Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Happy new month fam. 
It's the first day of the 12th month of the year 2015. I remember when we were all shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR... Now its the last month of that year. God has been so wonderful. He alone is worthy to be praised.
And I pray for you, may your life glitter like gold and may the sky not be your limit but be your stepping stone, in Jesus name. I pray that people will celebrate you and your family. Your destiny helpers will locate you this month... and may your prayers be answered.
 With my heart filled with joy and love, I wish to say HAPPY NEW MONTH.
To everyone who has visited this blog this year (hope you know you become a Mobylizer automatically), even if it was just once, I want to say a big, humongous thank you to you. You are the reason I am still here and blogging. God bless you.
So how was my weekend?

I will put up pictures instead... cos I have loads of work to complete today. My weekend was fantabulous... The pictures won't do justice to how much fun I had. My bride was crying like a baby all through. She is too emotional..ki lo de???? Hahahaha..
Bride before...
Bride after
 I don't have a clear picture of my bride... Thanks to phone camera. But I have a testimony and its happening very soon..very very soon.

Seeing the bride off to her husband's house

You knew I was going to do this...didn't you *bats lashes*

Selfie with them girls

If you went out on Saturday, I need to ask you a question. What did we do to the sun mbok? This has been the hottest Nigeria has ever been... WTF??? Truthfully I don't sweat as regular as everyone but the heat was gangsta... I was just pitying anyone that has a leather seat in their car and do not have AC and was also stuck in Lagos traffic. Bad combo... I'm sure that person would swim in the car. I just pray the weather changes soon cos truthfully, I have not had a good night sleep since Saturday... *sad face*

Anyways,I have a dream... A very big dream...and my colleague just insulted me over it sef.
I want to get 10 pair of shoes before the end of the year... and my colleague said "O ni nkan se" meaning I don't have work to do... hahaha. 



  1. See fine people everywhere. Love your dress darlin'. Tola

  2. Where is Emerald Deeva???

  3. December is here already wow!!! My birthday in a bit *dancing* ( still jan7 tho' but i can't wait )...hmm moby & her glamorous weekends sha,i wish mine was like yours hmmm...u fit get the 10 pair of shoes na but when u do,we'll share them oo *wink*

  4. Hahahahahahah, the sun was maddest on Saturday, eehn. I went for a friend's wedding and the tent they used has no A.C omo see sweat. Choi.
    Harmattsn should come already


  5. Hehehehheh @ Swim in their car.. This is interesting oh Moby! So say there are 52 Saturdays in a year yeah..You literally Turn uP for at least 40?! Oh my days! Biko can Chioma my future geh friend be like you when she grows up ni?! heheh This was a fun read nne.. Plus you look like a Million Bucks.. Oh my! Slay Moby Slay Moby Sllllaaaaayyy.. :)

  6. Moby to jaye ju, happy new month hun, may we end the year with praises in our mouth... Ifemi, cum an start using me as handbag to all these functions and weekend jolly/igbadunment na...
    Get the shoes o, no mind that ur colleague o jere, buh gimme two out of it sha... *bats lashes* u know i ruff u shebi?
    Queen Moby, u did justice to that bride o, she look so cute. Kudos hun.... And u look smashing/pweedie/beaurifu/cute and all..

    Xmas jollof rice is loading.... 70%, hope u'd invite Mobylizers to come hammer rice at ur end this xmas? Don't say no!!!!

  7. The last time I felt this hot was in Sokoto, I just don't understand this weather oh.
    BTW, y'all looked good

  8. The last time I felt this hot was in Sokoto, I just don't understand this weather oh.
    BTW, y'all looked good

  9. u look great! happy new month

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