Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I am angry...I'm very angry....as in I dey vex....and NOTHING can calm me down (except you ask for my account number...hehe)....

But seriously, I typed a very long post for our weekend download and I mistakenly deleted it.....Like what!!!!.... Do you have an idea of how frustrating that is? I feel like punching someone....anyone.... If you love Moby, please sacrifice your face… I am so angry....Arrrrggghh!!!

First I want to say, HAPPY NEW MONTH..... May this new month bring us lots of joooy, happiness, testimony and party 'jellof' rice. 
Guess whose birth month it is?

Yesss….. you garrit!**thumbs up**.. Its my birth month.....*yay*....
Mhen the girl is getting old o...*scratches head*... Was it not just yesterday I celebrated my last birthday… Kaiiiiii… Diaris God o....!

How was your weekend?....(Abi na how were your weekends??...English cannot kill me)...
 I had a fabulicious weekend…. It was jellof-ful…yeah....party jollof rice every where mhen....

Guys, if you don’t remember anything from this post or from me, please remember this....NEVER FORGET!.... Money is good and very important. Let us all strive to work hard while we can. I believe with God, everything is possible... Let us work hard and work smart and also put God over everything. I know a lot of us are still confused over my spirituality…even me sef I’m confused but don’t be confused over my love for God. I love that man too much cos he is all I have....*WORD!*

Back to why Money is good…
I attended a 40th birthday party on Saturday and I looked at this woman’s (the celebrant) bibliography and I was inspired. At 40, this woman has achieved a lot...She can go to bed at night feeling satisfied and knowing she has lived…  I want to be like this woman…and even better. Let me just add a little of the things I learnt.... 
 Don’t ever make the excuse that there are no resources for you to achieve your goal or that people who make it do so due to having a good family background or that they live in better countries that push people to success… don’t EVER make any excuse for failure. Strive hard… Work hard….. And in Dr. Dami’s words “if anyone is pulling you back, cut them off”... I’ve learnt that for you to attain your goals, you need people that believe in the goals around you. Time waits for no one. 24 hours in a day is not enough...its all we've got... So make do with what you have.... A word is enough for the wise….he who has ears, let him hear....*folds arms*

I was invited to the party by my friend, Tijani, and I did not regret going. Helen Paul was the Mc and she did a marvelous job. If I didn't  already have my wedding Mc, I would have said Helen Paul would do the job....*smiles*

There was everything at the party…mention it. But I went for my regular. JELLOF RICE. And it jellofed my stomach…hehehe. The band was amazing…the Dj was okay..In all, it was an excellent outing.
Hmmmn...Mobylizers hear ooo * re-ties wrapper + adjusts gele**...The devil wanted to show his sef oo....I almost fell!!… Yes I almost yakata-d on the floor at the party…. There was one evil stone that wanted to cramp my style but Baba God gat me…
I didn’t take a full picture cos I got to the venue late but I took selfies…Here are some of it... and that's Tijani.

feeling sexy... e no easy
 Then I went to see a movie with Leboo... PIXEL.... good movie.. Is it worth going to the cinema for? Abeg download it on your phone jor..*covers face* Not the pirated one o...ehn ehn before they will say I'm encouraging bad tin...hehe

I have this dress I wore for my friend’s wedding sometime last year (you can check it HERE) and that was the last time I wore it.…(I almost gave it away)... Well I decided to give my tailor the dress to do her magic on it and she did....And the dress now looks even better.. I wore it to church on Sunday and everyone loved it. Lesson learnt….don’t always toss out every dress... You can try to revamp it once in a while… I might just do something else to it next year...who knows...*winks*
Last year...... this year (Sunday)
I decided to go to MA kitchen after church with Leboo and I ordered their Fried rice + sea rice and plantain with assorted…*covers face*... After that kind of meal, you become useless!!….You won't be able to  do anything with your body apart from sleep!…so I slepttttttt!!!…. I woke up, thought about my life and slept all night....LOL

That was all I did this weekend…
My weekend is the kinda weekend I want to have all the time...*smiles*

If you didn’t eat jellof rice this weekend, say 'AYE'…… HEHEHE

Have a fabulous week ahead…and don’t forget, money must be made.



  1. the drama queen with a drama filled weekend...lol...atleast you had fun mami..mine was jsust dere..nothing much happened. and yes person gat's to make money joo..that's the most imporant


  2. This Moby she garrit, fine geh she garrit she garrit, she ga ga ga, she garrit...

    Moby to tush, Moby is foine sha, u're so pweedy... Lemme jus kidnap u for my brother jawe.... Happy Birthday in advance dearie... Ehnehn, Moby u know what? Lets celebrate ur birthday plsss... Let it be a get together for we Mobylizers, jus give us address and we sha turn up... At least make we sef join u have fun one weekend... Plss baby don't say no...

    U look so hawt in that picture u took with Tj, btw he is hansum as well.... This ur dress ehn, its splufik, the tailor really did justice to it....

    Hafar with d coke stuff? E don reduce abi stop patapata?

    Regards to Tito to jaye ju... Love ya loads... HBD in Advance Dearie...

  3. NIce px mademoiselle. That your man or a replacement? looks good tho. I dont mind me sum of his brown sugaar seems you having it all.

  4. Gbogbo enjoyment. Moby welldone o dis one you are cozying up with this guy hummn, bt the way i need info on make up classes

  5. mobyyyyyy i like the dress


  6. AYE! Your dress looks more beautiful. You had a nice weekend. Well done 😊!

  7. Happy birthday in advance dear.lovely dress.

  8. I ate jollof but with sense before fitfam expell me

  9. This one looks beter with you not tito joor. when you finally switch just gimme titos num. looks like you want to cos you like youre rily into this guy and he sure is into you lol

  10. Evil arrow go back to your sender..... esu pofo... Let Tito catch you... *silence*

  11. Jellof rice + Coke=Moby
    hehehehehe....mami u fyn scarra i swear(picking tooth things)m
    me love the dress...its beauriful
    My weekend was cool something sha
    Hope u having a wonderful week?
    Remain blessed

  12. aye.......................................................aye.......................... she no wan ferari, she no want buggati she sey na jollof rice na hin she want. They will still use food to carry moby away. ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  13. My drama queen with a drama filled life.. I like the way you have fun when you can. You are lucky to have a partner that complies..


  14. sorry about deleting the first it happens dear, lovely blog you have here!

  15. Great post< this is so fun to read, you have an amazing blog. Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you’s like to so I can follow you right back x


  16. Moby, I knew I liked you for a reason. I'm August born too!!! What date is yours??

  17. Aye... Only you would try and feel sexy with toothpick in your mouth. Lol



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