Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hello booshello baes...
Ske ske robo ske.....robo ske ske robo...lmao

Aswear that sounds like a cult greeting in a yoruba movie...lol...starring Muka ray and Yomi Adebayo....lol

Ok...*composes self*....back to the matter..
 Whaat Yall up tooo??? Sneh....LoL
I know what you want...yes YOU!!!

My weekend shinanigans???? Abi?...LOL..Ok where do I start from...errrr.... It was awesome....very interesting... but stressful o... Kai!! I have never ever been so tired in my life the way I was tired over the weekend.....I'll explain..

First, I need to show you all an old picture of me at an owanbe... I have always loved owanbes... kai. See my mouth...
She cute...
Then I promised I was going to eat jellof rice all through the weekend… well… I DID!!!!! Hahaha. Oya let me make your mouth water small. 
This was on Friday
 Nothing on Sunday..*sad face*
Well my weekend started with a vigil in church....(Yeah on Friday *rolls eyes*)... You can imagine how tired I was..
On Saturday morning, I had to meet up with a bride/client at Ikotun for her wedding makeover....Church is in Ogba..So you should know Ikotun would be like travelling from Ghana to Nigeria by roadhehe..

Her engagement was to start at 8 am and I knew I had to get to her place at 6 am. The vigil ended at 4 am I couldnt even sleep so I went home, took a quick shower and left home straight for Ikotun.... Thanks to Leboo who was available.... God bless him for me greatly....kisses + hugs. We didnt get to Ikotun until about 7 am so I had to rush the makeup process.. This bride was super calm.. Well I had worked with her before.. I did her introduction makeover (there was no post on it cos I was on my sabbatical..hehe) but here's a picture.

 She was really super calm and even when the lipstick colour wasnt working, she didnt shout (trust me I have had a bridezilla attack before who used her mouth to destroy everything). The only thing I didnt like was the number of people around. I hate doing a makeover when a lot of people are hovering around me and the client.... It slows me down cos I get distracted by the noise and the hoo haa ohhh and then telling people to move cos they are in my space..its just annoying.. and then the issue of people going through the makeup artists box...*faints*. I have heard of stories of people picking up things from  make up boxes all in the name of "lemme quicky re-draw my brows"...or "lemme just use powder to touch my face"....next thing all your brushes are gone *folds arms*I have even experienced it...personally. Anyways the bride turned out HAWT and everyone was happy. Heres what she looked like
Makeup by Moby 
Picture is blurr...dunno why o but I had to upload it 

 I took plenty selfies cos I tried to look fine small na..hehe. Here's what I looked like with my friends.. 

So with how tired I was, after the vigil and not sleeping,then themakeover, Leboo said he had to make another wedding..in another place.. At that point, I was already sleep walking.... I couldnt even walk well...LOl.. so we left that wedding, for Leboo's friends own.
When we got to the reception and sat down, I knew if I had 1 more second sitting, I would doze off and start drooling on the table so I asked that I be excused. I barely got to the car and Leboo calls to say the bride had a makeup mishap and asked if I wanted to save the day… My brain was suggesting all the sleep positions I could take in the car at that point but my heart was saying MOBY SAVE THE DAY as I am a superwoman na...*Pops collar + swishes cape*. I carried my box and went back to the reception area and when I saw the bride, I wanted to ask to see the makeup artist that destroyed a fine womans face all in the name of makeup....*evil pipu*.. It was bad.. I was like 

and then...

 Even a non- makeup artist wouldnt do such havoc on a bride... I mean it is supposed to be someones weddingsomeones special day.
The bride looked like this.. I am joking

 "NOTE TO MY FUTURE WEDDING MUA: if I dont look like Kim Kardashian on my wedding day, you will die ni"hahaha. Make sure your contour removes all the baby fat I have in my cheek and the highlight had better highlight my future join..LOL..

 It was bad First, I had to clean off most of the foundation on her face cos it had already caked and formed different colours. I took foundation and blended her face, changed her lip colour and powdered her face and that was all. She looked a hundred times better than she did when I first saw her. Immediately I packed my load and went to sleep in the car. She was just praying and prayingthe photographers didnt even let me hear word at all..they just kept on thanking me. Leboo said the bride smiled all through cos that was all she needed. I was the miracle she needed. Unfortunately,I didn't take any pictures.

Advice to everyone: On your wedding day, dont do akagum and go for cheap cheap everything. Go for good quality. You dont have to pay a million..but make sure youre paying for quality..please

Church was good on Sunday...It was the grand finale of a week long prayer conference program in my Church...And it was powerful... The way I see Sundays and church, its like a place to re-energise me and get me ready for a new week. When I dont go to church on a Sunday, I feel so ordinary on Monday. I dunno if anyone feels the same way sha.

So, who had more fun than me. If you talk kperen, I will look for you and I dont even know what Ill do sef..hahaha. I am the only person allowed to have fun on weekends.

 So gist me whagwan mehnhehe


  1. Funny gehl....Even with how tired you were after the vigil, you still were able to make it up to the bride. That's so nice of you. but where's our cake and jollof rice nahh?

    1. I had to o...money haff been paid na..hehe. Thanks dear... even me sef no see cake chop but the rice, let's see in camera..hehe

  2. U did an amazing job. The bride looked way better and i think she should continue wearing makeup. she looks better with it. Tola

  3. You did an amazing job dear..
    You're beautiful and funny too lol


  4. Lol... this cracked me up esp the pics of your reaction to the bad makeup.

    You have a nice talent here, the bride is so beautiful thanks to you. That Friday jellof rice is mouth watering.


    1. Thanks Miriam... it was mouth watering and sweet..hehe

  5. heheheheheh interesting.. Okay "Highlight my future" Got me really bad! heheheheh eezz not a joking things oh! It is well.. oh! Doesnt it feel so great Dear Moby! To be needed and to HacSHually be able to do the needful! Weldone nne.. But wait oh! Holl uP! Women like Weddings sha.. I mean my Saturdays for me are either for meetings or for Sleeping all through (after Market shopping for Dr. Duru).. Oh well.. What more can we say.. "Women are Turn uP creatures..."

    Thanks for sharing Nne.. As always Bubba.. This made me smile.. Cheers. OsheY! Baddest!

    1. Haven't you seen men that are turn up creatures..hehe. Thanks Bubba

  6. Moby no matter the various sleeping position your mind was imagining,when its got to do with money,my dear you gat to work your ass out.. I prefer fried rice abeg

    Glowyshoe blog

  7. Nice one dear.
    The food looks yummy!

  8. Only you all that jollof and fried rice.... Come and teach me how to do eye make up na......See how everyone is looking fine.....Well done...

    journal of a petite diva

  9. Glad you were able to be the sunshine to someone's dready day.

    Mrs Brown’s Ministry

  10. Some bride are so stingy all what they want is a 5K Makeup artist, and the surely get what they pay for. I can only imagine the look on the 2nd bride. Lolz



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