan about how my Mission Get laid 2015 is gonna be actualized.. and about how aYam gonna Turn uP mega Turn uP! And on that Friday ehhnn.. chisos! My Blood wihh now come and goan be boiling like ororo with all them grande ideas.. But on Saturday.. **Yimu... After Shopping for my sister.. Lati bo?! For Wia?! Na Sleep be my case.. I just stay in my 2 X 2 Room and crash all through.. Issorait! Oluwa is your Muscle Moby.. KontinHu...

    Oh Wow.. August the 20th ba?! Ghen ghen! That should be fun.. Happy Birthday in Advance Bubba... Please throw a PaRRy oh! leRRus come and goan groove small.. **Winks... And You know SEGUN DANGOTE! Aha! Oshey Turn uP! You go fear Celebrity Moby someboRRy nah! Oossshhheeeyy... I met him at Teju Baby Face show in 2013.. Super cool Brother I tell you.. All in all.. Ehmmm Moby.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone... I like the fact that you Dance like no one is watching.. and just Do you... Keep it Up Bubba.. and the crowd goes.. Oooooossshhheeey Turn uP!

  8. That cake though.looks good

  9. Happy belated birthday to ur Sexy mama, u look so much like her...it's not surprising that u're an actress o, omotola can have several seats jare, so much fun in so little time, chop d life of ur head jare.

  10. You dis geh ehen after you would say you are on a diet o! Welludone o!! I hope your shoe size is 36 because i am coming to steal one of the shoes. Your mum is so fine and knows whatzup, my mum would never allow anyone to beat up her face like that. I am just thinking of the fight myself and the make up artist would have with her when i am getting married.. Missed you boo. I promise not to be away for too long again...


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