Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Here we come, so wave your hands...
For Moby, drama queen and Mobylizers..
It is time, for the weekend download
Sit and chill and let us read
We are Mobylizers.. yea *rap mode activated*

I don't know how I do these things....*covers face* LOL
I can see people singing my lyrics, to the original song..LOL

Any way #backtothematter# (airtel style)

Whats crackalacking? 
What's paping??....Your day?....mine is going on great...

Yeah ...Its my weekend download...and boy!...the weekend was good.. But first, meet Alhaja Nasirat... She fine small sha... haha
First...I had the car to myself ALL WEEKEND!!!!.....*big smile*...Leboo travelled and left his car with me...(though I know his mind was up...hoping I don't kill anyone..LOL..) Did I bash?...errrrr!!!!...I'll tell you at the end of this post!

Let's do this....
My church organized a family weekend get together for the weekend and it was planned to be a fun time out for families and friends of my church... As part of the activities, the youth in my church planned a penny mart (like Jumbo sales) where you  could get a pair of shoes for 20 naira....YES!...20 card pere.... Good shoes ooo..*no be anyhow thingz*.... I got this shirt for 20 naira or so sha... cos I fapped (stole) it when I was arranging (I have not paid) *covers face*..I will pay jor *rolls eyes*...

Saturdays plan for the Church activity :-...First we had to exercise in the morning (we jogged round lagos...err ok....my area in ogba..*grin*)...then do a medical outreach to and for all those in the neighborhood and lastly, the chopping (eating) part in the evening. I had another engagement, which was my friend’s bridal shower and it was slated for 12 noon...
*cut* I wish I had a jet or super powers that can transport me I have been wishing for this super power since I knew what super powers were and I still do not have it.*..

So I went to Church early on Saturday  morning,  arranged our lil store for penny mart and went jogging. Pictures attached

My teenagers
I have a testimony.*Sister Moby mode activated*... Praise the lord somebody.!!! God has been so faithful to me. I have lost 4 kg in 1 month. I dont know what I am doing differently but it seems to be working yaaaaaay. heehehe...

After jogging, I went back to church, did the lil I could do to help in church and off to my bridal shower. The shower was to be a surprise. Her (the bride) group of friends decided to surprise her which was a hard task especially as the bride is a good detective We sha managed to pull it off nicely. The plan was her mum was going to bring her to the venue codely but her mum got stuck with other things so she called her friend to help her go pick the Bride to be, Biola, and tell her they were going to pick something at her own house for her mum. So Biola just wore her bathroom slippers, didnt comb her hair, no makeup and followed her.

Immediately they got to the venue and she was led in, we all shouted and she started crying haha.

It was so cute and funny. I just hope I have a bridal shower someday. If my friends wouldnt plan one, I hope mobylizers willand if you all wont, I hope Leboo would plan a couples shower because I would love to have some sort of shower even if its showers of blessing..hehe *buh I trust Mobylizers....*wink*...Ya'll got me...init? Abi! Shey?
 I quickly did her makeup, we bought her a dress and she changed and the party started. 

Here are some pictures 

Selfie please
The microbial '08 3 musketeers
These were my bestfriends in Uni... I miss those days sha..kai

Sunday was good After service, I had meeting upon meeting upon meeting....*phew*... My youth church is having a programme on Sunday Its a worship programme / concert tagged UNASHAMED. Its the 2nd edition and Im sure you all will have mad fun...We are all invited and I would be expecting to see you all there.... The venue is at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Abundant grace parish, Daranijo street, after AY hotels, off wempco road, Ogba, Lagos...
Come and enjoy un-interrupted worship in His presence. *Off to look for Fada J and Deola to pay advert money*...hehe
After Church, I had to return the car to the owner.*frown*....Leboo had returned from his trip so I was to be car-less again *sad face*...I'm buying my own car before March next year....if you believe it for me say a big AMEN!!

I took an indoor game called Taboo to Leboo's house and infact, it was another period of fun. Taboo is a very interesting game, almost like charades but no gesticulation, just talking is allowed and you are not allowed to use certain words in your description.

And every one enjoyed it... Leboo's mum is such an interesting person. She played the game with us with all her might...she was even jumping when she got correct answers and she is very very smart..She even said to me at one time that "where do you think your man got his smartness from?" ehn ehnnn.

*phew*!!!....that was my weekend....crazy fun yea?.....now its your turn... who had fun? Raise your hands up

Oh... if I bashed the car?.......well sorry to disappoint the haters LOL.......I did not bash ooo....no one died and as Leboo said, the world was/is safe..LOL...

Have a fantastic week ahead....I can already smell this weekend's party jollof.....don't worry...the next download is already promising to be 'jollofull'....

You know I love you all.....I sincerely do.....

God bless us all.



  1. See enjoyment o...... I am jealous. But are you sure you jogged or you were in a car following them behind?.....hahaha. Congrats on losing 4kg in a month....I just wish you had sent the weight to me.

    journal of a petite diva

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahshaaaaa. So hilarious. Wow! What an eventful and busy weekend you had. You really had fun.


  3. Moby I will plan your shower. iwo ma worry _grin. Tola

  4. Cry cry bride. I want ur kind of weekend moby

  5. Twas an owambe weekend for me. Plenty party Jellof rice unfortunately I did not eat. I was up and about as per Bride friend.


  6. Wonderful post, I had fun reading it.


  7. You must sha take a selfie!!
    I've lost so much weight too and I'm happy with how I look now.


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