Friday, 4 September 2015


Good morning mi lovies...
Its been forever I put up a rant post..kai.. Things are definately getting better...hmnn

I'm sorry my rant is coming in late today... I forgot to take pictures of the cards *imagine that*. Please forgive me.
So today I want to rant. You know Moby hardly rants but when she does, you know there is fire on the mountain. I am not a complainer (some evil people will say otherwise now)..I know but I hate it when someone tries to play smart. 
I have accepted the apology of the organisation I am about to put on a blast because they did a good job on what I ordered for, but there is no excuse for me not to tell you guys my ordeal and a do little review of my own. 

So here goes my rant.
*cracks fingers*

Some days ago I was going through Oluwabloom's blog and I noticed she did a review about a printing company called PRINTIVO. She said lots of good things about them and so I decided to check them out.

Printivo is an online printing company. It is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) web-to-print solution, that helps to deliver printed materials such as business cards, letterheads, handbills, greeting cards, envelopes and invitation cards right to customers doorsteps . They are trying to make printing affordable for people and they have designs to suit everyone and any business. The only card design I didn't see on their site was armed robbery business and prostitute cards. Just joking o.  

I remembered Tito had been looking for a good printer to do his business cards and he had been procrastinating doing it so I decided to surprise him, so myself and my colleague (Dr. Dami) got to work and started designing just one business card... one business card o cos you have to be very creative to get a good card.

I wanted something simple and classy and mehn did they have too much template to choose from so myself and my colleague finally agreed on one of the template and we went on to the next level which was designing it.

I only ordered 100 as a test run and so I could see the quality of the cards...which I must say was worth the whole wahala. The quality of the card was fair enough. I give it a 9.

 The first problem I had with their site was trying to adjust the template to my taste. It was kind of difficult. At a point, I had to restart my system cos I thought it was my system messing up but it was still the same problem afterwards.
I had to call them at some point sef cos it was beginning to look like an impossible task to finish.
Then, you have to watch what you are typing carefully cos the letters can just decide to go crazy on you and then GBAM you have helicopter instead of aeroplane. Just joking o but something like that.

I think they have to do something about educating their customer service about what they do and how they do it in the company. At a point, I felt like the person I was talking to had no idea of what I was saying and so she had to refer me to another person. But she was very polite all through.

I got my delivery in 6 working days...SIX... when I was promised 2 working days. I cannot believet mehn... I was so angry I even called them once to cancel my order. But the customer service rep didn't even give me the chance to say CANCEL talkless of MY ORDER. She did well. I give her thumbs up for that. And then she kept calling all day to apologise and confirm if I got my order...even said I should forgive the company on her behalf. For why na???

Then you have an option of attaching pictures but when I did, it gave me a totally different result. I just deleted it and used a plain background. Abi..

I like the fact that they have the option of people uploading their own design. I think when you do, you pay less. I dunno o. Not very sure. You can confirm on their instagram page.

I like the table card holder they placed the cards in...It is super cute.

The delivery guy was also very nice. He was begging and pleading on behalf of his people. I like when everyone cares about where they work. I have had an encounter with a particular company (I won't mention names so the guy won't lose his job). The delivery guy was so rude and he didn't care that he was an ambassador of his company. He talked anyhow and when he delivered the chocolate my colleague ordered, it was in shambles and he didn't give a hoot. But this printivo guy was cool.

All in all, I give them a 7. I am not a witch o. Na true I dey talk. I would have given them a 10 if they had not delayed my order and if I was able to design without wahala but all in all, I will still use them again. I hope they see this and they send my cards immediately I click on order cos if they delay my order again kperen, I would sue them.

I think everyone should have a business card or a personal card. The way the world is revolving, people will not ask for your number anymore. Before you start saying my number is 08087...they would move to the next option ni. They would ask for your business/ personal card. People do not even ask  for pins anymore, they scan barcodes and that's it. The last time someone asked me for my phone, he went to my bbm and scanned my barcode and I was looking like a zombie cos I didn't even know it worked (shame on me). So I suggest that you guys check them out and get your own cards. See free advert o..kai. 

I think I am generous with this my rant. I was so angry yesterday, I threatned to do a bad review on my blog. Kaiii... I am a terrorist kai.

Thanks so much for stopping by...
Now I have calmed down cos Tito loved his card and everyone else did... *takes a bow*. Ayam a good geh frend o..*bats lashes*



  1. Great review, seems like a good enough company. And great card design and concept. Greetings and best wishes!

  2. Lols now you have given them one customer. This one is not a rant jare, just six days ya here complaining shiorr me one online place I wouldn't mention has taken as much as a month before #rollseyes

  3. Any review is a good review depending on how u look at it. if u know how many customer you just git them. I love this blog. I would have ti read all your posts now. Diary of a blog addict

  4. now i have to use them.the card isbeautiful.

  5. But you this geh I am angry o. I did a review on them earlier and I mentioned all the problems you just wrote so if you read my posts you won't have been so angry. I have already gotten angry for both of us. You are so right. They are a really good company. Unfortunately my cards can't be used where I am now. I have to print a new set.....#sadface

  6. I have used printivo before and I had no problem with them. In fact they delivered the next day. It's sad you had a bad experience with them.
    Your cards are nice.

  7. First time I am a reading a not-so-good review about them. Everybody says awesome things about printivo on twitter. Nice cards


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