Tuesday, 5 January 2016


I try small sha..
Hello my dearest Mobylizers
I wish I was anonymous and no one knew I was Moby... the kind of things you'd read on here would scare the crap out of you. Still scares me when I think about it sometimes sha...

I'm sure by now, we have jotted down a list of our resolutions.. I did. The first was "I WILL NOT DRINK COCA COLA IN 2016". I have had 3 bottles already *covers face*. So what's the assurance I would be able to keep to the others *sad face*.
 Anyway, I know 2016 is going to be AMAZE-BALLS. I can feel it and I pray this year would favor us all in Jesus name...Amen.
I think 2015 was one of my nastiest years...*covers face* I did loads of nasty things that I can't put on the blog (nobody should call me and start asking questions o cos I will not say anything at all *lips sealed*). Just in case my pastor reads this, what I meant was 2015 was amazing. You know nasty doesn't mean I did bad things, right? Good.

So the good.
  • I had more followers in 2015 on all social media even though I had just 10 additional followers on twitter but its still a good thing. More people read my blog and my pagestat was tripled what it was in 2014...I usually don't check my stat but when I do, my brain just does this special moonwalk...hehe.
  • I got a job. It actually is my first time working for someone and it has not been the best experience so far but I'm learning. I woke up this morning with red eyes... Don't know if its conjunctivitis or cos I am angry and I am not smiling *angry face*.
  • I don't know where this falls but I let go of a lot of people. I made new friends and I stopped talking to some. So its good and bad.
  • This part is the best part of 2015...I got plenty pair of shoes. Some I got as a gift from people and some were from myself to myself. Now that's how I know 2015 was good indeed.
  • I became a worker in church...okay if that's not a big deal to anyone, it is to me. Now I get broke than normal cos the church requires my time and money.... crazy but God loves a cheerful giver, right?
To the bad part-
  • I got into my depression mood more than 2014...even affected blogging. Really need to watch it this year. I cannot come and go and come and kill myself. I think the depression sickness  is getting rampant these days. Hmnnn it is well. I am letting go of negative thoughts...its not impossible to have negative thoughts, its how you handle it that counts.
  • I didn't keep to a lot of promises and I am so sorry about that. I would try better this year.
  • I had no life on social media (that's supposed to be good shey)...well I am taking social media serious now. People are making money through social media...I am going to. We no go carry last.

  • For some funny reason, I was looking for validation. I was constantly looking for someone to tell me I was good enough..that I am beautiful and that everything would be alright... From friends, family and the world. I mean, its not a bad thing shey? I have decided to do my best and leave the rest.
  • There are some moments I am not so proud of  and can't talk about but taking the advice of my anonymous friend who doesn't want anyone to know her, NSG, I am letting go.

I am going to have me some fun in 2016. I think I grew up too fast and so I missed a lot in the process. So 2016, we are going to have us some fun.

Finally, I have decided to be a lil selfish this year. I have given enough of my time and energy to too many things and too many people and so I am going to be selfish and I am going to give myself a pat on the back when I'm done...Not to worry, y'all are safe *winks*.. That's like super cool.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments, emails, shout outs.... even with all my nsansa (running) attitude, you all stood by me through it all. Thank you so much.
I wish I could list names but my oga at the top said if I do, I might forget to include some people's names and it might cause wahala. 
Thank you for making this blog worth coming back to. Thanks for your prayers...they really go a long way. Y'all made my 2015 da bombest..hehe... 
Let's make 2016 bombing (that didn't make sense shey?)
I wish you an amazing new year.
God bless you.



  1. I love this post.beautiful

  2. bolaji is such a beautiful woman.see her mouth

  3. You missed one bad: We didn't talk as much as we used to/should have in 2016_ we should fix that in 2016.
    Love this post.

    Plenty purple "mwah's" sugar.


    1. Awww mi boo... I am so sorry. We defshould. Off to call my blog bestie *mwahhhh*

  4. Hiyyaa Moby! Whats uP?!! Sooo... Happy New Year Mobolaji Amusu.. Best Wishes all the way.. I guess your Analysis was more or less same with that of us all. I mean its a crazy world we live in yeah.. and sometimes we have to not do NADA for others.. but focus on "US"... on we, ourselves and US.. as that is all that matters on the long Run.

    About Seeking Validation.. Commmeeee on Nne.. Now that i cannot come and goan even begin to accept eh! Ya beRra than that nah.. and on the long Run yeah.. people will never tell you the sincere truth.. So just Do you..

    Hey! its another 365 Days to be Amazing Mobolaji.. and GOD so kind.. he Added 1 sef ontop to make it Jara.. heheh so lets Dance like no one is watching through it all.. shall we?!.. Cheers to an amazing 2016 Baby mi.. Best Wishes. Udo.

  5. Happy new year Moby. May 2016 be 100 times better than last year for you.


  6. Aww...Moby, but I told how beautiful you are and I can't wait to tell it to you in person. Don't worry, 2016 is going to be great for all of us. I am out of town but I will mail you once I return.


    We will see. :)

  7. Funny but so important post. So where are you off to again? Remember you promised to spend more time on social media this year


  8. still missing in action..what if you are a news blogger.shuo! lazy geh


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