Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello lovie boo boo lees... 

What's crackalacking???
How you feel... how you feel... how you feeling?
You only live once...that's the motto.. n*&%a YOLO *listening to Drake and I'm just feeling my moves*...hehe

Dancing on my chair like... i dun kurrr
What do I have for us today? 

Yesterday, I was talking with a guy... more like he was talking to me and this guy was awesome. I'm sure Boo is about to have a heart attack..hahaha. Yes this guy was awesome...with his English. I was in shock... fine boy with amazing English... So I was walking home from work jejely and I felt someone tap me. I turned and I see this cute boy smiling sheepishly. Immediately omo boy opened his mouth, I was
 Before I continue, I am not perfect. Yes I gbagaun from time to time. Yes I have the H- factor (I'm sure some of you are like 'na lie jor... Moby that likes English'... taaa I have H-factor o) but everyday, I consciously try to improve myself. I see a word and immediately I google it, try to use it in a sentence and it sticks. 

Have you ever had that OMG moment when you sound like Wole Soyinka or Patrick Obahiagbon? I have it sometime. I'm talking and I just use one big word in a sentence and I'm thinking "Moby Moby... you sure sey that English correct like that sha". This happens unconsciously because of a conscious effort I made in the past. I am not trying to brag but the truth is we can't be friends and not each other the truth. A lot of us are just pure lazy. We are comfortable with what we are, who we are and where we are that we never try to improve ourselves. We don't read... Remember the saying "Want to hide a secret from a n*&^A, PUT IT IN A BOOK". Let's all emulate the habit of reading..

One day, I saw Leboo reading and I was like
Leboo is smart.. yes he is a smart pelsin but I hardly see him read.... Apparently the boy was snitch-reading behind me. You know those friends you have/had in school that would play from morning to night and party with you but at night, they would read and when its time for exams, they would have A's. Yes Leboo is a snitch... he belongs to that category.

Anyways, what was I saying? Bobo was just killing me softly with his gbagauns. Started with "You looks beauty" (not exaggerating). "I like to know you and be friending you". Maybe he meant befriend you or be friends with you, I still don't get but there and then, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel... I got an inspiration for a post. 

So, today is Gbagaun free day. Let the gbagauns begin. I loving you since tori torun because you made my heart to be going skele skele skolo skolo.... Ha wee always loff you all plenty.

I am terrible at intentional gbagaun but mehn I am a pro when I am not even trying...hehe.

Let's see who can gbagaun most...

The 1st, 3rd and 5th person would get free airtime from me. Just leave your comment and your email and ama holla at you. 



  1. Hahaha babe you're funny
    Oya love try still nah lol

    *my rove for u is so big that efen liver naija can not swallow me if a jump inside*. I try lol

  2. Your dancing moves kwa is a very disastering something. let your oga boss catch you been dey dance yolo then you shall know you can live more than twice. kedu. i roff you plenty bebe.LOL. Crazy moby.

  3. I remembered over hearing my neighbors son telling his friends that his girlfriend jilted him because she said he's not "lomantic". That word go me rolling on the floor.

  4. Ello Bae you knows inglish ez not eazy


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