Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Where are all these shildren???
Oh..there you are...

What's crackalacking???
I hope I didn't put your eyes on the road (se mi o sha fi oju e sona) *yoruba interpretations sha*...

Today's post is one of my very random post..very very random... I didn't even think of the post sef before putting it up.. Please ignore typos o...


I am  a lot of things
Yes I know....I am a handful... but I am
  • not a thief.... the only thing I steal this days is Tito's money
  • not a hypocrite
  • not  a ass licker... People say we need to do a lil bit of a**kissing to get some favors. I do not judge but I am terrible at it.
  • not a murderer.
  • a helpless romantic... as opposed to what a  lot of you think *covers face*. I fall in love hopelessly.
  • not perfect.... I make mistake... a whole lot of them. I mess up... most of the time. I have evil thoughts (I have killed a lot of people in my head)... I make stupid decisions.. I am very impulsive. I still get a little conscious of myself and my flaws.. I sin (Yes I sin) but then I always remind myself of how my imperfections make me who I am. I am Moby afterall...

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend and she was going to describe a certain person and she said "That babe with two left legs....the one with scars on her hand" and at that moment, I thought to myself... If anyone was going to describe me, what adjective would they use. Will they say 'That girl with two big front tooth and has a big head' or 'That girl that likes to talk and make people laugh'

I went to see my bestie today and I made her laugh all through. She didn't know but all through my stay with her, I was just thinking to myself "what's making this one laugh sef... see her small head" and she just kept on laughing at my dry jokes. I know she'll kill me when she sees this *covers face* but the truth is I always want to put a smile on people's faces. I do not want to hear about how sad you are all the time or how depressed you are...I just want you to be happy... and this little blog of mine is my own avenue of doing that.

Once I met a blog reader and she said "Moby I just love your blog. Makes me feel like I'm gisting with you... Before nko *winks at Ope*. That's the aim. To make everyone feel at home.

My weekend was SLEEPFUL... And Moby slept....hehe

Thanks for your time mi lovies. 

In the words of a wise man, thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time..even though I know it was less.

I have an hilarious post for y'all... See ya tomorrow...Lemme go and get ready for it *runs off*



  1. Ass licker sounded a lil bit arghhhhh. Licking ass ewwhhhh like licking somebody's bum yuck. lol

  2. What a delightful post. Hope the week's going great for you. Greetings!

  3. Hi moby. I nominated you for an award. Please follow this link to see and respond. Thanks. http://www.hattylolla.com/2015/10/my-husbands-name-is-sisterhood-of-world.html

  4. It's feels good to be back here:)
    Being imperfect is universal but owning it and living confidently is more inportant:)
    How are you girl?
    The Beautiful Eagle

  5. You are damn right i'm goina kill u

  6. moby you romantic?/ if i hear.you that have stone heart hahahahahahahhahahaha.love you dear. Tola


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