Friday, 23 October 2015


Thank God it's Friday o.....

 Yes I am happy it's Friday. This week has been very slow and I was really praying for today (and almost even fasted sef). I have been feeling a little under the weather and I know I need to rest mehn... But I will do that this weekend. No owanbe, no party, just sleep. And my weekend download will be 'AND MOBY SLEPT'. The end.
I want to still say a big thank you to you guys mehn. The amount of calls I have received in 3 days from both anonymous and the ones I know have been mind-boggling. So you guys even missed me but none of you volunteered to take me to Dubai so I can get my groove back ehn? *folds arms...sulking*

Thank you all so much. I am feeling like Beyonce right now mehn....shiii. Like my dear Duru will say "My flabber have been gasted'. God bless you all. May you always be remembered in Jesus name.

So I want to see the amount of buttys and ajepakos we have here. Leboo once called me PAKO-BUTTER. I am a mixture of both. I can thrive anywhere...just bring it on. I can use fork and knife and even form briti-american accent join....and I can also use my finger and use coke to wash my hand when I'm done *covers face*.

If you have an idea of the pictures below, just say 'AYE'. And if you don't, when next you see me, just kneel down to greet me cos I am your egbon (elder).
I did this plenty times...there was nothing to cover then
My sister fell in love with a guy because of this...its called CATAPULT
Lola come over here....we took this all the time when we attended Ogba Primary School...hehe
Lemme not lie....I did not drink any of this...but I have seen the bottle before*covers face*
My fave was the rectangular one on the left...can't explain the taste but it is sweet sha
This chewing gum saved lives in Primary school...I learnt how to make the smacking gum sound with Banana chewing gum..yaaay
No birthday in the 90s was complete without cabin biscuit.... kai

I truly did not meet this one...I'm sure Tito didn't too
Stove iron...the iron of the lower class...haha. I still have one in my house sef... NEVER EVER TRUST PHCN I'm hungry..kai
So I think I have been able to prove to y'all that I am an old woman. I am not your mate at all at my lips..I am not your mate o. Don't try me. Just took you all back memory lane and tell us that Moby is an old soul... She don ol'.

Anyways, you all should have an amazing weekend. Send me your owanbe pictures and make me jealous.

And so I open the door to a blessed, peaceful weekend. Please don't drink and drive... I love you too much...



  1. Hehehe...mhen,children of dz generation have got nuffin on us. ..u see dat okin busicuit,d round one,I neva really liked it,buh eating one cld fill,,,,Àye!!!!!!

  2. 4 d cabin biscuit,I always thought d peeps at d front cover looked ugly,,,till today dey are still d ones dere.

    1. Hahaha,,,,,and they still look very ugly jor..hehe

  3. Lmao @ wash ur hand with coke, I remember most of these things and they bring back memories, the kids of this generation are missing big.

    1. Gb, how old are you? Mehn I used to think you were a 20s baby o...haha...just joking. The kids of this generation will have no good memories like us jor...their buttiness is too much..kai

  4. I did almost everything and that cabin bisuit was the issh then... now na fake we get plenty

  5. Thank God moby is back... I so much miss you and your effizy blog *smiles* please don't leave again ooo..last warning! Lol


    1. My dear Bibs, where art thou been na??? I will not go again..don't worry dear *mwaahhhh*

  6. I know every single thing here, and met them. You therefore should be kneeling down for me,


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