Friday, 6 November 2015


I have come again...
I have come again...
Mobylizers I have come again....
Holyspirit come and take control

I know a lot of you are yinmu-ing at me right now...even me sef I am yinmu-ing at my self
Truthfully I have been busy. Have you ever had to dump everything just to complete one thing? (I hope I just made sense sha)... Well I needed to complete a task that involved the whole of my attention and so I had to take casual leave.. e ma binu. Someone even threatned to bomb blogsville if  come back with the excuse of sabbatical... Oya no sabbatical casual leave this time. Hehehe

Whagwan mi lovies... What's crackalacking???
I have been up to so many things of late. Where do I start from?

Okay I have decided to embrace my natural hair journey well.. The hair has suffered. I show my hair very little attention but the hair has decided to grow irrespective... So I am an affiliate of African Naturalistas hair product. If you are a natural hair owner (cos its your hair na so you are the landlord of your head) or if you have relaxed hair on your head (you are still a landlord), please order your hair product, from oils to butters to accessories. I could do free long as you stay in Ogba or Ikeja..hehe.

Also, I noticed I've been a giver of late which is very very weird for me. Hol up... I am not a selfish I am not. I could be selfish with my shoes and that's because I feel most people will not rock it the way i'll rock it (you get my drift shey?) but I used to give back then with the thought in mind. One of my goals at the beginning of the year was spiritual upliftment in every area and being a cheerful giver is one of it. I am not where I want to be now o but I still have 55 more days mehn... We are getting there...Yipeee

I just want to use this opportunity to apologise to everyone I might have offended, knowingly and unknowingly. I am very sorry but the truth is my brain has too much charge and if I don't cause wahala, I might just explode. The few people that understand me know that I mean no harm. Really I don't. So Mobylizers, Moby is sorry for anything you are angry about. Maybe I once omitted your name when I was giving shout outs, or I show one person more preference than the other, no be me o. Or I forgot to reply your comment but I did to other comments, I swear it was a mistake. Please forgive me. I really do love y'all and I appreciate the comments and the likes. God bless us all.
Its FRIDAY mehnnn..... Yipeeeee... And I have decided in my church mind to SLEEP. No unnecessary waka (outing) this weekend. But if you have an owanbe, invite me o...lemme come and shake my bombom... hehe




  1. Apology accepted. As for me, no shaking of bombom this weekend. Lemme relax a bit and take little break from owambe

  2. weekend download Again dz week?

  3. Replies
    1. YOU ARE WELCOME.. YOU ARE WELCOME...TO THIS FAMILY OF GOD. Where are all my choiristers na and where is our choir master, Duru?
      Welcome darling. You are officially a mobylizer after you chop this first timer kiss... oya take am. Mwahhhhhhhhhh

  4. Moby m like you too..i don't like borrowing out my shoes at all.. Happy weekend darling...

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. our very own shoe whore will never lend her shoe for whatever

  5. Awesome Moby.. Ur Apology is Accepted o but we need to be appeased with orisirisi nkan, Me i want one of ur shoes... I promise I will rock it well.., Lol.

    More grease to ur elbow, more money to ur account, more love to u from Tito and more spiritual blessings from God.

    Love u too hun.

  6. I am not accepting your apologies o....You would just be doing disappearing act up and down..... It is not good o

  7. Kindly give me tips on how to go natural. I think I'm interested in going natural after I take off my weavon. I have anew lottabody I bought five months ago. Don't know why have not used it. Lazy me.

  8. you should just feature in disappearing act.

  9. Lool. Nice . Me I am slowly losing my giving ways. I am praying to God to help me


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