Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hey Booboolies of the Booboolized community (that sounded super cool in my head). 

Whagwan ma niggas.... Mehn I'm back like play like play o. There is God in everything we are doing sha.
I've missed you all like ki lo n banging si mi leti... hahaha *covers face*.. I am still tush..Don't get it twisted..*winks*

So..... while I was on sabbatical, I got this inspiration about this post. I did not say divine inspiration o... Don't know how or why but I found myself making up this post and thinking to myself, "DO IT". Hahaha.... 

Please, this post is for age 18 and above. If you are 17 and half years old, please leave NOW. If your parents catch you, don't say it is me o. I will not take the fall for this at all. 

Today, girls, let’s discuss the ‘Big O’-related questions. I’ll admit, this is the topic you are always interested in but a little bit self-conscious to talk about....abi I lie?

 Some days ago, a friend of mine (who is a guy) confided in me about the Big O question and I'm thinking to myself 'Moby you are a bad geh...why is it you they are always asking bad questions ehn?'. But one thing (or two things) that I have realized about myself is I have my way of making people super comfortable around me and I know too many things for my age. Too many things. Trust me you do not want to spend a day in my head. Hahaha
This is how I feel my brain is always like...
...That's because I read alot and I ask loads of questions. My doctor friends can testify to that. I am no hypocrite and I am very realistic... I see a lot of Christians push people out of the church all in the name of 'Holier than thou". Nobody holy pass o. Let us just seek wisdom the right way. Even the bible says in Proverbs 4 "P
ay attention and gain understanding."

Back to my gist, Scientists say the Big O is just a reflex of the autonomic nervous system.
This so-called reflex gives us the widest range of feelings and emotions. And the fact that it’s short-lived makes it even more pleasurable. It’s the only thing that feels better than biting a chocolate cake after the diet. But these few seconds of pleasure aren’t so easy as they may seem. Sometimes things get complicated at the crucial ‘O’ moment. That’s why hitting the information about ‘G-spot’, and ‘O-spot’ has become a girls’ hobby. It’s possible to learn to be orgasmic (or to become more orgasmic) knowing some tips and tricks that can help us, girls, to reach the ‘Holy Grail’ of intimacy and maybe teach the married folks how to bring the game on in the bedroom. Here are some incredible guidelines to enter the ‘Sexual Wonderland’.
Seriously??? I'm doing this
1. How long does it take to cross the finish line?
To start an orgasm successfully, women need to be having ‘good sex’. I know this sounds vague but your guy needs to know how to bring you along, oh so slowly, caressing your back, your neck, kissing you in those special places.Hmnnnn....
 The more kisses you give, the more your blood flow increases. The foreplay makes women super sensitive. Then starts the next level and it’s so important not to spoil everything because it’s easy to ruin your day's hardwork. The wrong move, the needless word, the unfriendly orgasm position – all these factors matter and you both should pay extra attention to them being between the sheets. There's this myth that a woman needs more than an hour to reach the point of the biggest sexual satisfaction. Quite literally 20 minutes of well played sexual intercourse is enough to reach the peak. As for the orgasm duration, unfortunately it can’t be more than 20 seconds. Then the lactogenic hormone blocks your sexual impulses for an hour, right at the moment your brain got the signal of satisfaction.
2. Making noise and talking dirty sometimes enhances the orgasm. 
Oh yeees! This is the perfect chance to scream and shout as much you want. You can also moan, grunt or sigh. Your sexual sounds bring your lovemaking drive and energy up to their highest centers. A friend of mine was gisting about the worse orgasmic sound he has heard in his lifetime. It sounded like this..... *I will try not to laugh at this point* "Yeeee....Mogbe o...Moku o..bee ni... Ohhhh... Save me... Rush me... Noooo... Yesss"..

and it continue till about 30 seconds.

I am not saying that's bad but the truth about orgasm is you can never control what you say or do. You just blurt it out as you feel it *covers face*. 

3. Some sex positions are more orgasm-friendly
Did you know that some guys take individual classes called ‘She won’t fake it anymore’ where they learn about these orgasm-inducing techniques.
  Try to experiment with several poses to choose the best range of motion and angles to reach the right spots. After a couple of sessions, you’ll have some pretty good ideas how both of you should move.
P.S. The ‘Doggie Style’ and ‘Woman on the Top’ a.k.a. ‘Lazy Doggie’ are the most popular O-inducing positions because they stimulate a woman’s vaginal walls more thoroughly (I had to check google for that).
So at this point, I think I have said enough.*getting ready to run off*
NOTE: If you are not married, do not try this. You shall learn about your Big-O when you find your husband or your wife.

I am an ambassador for Abstinence and/or safe sex. IF YOU MUST DO IT, PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF.

I remain loyal as always.
Remember, nothing good comes easy. You have to work for it.




  1. Hi moby,,,am a first timer,,I fell in love with ur blog while u were MIA,recently...

    Love u xooo mch joor...
    4 dis post,,,,,hmmmm ur a bad geh oh...
    Wt dz ur knowledgeI hope don p is safe*wink*

    1. Hahahaa.... Thanks for joining us here Oyce..God bless you. Mwahhhhhhhhhhh.....

  2. Moby e have baje went on leave and came back with plenty agro in your body.kikikikiki. I like that you are a versatile blogger.we nevr know what to expect from you which is what keeps people coming back for more. Omg at the woman with the funny orgasm. I have heard worse. beat it tap it squeeze it its happening now nooooo yessss wait. women are just a calabash of strange happenings.nice piece

  3. Welcome back Moby,I came here while you were away. Am glad you are back,this post needs practical class o DIY photos will be better,covers eyes and runs away,team abstinence,#newijeshawife#

  4. moby is back with her mischieviousness.nice post. hope the men can see this hashtag make us happy o

  5. Errm, after all that has been said, we need practical classes for us to fully understand what has been taught, where is d laboratory?

  6. OMG... This is too funny. For everyone that wants to practice, go and carry your wife or your husband and practice. Welcome back dear

  7. So hilarious! Sex is better enjoyed when it is done between man and woman who are husband and wife

  8. loool...the expert is teaching us... we learn new things everyday...future hubby better get back my love

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  10. Hehehe..welcome back! This post ehn.. Hmmm. My eyes are watching you.

  11. From a man's perspective, the main thing is to know how to treat a woman like a Queen if u want her to relly be satisfied!!! Foreplay is way more important than most men think!! A good way to start is to carry ur Queen to a comfortable place (bed, couch) and start by gently massaging, caressing, and kissing her feet! From there work ur way up her legs to u know where...Will work like a charm :)

    1. Dear Anonymous 16: 33:00 GMT.. ya the real MVP aswear... :)

  12. Totally agree with the last commenter. You must be a guy. Hmnnnn. Tola

  13. **Clears throat... aYam here for the comments :)

  14. Okay! Just because Eet eez Moby! i shall haf to drop my Comment **Winks.. Sex is Prime in life.. But what aYaf learnt eez that its the foreplay that matters the most.. I mean the neck kissing.. The many many promises we make when arroused.. The Whispering in her Ears.. The pressing of her boobs.. et al.. All in all though... Its an activity that should not be Rushed but enjoyed... Cheers Bubba..

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