Wednesday, 2 September 2015



I had to double check google for my post title. It means it was a fun weekend *covers face*
So I have officially arrived.... I'm sure when I said I was going out the country, most of you thought I was going abroad... Very soon...very very soon in Jesus name.

How are you and how was your weekend? 

My weekend was shakitibobo (meaning AMAZING) I travelled to Accra Ghana and mehn did I have fun even though it was for a very short time (2 days) but it was worth it. This weekend download is just going to be pictures with little captions underneath... I really do not want to bore you guys.
The hotel we lodged in gave us free breakfast.. I liked :)
Scary right? Hahaha... Going out to the mall
Who starts their day without a good selfie...Hello
Leboo doesn't know how to smile for a good selfie... I should put an evil cap on this picture...hehe

Ghana's mall is amazing.. Very long and big.. I walked half the mall and begged leboo to carry me. He couldn't so we gave up the journey of checKing out the entire mall. Ikeja city mall is a learner beside Ghana's mall..kai

We went to eat after leaving the mall... I might decide to move to Ghana...just because of their food. Now i'm hungry *sad face*
Bright, our cab driver. 
I had to take a picture of our waitress. She was super nice..and fine.. Tito was even scoping her...haaaaa
Tito's food. Banku and groundnut soup with goat meat
My food. Fufu and palm nut soup with red fish... The fufu was amazeballs..kai
I ordered this crab and it was the best crabs I've tasted in my entire life...kai
Bright's food. Fufu and groundnut soup...hmnn
Their coke is not as sexy as ours. Smaller bottle and doesn't taste like ours...fini
On our way to the hotel, we decided to go GO KARTING. My first time though... I liked it

Then we played game afterwards... After we were done, we realized MONEY E HAFF FINISH. Hahahahaha... Tito will kill me for including this part..

We got back to he hotel and I decided to rest and like flash, I couldn't find Leboo anywhere. I went to look for him and I found him stealing champagne and biscuit in the kitchen.... NOTE: not true story but that's what it looked like...haha

Saturday, we decided to go to the Art market... Beautiful place indeed...

Then we decided to go and see a few of our Ghanaian friends... We had to rush everything cos we had limited time to spend in Ghana *sad*. I made up my mind to taste Ghana jollof rice so as to make sense of this Nigeria - Ghana jollof rice argument.
Ghana jollof rice is fake jollof rice... Naija jellof rice beats it hands down.. I just had to taste it.. Ghanaians are missing big time
Then I ordered fufu to compensate for the fake jellof rice. Their fufu makes too much sense o...hmnnn

And then off to the beach
Hooked up with a few friends.. That's Gift and Lukman.

I am a good photographer... I know. Thank you very much *takes a bow*

Notice my new Ghana sandal. I will rock it till the sandal runs away from my house..haha

Photo bomber...haha

And that is the end of my Ghana chillingz.
Overall, Accra is a beautiful city. I was comparing everything to Lagos most of the time. The people, the market, the food, their dance, their history e.t.c. If you've travelled to all the four corners of the Earth and you've not been to Ghana, I think you are missing.

Moby came back to Lagos with extra 3 kg added to her weight... NOOOOOOO..... WHYYYYY?????? Evil people at work on my case o. Okay o *sad face*

Let me surprise you guys. Did you know that some people do not know who Olamide is (the shakitibobo guy)? That is like super weird. I opened my mouth when I asked some people about him and they said 'Who is he?'. I wan die...haha

So if anyone had a better weekend than Moby's, then my next trip would definately be to the moon and I will now hear what you will say next.

So what did I miss? Who missed me cos I missed everyone. I really did...

Oya gist me o..

Eti sen?

Me daa si (check google o)..hahaha


  1. U came to Ghana and u didn holla me??well,by the way,i see u had fun at the westhills mall.btw,its just one of the malls..there is still more to see in Ghana..i could have taken u guys to see loads of places in accra im sure u would have loved.btw,whats ur title trying to say??i cant understand ur

    1. Kaiiiiii...see my yansh in the open o. Okay it means I HAD A FUN WEEKEND. When next I'm coming to Ghana, I plan to spend a week so I can go everywhere possible. And I think I would need your help...buh until then please stick around..mwaahhhh

  2. Looks like loads of fun, lovely photos indeed!

  3. Yeah, Ghana is a good place to go to, just for the experience. Apart from that, it is just very regular, except the Arts Centre. Everyone should go there. One would really be spoilt for choice.

    Close Shaves Series – part 7. The Internet Plan story

  4. See this geh o!! Enjoyment full your body o. I am jealous. My own time is coming. Let me call my travel agent, i need to go somewhere and post pictures too.....#iwouldshowyoutoo

  5. You had fun! Nice and exiting pictures.

  6. Oooooosssshhheeeeyy Turn uP! See Moby International looking like a pimpim and all.. iTrip biko.. Weldone Nne.. Weldone.. and my ami glad that you had mega fun Bubba... This was such a ghen ghen read.. as i smiled all through.. May GOD bless and keep You and your Oga Boss all day everyday.. and the crowd goes.. Ammmmeeen.... This was so much fun to read fa.. **in 1 + TheONE's voice.. i Lovvvvveeeettt. :)

  7. Gurl you having fun.wthout me o.and you added 2kg.without me.there is god o

  8. Ghana is a very interesting place.Really cool place indeed. Tola

  9. all i can see is that hot good looking man in singklet! omg! ijust wet my

  10. looks like you guys had a fun weekend. envy much

  11. Pretty Moby and handsome Leeboo:)
    You look hawwwtttt :)

  12. Look like you had great fun Moby - I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Ur lipstick is lovely - really suits you. :)

  13. i was waiting for you to mention Ghana jollof and you didn't disappoint me. Haha. Glad you had fun.


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