Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Hey booboolies and booboopas...(How does my brain work? Haha)

 What's going on??? 
How's your week going? 
It's Wednesday already and the weekend is closer than I thought. My Jollof rice spree is all I'm  looking forward to this weekend. Someone said she doesn't understand our love for jollof rice. Someone else said she prefers fried rice...mmbo. Why na. Jollof rice is the ishh mehn. Is it the burnt effect or the colour or the aroma... skalabagata ma ma ma...*God forgive me o*. Fried rice ain't bad seeing its healthy cos of the vegetables but not like my jellof rice. 

Enough of my stupid cravings this afternoon.   So we got a Dear Moby in our archive today. You know the way we do it. For the first timers in the house, Dear Moby is a series I started to help my fellow mobylizers on issues close to their heart. I like to see myself as a psychologist, counsellor and helper. So if there's anything  you are going through and you think you need a second or third opinion, just send to my mail and you have the rights to tell me to publish or not. Everything we say is confidential. So Let's do this... let's help a fellow Mobylizer. Please no insults o. Thanks

Dear Moby,
I don't know how you people do it but relationships can be hard. I see a lot of happy smiling couples on Instagram and I'm thinking to myself how and where I went wrong with mine.

So I have been dating this guy for 10 months. Amazing guy. He is handsome, cool, nice, very playful, he is razz and toosh at the same time, he makes me laugh and the sex? Don't let me type that because I know you have a lot of christian readers and I do not want to be judged.

The problem now is he gives off a player vibe. If you see him, you will conclude that he is a player. I can't explain it. I don't know if its the way he smiles or the way he talks but ladies just like him. I know he loves me. I over know it because all the time I try to push him off, he keeps coming back. The latest problem now is I went through his phone "hashtag Team Snoop" and there's this girl I have been suspecting him with. She calls all the time and when I confront him, he says I'm paranoid and she's just a friend. I noticed he changed the girl's name on his BBM and that made me check their chat. He tells her everything which I felt was something special we shared. That wasn't even the painful part. He told the girl that he likes her and she said she likes him too. I decided to confront him and he said he didn't mean it like he loved her. That he meant that he liked her like a friend. At that point, I felt stupid for thinking this boy would look me in the face and lie like that to me. 

I don't know what to do. I have made up my mind not to let him get to me. I have decided to take care of myself more and not take the relationship as serious as I used to but I am angry that he would cook up something as stupid as explaining what he meant by he likes a girl. 

That's my chronicle.

From a broken hearted.

Dear Broken hearted, I feel your pain. Trust me when I say I feel your pain.  I have been through worse. My ex could lie for Nigeria and America would decide to give us their land and all their resources join. He could lie and the sun would become cold. I am terrible with paradoxes mehn. I could go on and on. Once, I saw an 'I love you' message on his phone that he sent a girl and when I asked him, he said it was a typo and that he meant to write something else. I wanted to faint... like seriously. So trust me when I say I understand how you feel. But here's what I think you should do, if you're not thinking of breaking up with him o. I think you guys should talk. Talk about how important the relationship means to you both. Is it worth fighting for? Ask him if the girl is worth breaking up the relationship because the truth is, you are lucky you found this one out...what of the ones you have no idea of. If you still feel like you're being cheated on, call me and we would think of other options...okay.

My opinion is my opinion. Would love to read what you all think she should do . Thanks as you do.


  1. Lol my love for jollof is too much.

    To the writer, talk to him, tell him how this friendship with this girl is affecting the relationship. If he takes you serious he will reduce their convos.

    In the meantime, enjoy your life!

    Fashion Hub With Tosyne

  2. and she is intelligent to.Moby what are you not again. Really proud of you dear.

  3. You are making me crave jollof rice this morning Moby stop oo lolz.
    Back to the MOG i don't know what's with guys and babes these days o. The number of mails i get also prompted me to introduce this segment on my blog.
    Please Moby keep it going never knew you were doing this please lets continue you never know how many hearts we are saving..
    So poster, you have said it all the guy is a player and will always cheat on you. It's now up to you to decide if you can cope with it or not that is if you guys have future plans but if not, aside what Moby adviced i advice you have a rethink..

  4. Moby has said it. Deal with it or get out but talk to him first. That's why I love dating older married men. No stress at all

  5. OH please! Jollof is over hyped,give me white rice and stew everyday.

  6. Iwo nikan tan moby counsellor helper guidian why,good advice though

  7. lmfao.. i too love Jellof

  8. mbok jollof over fried . YYou have done justice to the problem. Mcee


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