Thursday, 3 December 2015

MY HIV STORY niggas... 
What's happening? *hands holding crotch....two fingers in the air*..Hahaha. Can't a girl just decided to be crazy...mbok.

Tuesday was WORLD’S AIDS DAY and I was planning on putting up a post but nothing really inspired me...until today. 

I am getting into that my mood again and this time, it seems worse and a lot of people are caring than usual… Just the love I’ve gotten is enough to last me a life time but I think I am an attention seeker *covers face*. I love attention kwa. Leboo brought me breakfast at work, my colleague has been asking what I want to eat for lunch... but my boss has a way of ruining your entire existence (story for another day). All my friends know the best way to break Moby’s heart is by not showing her atten… talkless of attention. I will just faint. But do not be deceived… If Moby moves on, you would wish you didn’t start.

 Anyways, back to my story of getting in the mood, I got this message from a friend on my church’s whatsapp group and I thought to share. I put a lil bit of jara of my own.. put a lil Moby touch and it became blog worthy. Hehe.

I hope you learn a thing today. 

·         He added you on Facebook
·         You check his photos
·         He is hot and he drives G-wagon 2015 model
·         You add him as a friend
·         He inboxes you
·         You reply, all excited
·         He wants to hook up
·         You set a date
·         You dress up
·         No underwear *bad geh*
·         Smelling good
·         You put on a makeup
·         He takes you for lunch at golden gate restaurant
·         He Takes you for Drinks At Nandos.                   
·         You two have a good time *he is bursting your brains*
·         He rubs your hand and makes you laugh

·         You fall in love.
·         He is looking more handsome than normal
·         It’s like you've known him forever
·         He takes you to his apartment
·         He makes you feel comfortable and lays you on his bed
·         Kiss you passionately
·         You love his aggression, strength, power and you give in
·         It feels good
·         You know it's wrong but it feels good
·         You ask for protection but he says it's too late
  •       He says he loves you and you don't hesitate to say you love him too... You open leg            
·         He penetrates and before you know it, it’s over

·         He goes 2 d kitchen to get a glass of water and feeds you like a baby

·         You feel special. “He must be the one”, you think to yourself.
·         He helps you to get dressed

·         He takes you to the taxi park

·         He kisses you on the cheek and says “I had a great time”.
·         He gives you 100,000 grand
·         You smile and say “see you tomorrow babe”.
·         He stays silent
·         Your taxi drives away.
·         In d taxi you can't stop smiling

·         You get home and ping him that you got home safe

·         He is online but doesn't reply. It's unlike him so you ping him again

·         He doesn't respond.

·         Minutes later you can't find him on your contact list
·         HE DELETED YOU
·         Days, weeks, months passes by. You start feeling sick, weak, you begin to lose weight with sores in your mouth
·         You go 2 d clinic and got tested
·         Minutes later, nurse walks in.
·         She says “I’m sorry. You're HIV Positive and pregnant".
·         WHAT!!! HOW!!! WHEN!!!
·         You don't understand
·         Reality hits u
·         You walk home. Scared. Confused.
·         Where do you start from?
·         You call, he doesn’t pick up.
·         It’s the end of you
·         You look into the sky and mumble a prayer.

 How many of us read this piece and thought “It’s no biggie...Its just HIV”…and how many of us can totally relate? Try going for an HIV test with your parent (most especially your mum) and then know if its a biggie.

I used HER as the victim instead of HIM but a lot of guys also take risks. I know a guy that can sleep with anything with a hole…and he doesn’t use protection. He says it’s harsh and he reacts to condoms *hian*.

Please I beg us, let’s live well. Did you know that as at 2014,19 million of the 35 million people living with HIV today do not know that they have the virus

Also, the number of people living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria as at 2014 estimates is 3.4 million *scary right*

Live well. 
Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be! And Be A Man You Want Your Son To Be.
To everyone, please live a life that always pleases God alone and not human being. 
God bless us all.



  1. I was scared when i saw my hiv moby has hiv was my frist thought.God forbid bad thing.lesson learnt. tola

    1. Hello Tola. I no go get HIV o...hahaha. Thanks dear

  2. It is really scary the way HIV is still spreading. People don't just want to follow simple instructions. Like how simple is ABC (Abstinence, Be Faithful and use a Condom). May God help us....

    journal of a petite diva

  3. Lol weird I'm moving back to Nigeria next month and last night I was speaking to le boo about this same thing. I am really paranoid when it comes to these things. I have only had sex in my previous relationship and I always made sure I took tests with my ex and all. I don't have sex with my current partner yet I made sure we both got tested and he was commending me for it last night. I never understand why young adults risk their lives by having unprotected sex. It beats me

    1. Lets just try to get the information out..HIV is real and if you've not been tested, please get tested. Thanks Anon

  4. Beautiful write-up Moby
    Keep ur legs tied like a mermaid guys

  5. True.let all these women know.

  6. This is the best post I have read on here all Year Moby! Thank you soo much for sharing! You know yeah.. Its amazing how as young people ba.. the possible ills in any event totally eludes us till GOD Forbid.. the worst happens. It is well oh! May GOD keep us safe.. and may our actions keep us alive.

    About your moods.. **In My Best Igbo Accent.. Nne.. Dont woRRy.. eezz harmaTTan daRRis woRRying you.. **Winks.. Cheers Bubba.. **Warm Cuddle Hugs and kisses (Wet French kisses oh)

  7. This is a very impressive one. Deep but so full of lessons. Thanks for sharing btw where are you???

  8. Very well written. :)
    I literally felt the feelings of frustration, helplessness, panic, fear and disbelief that the lady in the piece must have felt upon realising that prince Charming was really a devil incarnate.


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