Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Ayam getting my blogging groove back already o like play like play. 
Praise be to God Almighty... hehe
So I took the time out to watch football yesterday... The Egypt vs Nigeria match where they whooped our a**. Apparently, it is not as boring as I thought.
You want to enjoy football? Try watching football with the not-so-rich people. You'd definately enjoy it more. And I sure did. The peeps I watched the match with inspired this post.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


So who followed the #Dubai trend on twitter over the weekend? I know some people have no idea what I am talking about.
Well, I forgive you. That's why I am here anyways.
SMW means Social Media Whoring. This post reminds me of the 90s popular '2 girls and a cup' porn... yea I watched that one. Please don't tell my mum.
The next time you’re tempted to like a girl’s selfie on Facebook or write a slobbering comment about how good she looks on her Instagram page, just think of DUBAI PORTA POTTIES and smile.

Want to know what that means, then please pull a chair, grab your popcorn and read on.
Have you ever wondered how popular Instagram models can afford their lavish lifestyles? I do... thanks to my stalking abilities *covers face*. Selfies showing off expensive cars, bags, yet they all work low-paid jobs as human hair sellers or even makeup artists *yes makeup artists*. You probably figured a guy was paying for their Louis Vuitton purses and trips but you didn’t know the sheer depths these girls would sink to for a few bucks.

Friday, 25 March 2016


According to Webster Dictionary, Jealous is being defined as Vigilant in guarding a possession or disposed to suspect rivalry or unfaithfulness. 
For example, a friend of mine told me her boyfriend told her he gets jealous when people look at her (both guys and girls). He even went as far as saying when they get married, she'd start covering her face... ehn well I do not know what her response was but that's an amazing amount of jealousy. I know I live for the stares. I get satisfied when I know people are staring at me...hehehe

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Hellluuurrrr *in my strangest Madea's voice*
How y'all doing?
You know Moby is back when you get a Dear Moby series in a week *covers face*. Feels so good to be back. 

What's crackalacking?
MY MOOD RIGHT NOW? Mixed emotions.
I made a major life decision yesterday... nope I executed a major life changing decision yesterday. I should be happy about it but I made the decision months ago but I executed it 9 days earlier than I should have and I feel down tintin ni (small)... but I am happy I made the decision. I can see lots of people waiting to hear the gist... ntorrr. The decoders are trying to decode the gist... na lie. I am not telling anyborri... hehe.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Hello Mobylizers
So today, I decided to blog whore a little and I checked out the boo's blog (Berry Dakara).... She has no idea how much I love her and this post caught my attention and I have decided to share with y'all. Please check out her blog. She is amazing and I just can't get enough of her gorgeousness.

Saturday, 19 March 2016


It is hard too..hehe
Sup...sup..sup ma niggas. 
First, happy first mobylizing weekend. 
Everything we are doing here now is new o.. Feeling like I just came back from jand..hehe.

I met a Mobylizer yesterday at an event and you all needed to have seen her face when she saw me. She said "Moby mentioned me on the blog o" and she was so happy that I was back to blogging. I was feeling so inspired ehn. I decided to put up a post today because of Deola and I hope when next she sees me, she gives me an iphone 6 cos I have mentioned her on the blog twice in one week *covers face*.
 Kisses huni.

So what do I have for us today?

Thursday, 17 March 2016


You know Moby is back to Blogsville when you start seeing things like this. Hahahaha...

I can imagine some people's faces like "ehn mgbo Moby has a smelly down-below". 
Let me digress a bit. 
I was talking to a friend of mine sometime and I asked her what other nick names she calls her Vagina (using medical terms here before Pastor will call me out during worker's meeting) and she said SOUTH PARK

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


*peeps in*
*one leg in*
Oh nooo... my heart is beating faster than normal. Why am I scared to blog? This is my baby and I am scared to cuddle her.. noooooo.